IIT Kharagpur Innovation Hub on AI & MI to Translate Research Into Industry Usable Products; Check Details Here

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IIT Kharagpur has set up an innovation hub on the usefulness of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could translate the research made by the academics and convert it into products that could be used by the industry. 

To achieve this goal, IIT Kharagpur had recently set up a special purpose vehicle, AI4ICPS I Hub Foundation. The Technology Innovation Hub on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or AI4ICPS I Hub would be the one responsible for turning concepts into products that are actually usable and could be commercialized.

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A spokesperson from the institute said that while many sorts of researches were being done in AI and ML, these were mostly limited in their nature. The efforts of most of the researchers stayed limited to the software applications of the technology. 

As such, not much focus was put on their assimilation with daily use gadgets and consumer goods. However, the initiative by the institute aims to change that. As the spokesperson said, turning innovative tech into products that are ready to be commercialized on a large scale is crucial.

Principal Investigator of the project Dr. Debdoot Sheet said that the hub is envisioned to be a game-changer responsible for bridging the gap between innovations in educational institutes with the inclusion of concepts in the industry through a partnership. 

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IIT Kharagpur had received a grant of INR 170 crore from the Government of India under NM-ICPS to set up the infrastructure which was required with the venture. The hub is supposed to promote conceptual level research and foster a symbiotic relationship between start-ups and the institute to scale production of the products. 

The hub would also develop many critical technologies for the country like AI Cloud for CPS, next-gen wireless communication, 3D printing tech, and many other things. The research and development will include work over methods, analytics, and algorithms. 

IIT Kharagpur is a pioneer of AI research and education and has more than 100 faculty members who are actively participating in research related to AI and its application in various fields. The R&D will be done in collaboration with more than 50 companies and 30 global partners. 

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