IIT Patna or IIIT Delhi, which is better for CSE?

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Indrita Ganguly Feb 26, 2021

My friend enrolled in the CSE program at IIIT Delhi and it was a great decision so far. He got a JEE rank below 2000 and in truth, there were very few students with this rank in IIIT Delhi. Most of them had ranks below 5000. IIIT Delhi is a good institution with a rank of #56 on the NIRF rating scale and IIT Patna ranks #26 on the same. Here are some points to be considered:

  • IIIT Delhi is not only better ranked, but also has better faculty, curriculum, and research facilities. Many students get selected by the GSoC too, IIIT Delhi has a high number of GSoCers.
  • If compared to NSIT, IIT shines brighter. However, some of the NSITians get through one of the toughest exams in India i.e.Google APAC, which not many IITians from Delhi have cracked.
  • All IITs in general have excellent technologies available and most of the learning is done through the internet.
  • A degree from any IIT would benefit you if you'd apply for higher studies in MS, Ph.D., or an MBA. 
  • It has good summer internship opportunities as well.

IIT Patna however, has a shared alumni network and excellent faculty as well. The peer support at IIT Patna is good as well. Here's a table highlighting the CSE program at IIIT Delhi and IIT Patna-


IIIT Delhi

IIT Patna

Placement Rate



Average salary

17.31 Lakhs

8.14 Lakhs

Highest Salary

43.31 Lakhs

52.50 Lakhs

Tuition fee

INR 3,75,000

INR 90,000

An IIT should be your choice before considering any of the NITs or IIITs. Although if you're getting the IIIT H then you must go for it. Any IIT will give you the brand name you seek, and it is recognized not only in India but abroad as well. The tag of 'IIT India' is well considered in international academic institutions and it doesn't really matter which state or city.