Punjab Engineering College will Begin Online Class on 27 July

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
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Punjab Engineering College will Begin Online Class on 27 July

The Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) will begin online classes from 27 July. The PEC Senate decided so on Tuesday. The new semester will conclude in October. Classes will be given six days a week until then.

For all semesters, classes will be three hours long, with one hour allotted for each subject. Keeping in mind the stress that the pandemic is causing students, four courses will be taught instead of the usual five. The excluded subjects will be covered next year. It is up to the departments to decide which subject they want to leave out.

Every student of PEC will have to submit their intermediate assignment online till normal classes resume. Should the situation not turn normal soon, classes for the new students of M.Tech will also be held online from September onwards, while those for B.Tech students will be started from October.

The schedule will be designed in such a way that students will not have to attend classes for more than three hours a day. The institute will review the situation from time to time and make changes if deemed appropriate.

The Senate approved an examination plan, which will be effective if the situation normalizes by November. According to the plan, the examination for the syllabus covered from July to October will be held on 4 November.

Since the examinations of the last semester could not be held in March due to the lockdown, a tentative plan has been made to give a three-week break to the students after 4 November. During this break, extra classes will be given revising the syllabus of the last semester, so that the corresponding examination can be held in December.