IISc Bengaluru Researchers Developed Workplace Readiness Indicator

Aarushi Kalra Aarushi Kalra
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IISc Bengaluru Researchers Developed Workplace Readiness Indicator

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru Researchers have developed an online assessment tool to assess the level of preparedness and critical risk areas.

The tool is prepared in collaboration with Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) and is a part of the research effort at the new Centre for Networked Intelligence (CNI) established at IISc Bengaluru.

The institute stated, "The assessment tool will help IISc Bengaluru to plan and establish "pandemic specific policies, procedures, and necessary management practices."

Nihesh Rathod, A Cisco-IISc Ph.D. scholar at the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, helped in the development of the tool and says that the tool not only scores an organization's readiness but also provides some targeted suggestions if specific weaknesses are identified.

The tool designed is easy to use and the organization can enter relevant information about their workplace and their current level of operation. The readiness is calculated using ten specific indices, each with a maximum score of 100.

Project lead, Rajesh Sundaresan said, "Once enough organizations use the tool, they will get to see where they stand among other organizations of the same kind. Such comparison helps organizations to induce positive steps towards mitigating the pandemic."

Adding to this, Manoj Rajan, Commissioner of KSDMA said, " companies and workplaces emerging from lockdown, will need to be more vigilant about health and increase their demands on safety."