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    Candidates will receive the DNB CET Admit Card 24 hours post submission of the DNB CET Application Form. DNB CET Admit Card is the mandatory document to be carried to the to the exam center.

    Candidates have to carry Photo ID proof, MCI registration and name changing certificate. Candidates must not carry any unfair or textual materials to the DNB CET Exam Center.

    DNB CET Admit Card carries name of candidate, location and address of the allotted exam center, photograph and signature of the candidate. Verify the information entered and in case of any discrepancies report it to the conducting authority i.e. NBE.

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    How to Download DNB CET 2020 Admit Card?

    • After successfully registering for DNB CET 2020 and scheduling your exam, the candidates will receive the admit card at their registered email address within 24 hours of scheduling.
    • Alternatively, the candidates can also login into their profile using the username and password to print a copy of the DNB CET 2020 admit card.
    • The candidates must read all the information mentioned on the DNB CET 2020 Admit card carefully and verify the same.
    • Candidates must take a printout of their DNB CET 2020 Admit card.

    General Instructions for DNB CET 2020 Admit Card

    • Candidates must bring the DNB CET 2020 Admit Card on the test day. 
    • No candidate will be allowed to take the DNB CET exam without a valid Admit Card.
    • The candidates will be required to enter the DNB CET 2020 Registration Number/ Testing ID given on their admit card into the computer at the DNB CET 2017 Test center.
    • The candidates are also required to paste a recent passport size photo on their DNB CET 2020 admit card.

    DNB CET 2020 Exam Center

    DNB CET 2020 will be conducted at 16 test cities across India. The list of various cities where the examination centers for DNB CET 2020 will be conducted is as under:

    DNB CET 2020 Exam CentersDNB CET 2020 Exam Centers
    ChandigarhNavi Mumbai
    CochinNew Delhi
    Greater NoidaNoida
    • Candidates can choose their DNB CET 2020 Test center, date and time through the online registration and scheduling system for DNB CET 2017.
    •  DNB CET 2020 Test center option is available on a first come first served basis, and candidates will only be shown available sessions at the time of scheduling. Hence, the candidates must register for the exam as soon as possible to get a Test center of their choice.
    • The exact address and location of the DNB CET 2020 test centers is available at official website of NBE. Candidates can check the location maps of the DNB CET 2020 Test centers, which are available at the same website for their convenience.
    • Only the registered candidates will be allowed at the DNB CET 2020 Test center.
    • Anybody accompanying the candidates such as friends or relatives, will not be allowed to enter the DNB CET 2020 Exam center or to contact the candidate while the examination is in process.
    • Candidates will not be allowed to take personal items such as mobile phones, watches, food items, study material, lockets, bags, electronic gadgets or any other prohibited items inside the DNB CET 2020 test center.

    Documents to be carried to DNB CET 2020 Exam Center

    The candidates are required to bring all of the following documents with them to their allocated test center:

    1. Admit Card: The candidates are required to bring their DNB CET 2020 Admit Card with them to the test center. No candidate will be allowed to take the exam without it. It must be noted that the candidates are required to paste a recent photograph on the Admit Card with the following specifications:
    • Minimum 35x45 mm in size with at least 75% coverage of face and head of the candidate.
    • A caption indicating the name of candidate and date of taking the photograph at the bottom of photo.
    • Taken in a white/ very light colored background.
    • Having full front view of the face while looking directly into the camera with a neutral expression.
    • Avoid photograph with reflection or shadow on the face with red eyes.
    • Printed on high quality paper with at least 600 dpi resolutions.
    • The colors must have the natural appearance and skin tone.
    • It must not have kinks, scratches and stains.
    1. MCI/SMC Registration: The candidates are required to bring a photocopy of the MCI/SMC registration (permanent/ provisional) to the test center. This would be retained at the test center and not returned to the candidates. In case, the candidate has obtained his/ her Primary Medical Qualification outside India and does not have SMC/MCI registration, he/ she must bring the original screening test pass certificate issued on NBE letterhead.
    2. Photo Identification Proof: The candidates must present an original, valid form of photo identification (only either of these: Passport/ PAN Card/ Voter’s ID/ Driving License/ Aadhar Card with Photograph). The name on the photo identification must match to the name as entered in the registration. Expired photo IDs or photocopies of the original will not be accepted.
    3. Name change document (if applicable): The name on photo identification must match the name on the DNB CET 2020 Admit Card. If there has been a change of name due to marriage etc., the candidate must bring the relevant document such as Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree and Legal Name Change Document at the time of the exam.

    Reporting to DNB CET 2020 Exam Center

    • The candidates who do not report at the reporting counter by the scheduled time will not be allowed to enter the examination center.
    • The candidates must arrive at the DNB CET 2020 test center at least one hour prior to the commencement of the DNB CET 2020, i.e. 9.00 am for the morning session and 02.45 pm for the afternoon session, as various procedures   such as security checks, image capture, biometric capture, identity verification etc. will be done before the candidate takes the exam.
    • Candidates must check the requirement of the relevant documents that they are supposed to bring with them on the test day. If either of the documents is missing, the candidate will not be allowed to take DNB CET 2020.
    • The reporting counter will close within 30 minutes before the scheduled exam start time.
    • Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination center after 9.30 am for the morning session and 3.15 pm for the afternoon session of the exam.
    • The duty staff/ test center administrator will guide the candidate to the assigned work station.

    Test Day Procedure for DNB CET 2020

    • After the verification of ID and biometrics, a Test Centre Administrator (TCA) will assist the candidate to the designated computer terminal and check in the candidate.
    • Candidates do not need any computer experience or typing skill to take the exam. At the beginning of the DNB CET a short tutorial on the exam and its features which will give a good idea of the computer testing system to the candidates.
    • Candidates must keep their admit card and photo identification with themselves at all times during the examination.
    • There is no requirement of bringing any stationery or writing material to DNB CET 2016 test center as pencils, eraser and rough paper will be distributed to every candidate.
    • Candidates must listen and understand the TCA’s instructions carefully to begin DNB CET 2020 to avoid any inconvenience when the examination will be in progress.
    • The workstation will be blocked from three sides– front, left and right. Candidates must not look around at other candidates as there will be surveillance cameras that record both audio and video. Any suspicious activity by a candidate will come to the notice of the DNB CET 2016 Test center authorities and will lead to disqualification of candidature.
    • If a candidate faces any issues when the exam is in progress, he/ she may raise his or her hand to notify TCA/Invigilator for further assistance.
    • In case of any disruption, a registered candidate will be allowed to take the exam again within the same testing window.
    • All rough papers will have to be returned to the TCA after the exam. No candidate should attempt to take the rough papers out of the DNB CET 2020 test center as it will lead to disqualification.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ques. Can a candidate appear more than once for DNB CET during the testing window?

    Ans.  No, a candidate can appear for DNB CET only once during the July 2016 annual testing window.

    Ques. Can the exam date/ time be scheduled?

    Ans.  No change will be allowed in the DNB CET 2016 test center location, time or date once the online registration and scheduling process is complete.

    Ques. If a candidate does not take DNB CET 2020, will the exam fee be refunded?

    Ans.  No, the test fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

    Ques. Will there be any breaks during the exam?

    Ans.  No, there will be no scheduled breaks during the test but candidates are allowed to go to the restroom by raising their hand to inform the exam center administrator. However, the on-screen timer will continue running during restroom breaks.

    Ques. How will a candidate know when the exam time has ended?

    Ans.  There will be an on-screen timer on the top right corner of the screen which will count down from 3:30 hours. Candidates should check this timer regularly and allocate their time carefully. A pop-up window will appear before the exam ends to alert candidates.

    Ques. Will a candidate be allowed to leave early if he/ she finishes the exam before the allocated exam time has ended?

    Ans.  No, the candidates will not be allowed to leave the exam centre until the entire duration of the exam has elapsed except for genuine medical conditions.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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