DU Students Face Troubles with DU Open-Book Exam One Week Away

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
Content Curator

With just a week to go before the Delhi University Open-Book Examination (OBE), students are going through tough times. Many students have been unable to take online classes.

The OBE for final-year undergraduate and postgraduate students of Delhi University is due to begin from 10 August onwards. Meanwhile, several students are facing connectivity issues or do not have sufficient study material.


Moreover, the students argued that their final semester was riddled with many problems, such as the riots in northeast Delhi, the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) strike and finally, the lockdown that was launched as a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

A student said, “The university is saying that it will provide another chance to students to take exams in offline mode. But it is still unclear when they will hold the exams.”

Another student complained that the final-year students also have to apply to other universities for their Masters. If they do not take online examinations and wait for offline examinations, they will have to waste a year.

One student went home during the mid-semester break in March when the lockdown was announced; he did not have any study material with him.

“Several claims are being made about the success of online classes but many students were unable to avail their benefits,” he said.

During the mock OBE also, students complained of several issues such as server crash and the inability to upload question papers.

In one college, 23 out of 46 students of a department flagged issues they faced during mock examinations. In another college, 38 out of 52 students could not take online classes.

Earlier, the OBEs were scheduled to start on 1 July. They were later postponed to 10 July and subsequently to August. Students are still unsure if the examinations will indeed begin on 10 August, and this is apparently causing them stress.

A Miranda House professor complained that the pleas and grievances of students are being ignored, even by the courts. The professor compared their plight to that of the migrant workers during the lockdown.

DUTA has been demanding the cancellation of OBEs. Instead, they are demanding that the students be evaluated on the basis of past performance and internal assessment. However, the university has not changed its stance.