Mumbai University Allows Students to Upload E-Statement of HSC Scores

Aarushi Kalra Aarushi Kalra
Exams Prep Master

The Mumbai University allows students to upload the online statement of their HSC scores, in case they are unable to collect their physical mark sheets.

Mumbai University

A Mumbai University official said on July 30 that the colleges have to accept the online scores along with an undertaking declaring the authenticity of the scores.

On the flip side, colleges have decided to call the students in small batches to the college campuses from July 31 onwards, to hand over the mark sheets. Students have been informed to collect physical mark sheet only if they need it for the admission process, otherwise, avoid taking risks amid COVID-19.

Since there was no clarity on acceptance of online scores by the colleges, several institutes have decided to seek scanned copies of original mark sheets to confirm admissions after the first merit list displayed on August 4, 2020.

Mumbai University Registrar, Vinod Patil said, "Those who have physical mark sheets can upload scanned copies, but it is not mandatory. Those who are unable to collect the mark sheets can upload the online statement of scores. Colleges are expected to take an undertaking from students as the process is entirely online."

Earlier a circular was released by MU, stating that admissions will be based on a provisional basis and will be confirmed after physical documents are submitted after normalcy in the situation is achieved.

One of the College Principal also expressed that there is tremendous pressure on colleges and arrangements have to be made to ensure students maintain social distance while collecting mark sheets.

The authorities also find the instructions contradictory, as the colleges are to remain closed till August 31, but mark sheets are to be distributed from July 31. There are several students who seek admissions in other cities or private universities, due to which universities have no other option but to call students and hand over the mark sheets