Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Canada: Top Colleges, Fees, Requirements, Scholarships, Scope

    Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Canada is a 3 to 4-year full-time course offered by over 125 universities. It is mainly for students interested in liberal arts, humanities and social sciences field. Over 1,266 courses are available as Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Canadian universities out of 3,000 available bachelor's degrees. Some of the popular specializations among them are game design, visual design, journalism, creative writing, etc. 

    The main focus of Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is to develop analytical and communication skills of students. It costs around 17,500 CAD to 52,000 CAD (9.7 lakhs – 28.7 lakhs INR) per annum in Canadian universities. Average salary offered to graduates is 55,000 CAD (30.3 lakhs INR) per annum. Graphic Designers get highest paygrade after completion of Bachelor of Arts in Canada.

    Why Study the Bachelor of Arts in Canada?

    • With a bachelor's degree in Canada, your salary increases by 24%. 
    • Cities like Toronto and Montreal pay higher salaries than other cities. In comparison between the two, Montreal pays 25% more than other cities.
    • With a BA in Journalism in Canada, an individual gets paid around 6% more in Toronto than in any other city in Canada.
    • In Canada, a professional in the public sector can earn 4% more than someone in the private sector.
    • Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada (CIBC), Bell Canada, Rogers Communications Inc, and RBC Banks are some of the top companies in Canada that offer placement to Bachelor of Arts students.
    Top recuiters for BA in Canada

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Top Universities

    According to QS News World University Ranking of 2020, following are the top universities offering BA in Canada:

    QS Ranking 2020 University Popular Programs and Duration Total Program Fees (in CAD)
    29 University of Toronto (UToronto) BA in Architectural Studies; 4 years 205,776 
    35 McGill University BA in Cognitive Sciences; 3 years 65,775 
    51 University of British Columbia (UBC) BA in Media Studies; 4 years 121,065
    113 University of Alberta BA in Criminology; 4 years 120,332
    137 Universite de Montreal BA in Classical Studies; 3 years 52,521
    140 McMaster University BA in Economics; 4 years 132,036
    173 University of Waterloo BA in Arts and Business; 4 years 143,992
    211 Western University BA in Financial Modelling; 4 years 126,620
    233 University of Calgary BA in Law and Society; 4 years 74,800
    239 Queen’s University at Kingston BA in Film and Media; 4 years 94,404

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Specializations Offered

    The following table lists the popular specializations in BA that you can study in Canada along with the top universities offering them:

    Specializations Popular Universities
    BA in Anthropology or Applied Economics; Film Studies; Law; Human Rights; Linguistics; Business Law; Philosophy; Sociology Carleton University; Concordia University; University of British Columbia
    BA in Literature; Creative Writing; Philosophy; Arts and Culture; History Brock University; University of British Columbia
    BA in Applied Science Carleton University; University of Calgary and Western University(Ontario)
    BFA in Visual Design University of Calgary; University of British Columbia
    BA in Game Design Niagara University; Wilfried Laurier University
    BA in Journalism; Journalism & Political Science; Journalism & Media Studies; Journalism & Humanities Carleton University

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Admission Process

    Most of the top Canadian universities follow a semester system for the intake of students.

    • For the first semester, September to December
    • For the second semester, January to April

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Eligibility Requirements

    • Minimum 70% in 12th standard
    • Proof of English proficiency with following minimum scores
      • IELTS: 6.5 overall, 6.0 in each band
      • TOEFL (iBT): 79

    Some universities may ask for Canadian English Language Assessment (CAEL) as a demonstration of English proficiency.

    Some of the Canadian universities have curriculum taught in French, especially those located in the Quebec region. In such cases, students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the French language by submitting one of the following certificates:

    • DALF/DELF: Level B1 or higher
    • TEF: 233-247, NCLC level 8
    • TCF:
      • FSW: Speaking 310-348, Listening 249-279, Reading 207-232 and Writing 310-348;
      • FST: Speaking 226-270, Listening 181-216, Reading 121-150 and Writing 181-225
    • TCFQ: Level B1 or higher

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Documents Required for Admission

    • Scanned copy of the high-school certificate
    • Academic transcripts/records of previous courses
    • Scanned copy of passport
    • CV/Resume
    • Testing scores certificates (IELTS/TOEFL)
    • Evidence of funding
    • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation
    • Portfolio/writing samples

    Visa Process for International Students

    To study in Canada, international students have to apply for a Canadian study permit. Documents required for the application are:

    1. An Acceptance letter from Canadian University
    2. Proof of identity(ID or Passport)
    3. Proof of financial support

    A visa decision is made within a maximum duration of 35 days. Paper-based application takes twice as long as the online application.

    International students interested to work part-time in Canada along with their studies have to acquire a SIN or Social Insurance Number. A valid study-permit and proof of full-time study at a recognized university are required to apply for the same.

    With a valid work permit, a student can work 20 hours per week. Holidays and school breaks are also usable. The maximum duration of the work permit is for 2 years.

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Cost of Study

    Three types of expenses are incurred while studying abroad: Pre-arrival expenses, Tuition Fees, and Cost of Living. These are explained in detail in the following section.

    Pre-arrival Cost

    The basic pre-arrival expenses include the application fees, visa fees, medical fees; registration fees of tests required to study in Canadian universities, etc.

    Type of Expense Cost (in CAD) 
    Application Fees 100-250
    Medical Fees 68
    IELTS Fee 309 - 319
    TOEFL Fee 253
    Air Ticket (one-way) 1200 - 1500
    Registration Fees for Study-Permit 150

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Tuition Fees

    As per Statistics Canada, tuition fees fell by 5.3% for domestic undergraduates and rose by 7.6% for international undergraduates in the year 2019-20. Humanities courses tend to be cheaper while engineering and medicine are on the pricier side.

    Tuition Fees of BA in Canada

    Cost of living in Canada

    The basic expenses incurred while living in Canada are spending on housing, public transport, food expenses, and books and study-related supplies.

    The average living costs for Quebec City is 978-1048 CAD per month. It is comparatively affordable as compared to other cities in Canada.

    Type of Expense Monthly Cost (in CAD)
    Rent of one-bedroom at the city center 734
    Rent of one-bedroom outside the city center 566
    On-campus housing 1372-1419
    Food 383
    Utilities 77
    Monthly pass of local transport 84
    University-arranged Homestays 400-800

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Scholarships

    There are governmental, non-governmental, and university-specific funding available for BA students in Canada. Most of the university-specific scholarships are for bachelor's students.

    Following are some of the available scholarships for international students in Canada:

    Scholarship Eligibility Award (CAD)
    Concordia University International Undergraduate Awards 12th with a GPA of 2.0 Tuition fees waiver
    Dalhousie University Bursary Good academic performance; 6 credit hours of class per term 200-600
    International Student Scholarships at Humber College Canada 12th with a GPA of 75%+IELTS-6.5 2000
    McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid Good academic performance 3000-10,000
    UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award Admission requirements; ELP requirements Tuition fees waiver
    University of Alberta International Scholarships Admission average 80%+studying on a study permit 5,000
    University of Calgary International Scholarships 12th with GPA of 2.60 15,000
    York University International Student Program Admission average of 95%-85% 1,000-16,000

    For more scholarships in Canada, click here.

    Bachelor of Arts in Canada: Scope

    Most of the BA students choose to pursue higher education in Canada. Education and Training is a popular specialization for masters. University of Toronto graduates are offered the highest salary after a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

    ROI of top universities for BA in Canada

    Some of the high paying jobs in Canada after pursuing BA are:

    Job Titles Average Annual Salary (CAD)
    Marketing Coordinator 45,000
    Marketing Specialist 49,000
    Project Manager 65,000
    Marketing Director 80,000
    Digital Marketing Manager 64,000
    Administrative Assistant 39,000
    Human Resources Manager 69,000
    Operations Manager 61,000
    Office Manager 51,000
    Legal Assistant 43,000
    Communications Coordinator 43,000

    BA in Canada is aimed at providing basic knowledge about the subject to students. You will be eligible to pursue a career in the chosen course after pursuing this degree. However, to increase the level of expertise and for better career opportunities, a master's degree is required.


    Ques. What can I do after BA in Canada?

    Ans. After pursuing BA in Canada, you can go for higher studies ie. MA or you can start working for an organization. Salary of a graduate with BA degree in Canada is 55,000 CAD per annum. 

    Ques. Which course is best after BA in Canada?

    Ans. This depends upon the course you have studied in the BA degree. However, in the present scenario game design and journalism are the two professions with the high demand for workforce in Canada. 

    Ques. What are some of the best universities offering a Bachelor of Arts in Canada?

    Ans. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, and University of Alberta are some of the top universities offering Bachelor of Arts in Canada.

    Ques. What is the eligibility required for admission in Bachelor of Arts in Canada?

    Ans. Students are required to be 12th pass with a minimum of 70% to apply for Bachelor of Arts in Canada.

    Ques. How much does it cost to study Bachelor of Arts in Canada?

    Ans. Average tuition fees for the Bachelor of Arts in Canada is between 17,500 CAD to 52,000 CAD per annum.