PU to begin online classes for new semesters from August 1

Sabeer Chalana Sabeer Chalana
Content Curator

Patna University is all set to commence with e- learning tools and techniques for the upcoming semesters from August 1, 2020.


The faculty of Patna University has managed to finish the entire syllabus of second and fourth-semester candidates under all the PG courses.

Patna University Welfare Dean, NK Jha in his statement mentioned regarding the completion of remaining exams and the promotion of the candidates. In context with these two statements, nothing has been notified by the VC secretariat yet.

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Due to a lack of instructions on how the pending exams will be managed and the promotion of students, second-semester students will be taught as per the syllabus of the third semester. This will be done in order to keep up with the academic calendar as much as possible. 

The syllabus of all the UG courses has been completed and all theory exams except for one have also been conducted. Additionally, the university has declared its final results by awarding average scores to final year candidates in those exams.

Online classes for Ph.D. students have already begun and the science faculty is also looking forward to commencing classes in the first week of August.  

Meanwhile, the university has been ordered to bring about some changes in the examination mode and the promotion of the students to the next classes on the basis of their past results. The same is yet to be approved by the Higher Authority Regulations and VC as per the committee recommendations. 

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