Virtual Classes for Kerala School Students from Tomorrow on Kite Victers Channel

Durgesh Rai Durgesh Rai
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Virtual Classes for Kerala School Students from Tomorrow on Kite Victers Channel

The Kerala government will commence virtual classes for school students from June 1, in an effort to ensure that they do not miss out on lessons due to COVID-19 induced lockdown.

According to the Director of Public Instruction (DPI) K Jeevan Babu, The classes will be through the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE)-Victers channel under the name ‘First Bell’.

“We very well know the situation of COVID-19, it’s spread and how dangerous it is. We need the nod of the centre and the state government to open schools and start regular classes. So the department had decided to start online classes. The classes will be through KITE Victers channel,” Babu told media persons.

The Director of Public Instruction informed that KITE has even brought out the timetable for conducting the classes. The sessions will be held from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday for all classes from 1 to 12, except class 11, on the channel.

The time slots for different classes vary from half-an-hour to two hours, a press release issued by KITE said.

"We are not entering into a regular school period. We are unable to open the schools considering the health situation across the world. Our students have even written their tenth and plus two exams under these trying circumstances," Babu informed.

Regarding students who lack internet facilities, Babu said, "We have entrusted the class teachers and school headmasters or principals to make sure that students have access to a television or a smartphone or a computer, and Internet for the classes. If not, they should find an alternative for the students to attend the online classes either in real-time or later.”

Various alternatives have been suggested by the education department including television or internet facilities availing from neighbours, friends, libraries or Akshaya centres.

It was also informed that every class conducted would be in a downloadable format which can later be compiled together and shown to those who have missed the class for some reason.