Pondicherry University Students Fear Losing out on PG Admission over Delay in Certificates

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Pondicherry University students fear losing out on admissions in other institutes as the varsity has been delaying in issuing their transfer and migration certificates. 

As per the sources, the Student's Council of Pondicherry University, PUSC has asked the varsity administration to provide the documents to the final year students as soon as possible, otherwise, they might lose their admissions in other institutes. 

PUSC wrote in a statement that the council has been receiving numerous complaints from the final years regarding the delay in issuing the certificates and documents, which is important to apply for admissions. 

Following this, it has caused great stress to the students as many of the institutions have already started their admission process to which the students are asked to produce their transfer, character, migration certificates among others. Thus, kindly issue the certificates as soon as possible, read the PUSC statement. 

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PUSC president, P Parichay Yadav said that the PUSC has requested the varsity administration to pace up the process of issuing the certificates that are needed for the admission process. 

The council had to step up since the varsity didn't release any notice to the departments to issue the certificates. Due to which the PUSC has been getting numerous complaints from the final year students, he added. 

As per the statement by Shyam Prakash, an art student in PU said that when he enquired about the issuing of the certificates that are needed for the admissions to the PU administration, he was told to collect the migration and transfer certificate by paying an extra charge. 

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He said that the PU administration wasn't sure of providing the documents. Also, he has applied for the Jharkhand Central University for which the interview is expected to happen this month and if he gets selected he has to produce the desired certificates within 15 days. 

Further, he said that It's high time, the varsity issues the required certificates or even a provisional certificate as the results have been out for a long time now. 

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Another student from PU tweeted to the vice-chancellor of PU requesting him to take immediate action and pace up the process of releasing the documents as she has already lost her admission at Chandigarh University for not being able to submit the transfer and character certificate. 

She also wrote that several post-grads are facing similar issues of not getting considered for admissions or employment due to the unavailability of the requisite documents. However, the varsity hasn't released any statement regarding these complaints.

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