DU introduces OneDu to facilitate online education; classes to begin on 10th August

Shivam Bhola Shivam Bhola
Content Curator

The University of Delhi (DU) recently announced the launch of its online e-learning educational program ‘OneDU’ to facilitate the learning process through the Delhi University Computer Centre (DUCC). 


The e-learning program launched by Delhi University is focused on promoting the online mode of learning. The platform is available to all students and faculty 

In a press release, DU stated that DUCC will now be playing a key role in making online teaching and learning available to all. Online education will now be promoted and the university will make more advancements in that area. 

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Various resources related to networking as well as other facilities will be provided to students and faculty members across all departments of Delhi University as part of the online eDUcation flagship programs.

In order to successfully attain this goal, the OneDU Apex Committee will be represented by a number of teaching as well as non-teaching faculties to communicate with all the colleges, centers and DUCC. 

The OneDU program was conceived keeping in mind the current pandemic ridden scenario where education is facing a number of challenges. The program will ensure that there is no obstacle in the flow of learning. DU has also announced that online classes for various courses will be commencing on 10th August. 

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