Researchers at NIT Warangal design 'OzoNIT', an effective sterilization system for food, clothing and other daily use objects

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A team of researchers at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal has recently designed a new sterilization system called ‘OzoNIT’, which is totally free of any chemicals and can be used for a number of purposes. 


The OzoNIT designed by the NIT Warangal researchers bears resemblance to a regular domestic refrigerator and has a similar form of a storage facility. It can be used to disinfect eatables, vegetables, fruits, ingredients as well as daily use items such as clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. 

The device was designed by D Haranath and his research scholar P. Chandar Rao. With a very simple user interface, it only takes one click of a button for the OzoNIT to fill up the storage unit with 500 mg of ozone gas which can effectively eliminate any strains of fungus, virus, bacteria, and other germs in well under half an hour. 

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After the sterilization process, the gas automatically escapes through the vent and dissipates into the air. 

The researchers stated that while the sterilization process is going on, there is no way for the gas to leak out and escape the chamber due to its carefully crafted airtight design. 

Unlike other such disinfectants in the market, OzoNIT makes sure that the ozone gas reaches every corner of the closed chamber disinfecting every part and crevice of the contents that are being sterilized, leaving nothing untouched by the gas. 

Chandar Rao also stated that since there are no chemicals or harmful substances involved in the process, there is no question of the sterilized contents being unsafe to consume. The food which has been disinfected is completely hygienic and safe to be cooked or eaten. 

He also claimed that NIT Warangal is looking forward to manufacturing the units into the market after sufficient funding and other requirements have been met. 

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