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Top Engineering Colleges in Australia

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Engineering colleges in Australia offer 4 year bachelor’s degree, 2 year master’s degree and 4 year doctorate degree. Some of the popular engineering disciplines among international students are civil, mechanical, electrical etc. According to the QS Ranking of 2020, the top universities in Australia for engineering are University of Melbourne, University of Queensland and Australian National University. 

According to Australian Engineering Vacancies Report of 2019, 2.4% of the total advertised jobs in Australia were for engineers. Highest number of vacancies were for Civil Engineers with approximately 1,955 jobs per month. 

Number of Engineering Vacancies in Australia
  • The average salary for a person working in the Engineering domain in Australia earns around 79,000 AUD per annum.
  • Engineering graduates get generally hired for the posts of Biochemical Engineer, Engineering Account Manager, Engineering Technician, Industrial Engineering Technologist, and many more.
  • Top companies graduates from engineering colleges in Australia are Aurecon Australia, Dunstan Farmers Engineering, Griffin Marine Services, etc. 

Top Engineering Colleges in Australia

The engineering colleges in Australia encourage the international students to be more creative, innovative, and to think independently. There are 37 Australian universities which are included among the world’s best institutes, as per the QS World Universities Ranking 2020.

Some of the top colleges for engineering in Australia are listed below: 

UniversitiesQS Ranking 2020Engineering Programs Offered
Australian National University293 Bachelors, 6 Masters, 1 Doctoral
University of Melbourne3810 Bachelors, 1 Masters with 19 specializations courses, 3 Doctoral
University of Sydney4226 Bachelors, 40 Masters, 3 Doctoral
University of New South Wales4310 Bachelors, 10 Masters, 2 Doctoral
University of Queensland4732 Bachelors, 29 Masters, 2 Doctoral

Specializations and Degrees at Engineering Colleges in Australia

Australian Universities offer international students a dynamic and friendly work environment once they graduate. Choosing to study in Australia will provide wonderful job opportunities along with world class education.

Below are the specialization and degree types available to study in best engineering colleges in Australia: 

SpecializationsBachelors offered atMasters offered at
Civil EngineeringUniversity of Sydney, RMIT University, Adelaide University, UQWestern Sydney University, Deakin University, University of Melbourne, UWA
Mechanical EngineeringUQ, Victoria University, Adelaide University, University of NewcastleWollongong University, Deakin University, Adelaide University, Western Sydney University,
Electrical EngineeringANU, University of Sydney, UNSW SydneyMonash University, UOW, RMIT University, Adelaide University
Aerospace EngineeringUQ, UniSA, Swinburne University of TechnologyRMIT University, UniSA, Swinburne University of Technology
Biomedical EngineeringThe University of Adelaide, University of Technology Sydney, Flinders University,QUT, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney
Environmental EngineeringDeakin University, Murdoch University, USQ, University of NewcastleWestern Sydney University, University of Melbourne, UWA, RMIT University, Griffith University
Process EngineeringMurdoch University, University of Adelaide, ECU, Curtin UniversityUniversity of New South Wales, ANU, USQ
Marine EngineeringSouthern Cross University, University of Tasmania, Flinders UniversityThe University of Tasmania, UOW, University of Adelaide
Manufacturing EngineeringChisholm Institute of TAFE, RMIT UniversityUniversity of Technology Sydney, RMIT University, Swinburne University of Technology

The degree types offered by the engineering colleges in Australia are classified into the following types:

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor’s degree (Honors) in Engineering
  • Graduate: Master of Engineering, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Master of Engineering Science, MSc in Engineering.
  • Doctoral: Doctorate degree/ PhD

Engineering Colleges in Australia for Bachelors Program

Bachelors in engineering is an academic degree of 3-4 years and helps the students to solve engineering problems using mathematics and scientific principles. 

Let us take a look at few popular bachelor's degrees offered by the top engineering colleges in Australia along with course duration and fees structure:

UniversityProgram offeredCourse durationAnnual Fees (AUD)
RMIT University AustraliaBachelor of Engineering(honors)4 years37440
University of QueenslandBachelor of Engineering(honors)4 years45120
University of AdelaideBachelor of Engineering(honors) (mechanical)4 years43000
Monash UniversityBachelor degree in Engineering(honors)4 years37900
Victoria UniversityBachelor of Engineering(honors)4 years33500

Eligibility for Bachelors in Engineering in Australia Admission

International students who want to pursue the bachelor degree from engineering colleges of Australia must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must have their 10th and 12th certificate degrees.
  • Must be from a Science Background in 12th grade.
  • Minimum scores required in English language tests are IELTS (6.5), TOEFL iBT (87), PTE (60).
  • Minimum of 60% aggregate required in 12th grade.

Documents Required for Bachelors in Engineering in Australia Admission

  • 10th and 12th graduation certificates.
  • A student visa
  • A valid passport
  • A health cover for international students.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose

Fees and Funding for Bachelors in Engineering in Australia

The average fees required for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Australia differs for various universities. The approximate payments are around 20000 AUD – 50000 AUD per annum. The scholarships are offered to international students by Australian universities to help them pursue a Bachelor’s degree to further excel in their careers.

Engineering Colleges in Australia for Masters Program

A Masters of Engineering in Australia takes one or two years depending on various universities. A Master's degree is a specialized course of independent research or traditional coursework. 

Let us take a look at few popular Masters degrees offered by the engineering colleges in Australia along with course duration and fees structure:

UniversitiesProgram OfferedCourse DurationAnnual fees (AUD)
University of New South WalesMaster of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)2 years31629
Melbourne UniversityMaster of Engineering Management1 year44736
University of NewcastleMaster of Engineering Management1 year39290
Murdoch UniversityMaster of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering2 years16680
RMIT UniversityMaster of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)2 years36480

Engineering colleges in Australia for Postgraduate Diploma

A postgraduate diploma is typically of 6 months to 1 year duration. It can be studied after completion of bachelor’s degree. Table below lists the graduate diploma and graduate certificate programs offered by the engineering colleges in Australia.

UniversityProgram OfferedCourse DurationAnnual Fees (AUD)
Murdoch UniversitiesGraduate Diploma in Engineering1 year4170
Queensland University of TechnologyGraduate Certificate in Communication for Engineering6 months18300
Wollongong UniversityGraduate Certificate in Engineering Asset management1 year18768
Curtin UniversityGraduate Diploma in Professional Engineering1 year18400
Victoria UniversityDiploma in Engineering1 year13300

Eligibility for Master of Engineering in Australia Admission

Master of Engineering is a 1-2 years highly specialized postgraduate degree. It is also academically equivalent to a Master of Science (MSc) degree. Eligibility for applying to Australian universities are: 

  • Minimum of 65% aggregate required in bachelor's degree.
  • Proof of English language requirements: IELTS (6.5), TOEFL iBT (79), PTE (58).
  • A four years undergraduate degree in a related field of study from a recognized university.

Documents Required for Master of Engineering in Australia Admission

  • Statement of purpose.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • A valid passport and visa.
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic documents

Fees and Funding for Master of Engineering in Australia

On average, the annual tuition fees for masters in engineering in Australia ranges from 30000 AUD to 45000 AUD per annum. Australian awards is a government funding program that delivers scholarships for international students. Thus it strengthens the country's links with the world by offering financial support to the prospective international students for studying there.

Engineering Colleges in Australia for Doctoral Program

The Doctoral degree or Ph.D. conducts original research that makes a significant contribution to the field of study. You can also expect to investigate or undertake experiments on other methodical applications. 

Let us take a look at few popular doctoral degrees in engineering offered by the best engineering colleges in Australia: 

UniversityProgram OfferedCourse DurationAnnual Fees (AUD)
Australian National UniversityDoctor of Philosophy4 years45864
Griffith UniversityDoctor of Philosophy2-4 years33500
University of WollongongDoctor of Philosophy4 years80064

Eligibility for PhD in Engineering in Australia Admission

International students must have below given eligibility to apply for PhD program of engineering colleges in Australia: 

  • A 3-4 years minimum of a graduation degree.
  • A Master’s degree with a minimum of 70% aggregate.
  • GRE may or may not be required by some universities.
  • Strong academic profiles, internships and projects.
  • Proof of English language requirements: IELTS (7.0), TOEFL (94), PTE (58).

Documents Required for PhD in Engineering in Australia

  • Statement of purpose.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • A valid passport and visa.
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic documents

Fees for PhD in Engineering in Australia (in Australia)

A Doctor of Philosophy requires completion of a piece of research that demonstrates a significant and original contribution to knowledge in the field of study. On average, the annual tuition fees for postgraduate courses range from 35000 AUD to 65000 AUD. 

Scholarships Available in Engineering Colleges in Australia

The Australian government offers scholarships to support international students for their education. The awards recognizes remarkable students with outstanding academic achievements and potential in making a positive contribution. Some scholarships also offered to encourage family members of the students. 

Some of the scholarships for international students in Australia are:

ScholarshipsOffered toAward Values (AUD)
Engineering Excellence ScholarshipInternational students24000
Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence ScholarshipUndergraduate students40000
Engineering Master’s Pathway ScholarshipFor graduate students32000
ANU PhD ScholarshipsPhD candidates28092
Boeing Indigenous Engineering ScholarshipInternational students4000
FEBE International Engineering and Technology Postgraduate Coursework ScholarshipPostgraduate18000

Scope after Pursuing Engineering in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations among international students for studying engineering degrees. 70% to 80% of graduates have a full-time job after graduating from engineering colleges in Australia. 

The Job Market in Australia has seen an overall increase of 13.1%. A person working in the Engineering domain in Australia earns an average salary of AU$ 79000. 

The table below shows the annual salaries of the students at various job levels.

DesignationAverage Salary (AUD)
Aerospace Engineer59000 - 12800
Biomedical Engineer51000 - 90000
Electrical Engineer56000 - 11900
Engineering Manager90000 - 29100
Marine Engineering50000 - 19400
Mechanical Engineer54000 - 11000
Power Engineer68000 - 11500
Technical Engineer49000 - 98000
Geotechnical Engineer60000 - 12500

Engineering colleges in Australia lay equal importance on theoretical as well as in practical learning. Australia is one of the most popular, unique, and multicultural study-abroad destinations for the international students. There are excellent job prospects in Australia for those who study engineering courses. 

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