Team of Researchers at IIT Roorkee Develop Sterilizing Box to Disinfect Personal Belongings

Shivam Bhola Shivam Bhola
Content Curator

A team of researchers from IIT Roorkee has recently finished developing a disinfection box that can serve the purpose of sterilizing your personal belongings, any medical equipment, PPE kit, apparel, etc. 

IIT Roorkee

Earlier in the month of JuneIIT Roorkee also Launched Anti-Microbial FaceMasks To Counter COVID-19.

The group of researchers for the development of disinfection box were led by Prof. Soumitra Satapathi from the Laboratory of Integrated Nanophotonics and Biomaterials of IIT Roorkee.

She and her team have developed this disinfection box for efficient sterilization of personal belongings including medical equipment. The sterilization is developed in order to disinfect the novel coronavirus. 

Called the ‘Unisaviour  Box’, this new device comprises a metal coat along with carefully-crafted highly reflective geometry which allows the calibrated passage of UVC light that can disinfect personal belongings.

The box has an internal coating of indigenously-developed metal oxide along with herbal antibacterial and antiviral layers in order to prevent the growth of microorganisms when UVC light is inactive. This user-friendly device comes with an additional safety switch for UVC light. 

The current scenario of the  Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of maintaining overall hygiene and reducing the transmission risk of the virus.

This sterilizing box will aid the disinfection of various personal belongings and is suitable for deployment at public places such as malls, cinema halls among others to maintain the highest standard of hygiene.