JEE Advanced 2020: IITs to Set Up Review Committee to Assess CBSE Course Cut

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
Exam Prep Master
IITs, which conduct JEE (Advanced), will also put it up for review by its committee and paper setters to assess the effect.

CBSE announced on Tuesday its revised syllabus for the 2020-21 academic session due to the outbreak of Covid-19 where key themes such as laws on movement, optics, communication systems and electronic devices in physics; 3D geometry, continuity and differentiability, binomial theorem in mathematics; certain P-block elements, environmental chemistry, polymers, general principles and elements isolation processes

The agency has placed the revised CBSE syllabus before its subject expert committee on Thursday, according to NTA sources.

The experts noted that since the largest chunk of candidates for medical and engineering entry testing comes from the CBSE, the question papers will have to be changed significantly.

An official of the NTA said, "When we plotted our syllabus with one of the revised CBSE syllabi, there is a huge difference. Although senior high school students start preparing for the exams much early, the changes in the syllabus cannot be ignored."

A member of the expert committee said the revised syllabus put NTA and IITs in a tricky situation, as many boards of education would continue with the same full syllabus.

"It's bound to create a lot of confusion," the professor said. When contacted, NTA General Director Vineet Joshi said: "We 're going to take it to JAB which is the authority on these matters."

As it conducts the JEE (Advanced), the IITs too would look at the changes. IIT-Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao said: "We need to look at the content and the changes and put them before the committee and the paper setters who need to be aware that some parts are no longer part of the syllabus, and we need to discuss them now.”

However, since they are based on the old syllabus, JEE (Main), NEET-UG and JEE (Advanced), scheduled for September 2020, will not be impacted.