IILM Collaborates with Monroe College New York to Keep Study Abroad Dreams Alive

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IILM Lodhi Road has collaborated with Monroe College, New York to offer an international degree to students who dream to study in the US. Read details below.

COVID-19 lockdown has disrupted the academic plans of plus two students raising concerns about their study abroad plans. While some have confirmed admission in International universities, others are in a dilemma. 

Moreover, the US’s July announcement for overseas students added to the confusion as COVID-hit campuses began shutting down.

At this juncture, IILM Institute of Higher Education, Lodhi Road has come up with a novel opportunity for studying abroad amid the pandemic. IILM has collaborated with Monroe College, New York so that students do not miss a year and study the first year of the course at IILM. 

 IILM Plans Big for Students Seeking to Study Abroad

‘I have applied to so many colleges in the US! I am really keen to do my Bachelor’s in Management in the US but now I don’t know what to do,” laments Pooja Bhasin who has just finished her Class 12 examinations.

This is one of the many uncertainties that students are facing. Students who are only dreaming big about studying in the US can take a gap year, taking a risk of wasting a year for normalcy to return in 2021. However, students can still fulfill their dreams without a gap year. 

Indian educational institutes can still rescue students from this dilemma. They can help collaborate with colleges and universities in the US to create fresh opportunities for Indian students who are keen for a US College degree in these challenging times. 

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IILM is helping students by adopting creative methods and channelising new ways to fulfill students’ dreams of an international education.

Students can join degree courses in Indian colleges which have collaborated with US colleges to get an international degree. One such Institute in Delhi that has pursued such collaboration in the United States is IILM, Lodhi Road which has entered into an agreement with Monroe College in New York.

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Students can study in India in the first year in 2020 and next year. Once the pandemic situation improves, they can transfer to the US based college. This can be all the more cost-effective as compared to studying in online mode from US universities. 

Large Indian student cohort in the USA

Indians are the second-largest group of international students in the US, after the Chinese. The number of Indian students in the US increased by around 3 per cent in one year from 2018 to 2019.

According to the 2019 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange (IIE), the number of Indian students had increased to 202,014 with undergraduate students numbered at 24,813 with an increase of 6.3% over 2018.

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The non-degree category increased by 18.8% to 2,238; and the optional practical training category increased by 12% to 84,630. This otherwise substantial number was expected to soar in 2020.

Students who chose to study in the US are not appreciative of online mode from India. Also, the time difference between the US and India and internet connectivity issues pose problems for virtual classes making it difficult for new Indian students.

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IILM Lodhi Road Director Says

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Kakoli Sen, Director of IILM, Lodhi Road asserted, "At the moment, it is not possible for students to go abroad to study so we have partnered with the world renowned Monroe College so that we can offer Indian students an international education in this complex environment.”

She explained, “After completing their class XII, Indian students who prefer an American degree because they want to explore professional opportunities in the global market can enroll for the eight semesters, three-year Bachelor’s in Business Management degree at IILM. After one year at IILM, students can take a transfer abroad if they desire. Alternatively, students can also continue to study here and complete their US College degree through IILM.” 

Dr Sen further elaborated, “The students will be registered at Monroe College in New York on taking admission at IILM and they will have access to the Learning Management System of Monroe College and to their student community. Ebooks for all courses will be made available to the students. Moreover, faculty members at IILM will work closely with the Monroe faculty to impart the courses.”