IIT Kharagpur will Evaluate Student Performance based on Grades in Mid-Semester Examination

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The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur will be evaluating the performance of its students on the basis of their grades in the mid-semester examination, assignments and viva voce. This decision has been taken in the wake of the lockdown, which has made it impossible for the students to reach the campus to take their end-semester examinations.

A committee has been formed to decide on these factors. The committee will also consider the grading scheme and supplementary examination.

IIT Kharagpur will issue a circular based on the decision it has taken during a Senate meeting held on 27 May. The Senate consists of senior faculty members and a student representative. The decision was taken after discussions during the Senate meeting and the response from the student’s council.

“We have arrived at the decision for this semester only as it is getting late and difficult to conduct the exam in June considering travel restrictions with most of the students staying at home,” a spokesperson said.

IIT Kharagpur has around 13,000 students, including PhD scholars. Of these, only 5,000 are currently living on the campus.

Ninaad Lohakare, the student representative in the Senate, said, “For the past few days we have been getting multiple queries regarding our current semester… Now the institute Senate has decided to close the current semester without conducting the end-semester examination.”