Mumbai University: Online Syllabus made Available; Colleges to Run Two Shifts

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
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Mumbai University:  Online Syllabus made Available; Colleges to Run Two Shifts

Almost one-quarter of the course content taught by Mumbai University and its affiliated colleges will go online from the next academic year. However, most of the syllabus will be taught in college classrooms in two shifts by following social distancing norms- that is, after the pandemic subsides in Mumbai. 

This was suggested in the advisory council of the university (chaired by Ratan Tata) at its first meeting on Thursday. The council discussed ways in which teaching could continue after the crisis. The council, which comprised Tata, Anil Kakodkar, Lalit Kanodia, and so on, suggested forming a group of experts to fortify e-learning.

“The council was of the opinion that online learning cannot replace the mentor-mentee relationship on campus. But a significant part of the curriculum can be taught online. Emphasis was placed on making study material available to students much in advance,” said pro-vice-chancellor Ravindra Kulkarni.

According to officials, online learning will be part of the curriculum, even after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

The council suggested inviting retired professors from other institutions as visiting faculty and giving greater autonomy to colleges. It also asked the university to involve its alumni in various university activities and to help emerging entrepreneurs with mentors from the industries.

The council also directed the university to promote group research among faculty members and introduce cross-disciplinary courses. They talked about the need to engage teachers in consultancy projects from industries with a view to raising research and development funding.

The council added that it would ask the government to fill the teachers’ vacancies at the earliest.