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SNAP 2020 Personal Interaction: Tips to Crack SNAP PI Round
Application Process: 13 Aug `21
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Symbiosis University is one of the most premium private universities in India. MBA aprirants who planning to apply for SNAP 2020 exam must prepare themselves for the personal interaction round which carries a considerable weightage.

SNAP or Symbiosis National Aptitude Test, is the Management aptitude test conducted by Symbiosis University (Deemed University) for enrolling students into their MBA/PGDM programmes. The management courses at Symbiosis are very sought after courses.

Breakup of Marks for SNAP 2020

Components Break up of Marks (%)
Written Exam 50
Group Discussion 10
Written Ability Test 10
Personal Interaction 30

Personal Interaction or Personal Interview Tips for SNAP 2020

Candidates who are planning to appear for SNAP 2020 Exam must be familier with the selection process which includes group discussion, written ability test, and personal inetraction. Check SNAP 2020 Selection Process

Positive Attitude:

  • One of the most important concerns any person would ever have while exposing you to their organization is your attitude.
  • No matter it is placement interview or college interview, a positive attitude goes a long way.
  • Movies may advocate the practice of being too self-assertive or conceited in a brash way to look like s leader, always remember that leaders made by people.
  • SNAP is a management aptitude test and while you are expecting to enroll in the MBA/PGDM program; the interviewers are also thinking whether or not would you be good fit for their organization. Always smile and stay calm.


  • In a personal interview or a personal interaction, the interviewers are seeking to know you as a person.
  • Your personality and all the qualities associated with it make you unique.
  • A person may be hard worker or a smart worker, but the catch is to portray yourself with sheer confidence.
  • This quality of being confident goes a long way.
  • You have to work on your personality traits which help you in more effective communication because communication is the essence of management.


  • Personal Interaction is essential because the interviewers would want to know you as a person. This will help them evaluate your potential.
  • When a candidate seems comfortable with a new person and can interact just as comfortably, it highlights his or her abilities to hold powerful conversations and speaking skills.
  • Comfort does not mean a laid back attitude or informal posture.
  • Comfort during personal interaction has a lot to do with highlighting life events to vouch for your qualities, to smile and use hand gestures, to not be too stiff and so on.


  • For your SNAP interview, interviewers will always appreciate subtle cues and mild remarks instead of being too over the top.
  • For example, If a person says ‘I am adog person’ in the initial part of his introduction, the interviewers will get the idea of the candidate being loyal and dedicated.
  • Gentle and mild hints bring out a lot of traits in your personality.
  • Always be subtle with what you do because it is not only the safest way to put yourself across but also the most appreciated way.

Know yourself:

  • When you are preparing for your interview, you can ask somebody who may be a friend or a colleague to highlight the most visible traits in your personality.
  • Check how many of these qualities you are actually aware of .
  • Do try to ensure that your most powerful qualities are known to you well.
  • Your powerful qualities can be debating or social work, you just have to find the traits that overpower you as person and not the qualities that overpower others.
  • These qualities or traits are what you should try to put across during the interview instead of being something you are not.


  • Always know why you are opting for PGDM or MBA instead of doing a job or starting a business.
  • You must have clarity with respect to the reasons why you are going for a post graduate degree, not just for the sake of the interview but also to have a sense of purpose.
  • You must be clear if the investment of time, effort and money is at least proportionate to the returns you are expecting.
  • Having good clarity on this topic will help you get through the SNAP interview.


  • In order to do so, you have to ensure that your answers do not look very staged or rehearsed.
  • In case your answers seem like they are too scripted, the interviewer gets the idea of the answers being unauthentic and dishonest.
  • Each answer should be powerful and must depict a part of your personality.
  • You must ensure that you are honest about your experiences and are not weaving a web of lies for yourself as it will only end up wasting your efforts.

These are some tips and tricks to put to use for your SNAP Interview. It can be used effectively for your SNAP Personal Interactions (Interviews) as these are also the expectations of interviewers while they are interacting with you. If you are planning to go for an Interview in some other institution too, you can check articles or videos for the same.

All the best.