Mahatma Gandhi University: Internal Exams go online for COVID-19 crisis

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) has announced conducting the internal examination in online mode for the university and affiliated colleges.

Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) has introduced a new system to conduct internal exams because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

The internal exams are usually conducted under the supervision of teachers but this year it will be conducted through online mode. Both students and teachers gained new experience because of this digital evaluation.

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Faculty members state that students will be provided a time of 1 hour to complete the online internal examination.

Students should log in to the portal and finish the internal exam within the given time. Students who face internet issues or connectivity issues will be provided additional time.

Students said that they are relieved because they need not go to college to write an internal exam. They further continued, “The online mode has turned beneficial, as we can sit in the comfort of our homes and appear for the exam,”

Teachers stated that during online classes, students referring to learning materials cannot be avoided. The online exam is conducted based on the belief that students would not attempt such acts.

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"We have no other option amid the worsening pandemic crisis but to complete the internal exams through online platforms. Otherwise, the semester sessions will be stretched further,” they said.

All the colleges affiliated with MGU could proceed further with an online internal exam because of COVID 19 pandemic.

Syndicate member and convener of MGU examination sub-committee, B.Keralavarma said that the affiliated colleges and institutions need not wait for the permission of the university.

“We have learned that some colleges have not yet started the process. To clear the air, we will soon issue a directive permitting the online mode for conducting internal exams,” he added.

The university authorities stated that the internal exam is one of the components and assignments submitted by students will also be considered for the final internal marks.

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