DU Students Opt for Online Mode of Exams Over Offline Mode

Aarushi Kalra Aarushi Kalra
Exams Prep Master

Delhi University is conducting final year exams of UG and PG in the OBE (Open Book Exams) format and students have given their preference to online mode as their preferred medium of examination.

Due to COVID, DU decided to carry the final year exams in two phases in the form of OBE. Over 2,53,677 students of UG and PG courses were expected to take the examination. The first phase conducted from August 10 to 31 witnessed 2,12,256 students taking the exams and the second phase is ongoing for the remaining 40,000 students. 

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Only 12,780 students have enrolled for the 2nd phase exams out of which 9,467 have selected the online mode of examination while 3,313 opted for online mode.

Balaram Pani, dean of colleges, DU said that it is good to see students accepting the online mode and realizing the COVID conditions. Due to such circumstances, they have understood that waiting for the crisis to end will result in the wastage of a whole year.

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Various colleges reported that only a handful number of students have registered for the examination in the offline mode. 

The second phase saw very few students getting registered. Over 25,000 students have not enrolled themselves for the OBE exam. Balaram Pani reasoned the same and said that most of the students of distance education do not give their final year exams for various justified reasons. However, This year the number increased due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

The online mode is comfortable and convenient for the students, however, it becomes equally difficult for teachers to evaluate the online exam papers. 

Of the total 12,780 students registered for 2nd phase, 10,780 are from the School of Open Learning (SoL) and the remaining 2,000 students are from regular colleges and the Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB). The 2nd phase of OBE has already started from September 14 that will end on October 1.

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