GTU to Add Vedic Gyan to the curriculum for students’ Bright future

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Gujarat Technological University (GTU) will add Vedic Gyan that includes Sanskrit, Vedic Maths, Indian Traditional Knowledge and yoga, etc. from the new academic session 2021-2022. 

Through this, GTU plans to give a chance to learn traditional knowledge with robotics, software, and construction knowledge. Aspiring engineers will earn three to four credit scores from non-engineering subjects. 

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GTU Vice-Chancellor Navin Seth revealed to the Mirror that elective subjects will be offered to fifth, sixth, and seventh-semester students. He also mentioned the New education policy provision on interdisciplinary learning and plan to teach students indigenous learning.

Seth further added about the negligence of the new generation towards learning about ancient knowledge and India-centric knowledge with subjects like aviation, shipping, navigation, etc. The student should learn about ancestors to get closer to the enriched ancestry. 

The varsity is planning to introduce indigenous studying around 3.5 lakh engineering students. Seth shared an example of Charak Samhita, an ancient ayurvedic manuscript that offers information on ancient medical science and ayurvedic (medical) plants.

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However, GPCC spokesperson Manish Doshi discussed print to focus on the progressive education of a technological university. Doshi added the goodness of offering fancy electives with basic education.

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