IIT Hyderabad in Collaboration with Technocorpus to manufacture IoT based smart home products

Debdeep Majumder Debdeep Majumder
Content Curator

Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Hyderabad incubated startup CRIOT innovations has got itself a fully funded IoT based smart home project from Technocorpus Inc., Japan.

This collaboration will set a platform for manufacturing IoT(Internet of Things) based smart home products.

According to the press release made by IIT Hyderabad, the company is looking ahead to build some dynamic products based on the user behaviour. As a part of this collaborative project named MITHRA-CRIOT, the company will be modelling the product “CRIOT Interface” to fetch the data for the behavioral analysis of the user. 

The data which will be collected through MITHRA application and CRIOT Interface will be used to track lifestyle authentication research in Yamaguchi lab, Social ICT Research Centre, of the University of Tokyo.

This project is all about the collection of data, which is believed to have an enormous effect in the R&D part in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Associate Professor of CSE Department of IIT Hyderabad, Kataro Kataoka has said that the dataset which will be collected during the project will have immense value in bringing the synergic security and safety to daily life.

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the work on the project commenced on June 15 and the Phase I is expected to end by September 24.

The project involves 10 dynamic smart home products which are expected to operate by themselves with minimal human efforts.

Project Specialities

CRIOT is now focussing to build the smart home devices for the average customers at economic values. 

CRIOT is giving enormous effort to build secure IoT devices to defend against cyber attacks using latest technologies like AI and blockchain.

The unique features of the upcoming devices are as follows:

  • Auto user-customization.
  • Auto Lighting Adjustment System to optimize the illumination of the room.
  • Anti-theft mode.
  • Affordate, adaptive and well versed system.