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Bachelors In Information Technology In Australia: Course Guide for International Students

Sonal Vaid Sonal Vaid
Study Abroad Expert

A Bachelors in Information Technology in Australia is a three-year course that trains international students in technical, analytical and interpersonal skills. 

  • The average tuition fees for Bachelors in Information Technology at most of the universities in Australia ranges between 38 lakhs to as high as 64 lakhs for the full program.
  • To help international students with their studies in Australia, the Australian Government invests over AUD 300 million on scholarships.
  • The return on investment is high with an average salary of around 37 lakhs a year. Also, according to salary explorer, there is a 9% salary increment every 15months.

Why Study Bachelors in Information Technology in Australia?

  • Australia is now home to almost 700,000 international students from 160 countries across the globe, which is an 11% increase from 2017.
  • The education system in Australia is maintained and supervised by the Australian Qualification Framework(AQF). It is ranked 8th in the Universitas2019 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems.
  • Melbourne, Australia’s technological hub holds almost 10 of the country’s best IT firms. Victoria, another technological spot in Australia is home to almost 8,000 IT companies including IBM, Intel, and Microsoft.
  • Most universities in Australia offering a Bachelor in Information Technology degree are accredited to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) which is globally recognized and ensures a high quality of education.
  • Information Technology is one of the most in-demand courses in Australia.

Key Details of Bachelor in Information Technology

The universities in Australia offering Bachelor in IT program are flexible. On average an applicant will need to study 24 subjects including 10 core subjects, 8 major subjects, and 6 elective subjects. The core subjects are:

  • Communication and Information Management
  • Programming Principles
  • Introduction to Database Systems
  • Customer Support Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Systems Analysis
  • Internet Technology
  • ICT Project Management
  • Ethics and Professional Practice
  • IT Security

Top Universities offering Bachelors in Information Technology

Top universities offering BA in Information Technology in Australia according to QS Rankings 2020 are tabulated below:

University NameQs Rankings Australia 2020Qs World Rankings 2020Tuition Fee per year (in INR)
Australian National University (ANU)1=292140013
University of Queensland5472016654
Monash University6=581913588
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)9=1401910011
University of Wollongong11=2121524611
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)122241622973
RMIT University152381545178
University of South Australia17=2741578263
La Trobe university22=4001538024
University of Canberra26=4861283177

Bachelors in Information Technology: Admission Process

For admissions in a bachelor's degree in IT, you can complete the admission applications to Australian universities online by going to the official website of the university or can request the university for an offline postal application form. Fill up the form with the necessary information and submit the application fees. 

  • The time for an admission acceptance is almost four to six weeks.
  • After this, you will receive a letter of acceptance. Read the instructions and course details before confirming your enrollment. But make sure to reply back within 10 days which is the usual time period.
  • Apply for your accommodation.
  • Apply for a student visa to study in Australia (Subclass 500) according to the procedures mentioned in the Ministry of Home Affairs website.

Eligibility for Bachelors in Information Technology

  • In order to apply for a BA of Information Technology in Australia, you need to complete your secondary school certificate examination(12th grade) with at least 65% marks.
  • You will have to present scores of English language proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL) scores according to the universities specific criteria
  • Some universities demand an SOP(Statement of Purpose) 

The table below depicts the minimum required scores for English language proficiency tests such as TOFEL, IELTS, or PTE for Bachelors in Information Technology:

University NameMinimum Required Scores of TOEFL (iBT)Minimum Required Scores for IELTSMinimum Required Scores for PTE
Australian National University806.564
University of Queensland876.564
Monash University796.558
University Of Technology Sydney60-786.050-57
University of Wollongong866.5--
Queensland University of Technology606.550
RMIT University586.558
University of South Australia606.050
La Trobe university555.542
University of Canberra606.0--

Admission Checklist for Bachelors in Information Technology

Here is a checklist of what you would need to submit along with the admission application at the universities in Australia:

  • Official transcript of School Certificate examination(class10 and class12)
  • LOR(Letter of Recommendation)
  • SOP(Statement of Purpose)
  • Certificate of award or scholarship (if sponsored from home country)
  • Proof of finances to bear the tuition fee
  • Copy of Passport

Student Visa to Australia

The Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection has introduced a new Simplified Student Visa Format(SSVF) from 2014 which has simplified the procedure of applying for a student visa to Australia. For higher education in Australia, you will need to apply for Student Visa Subclass 500. Before applying for the visa you must obtain the Confirmation of Enrolment(COE) or an Offer letter from the institution you have been selected in. Visa application can be made online and by paying a fee of Rs 27,571 and uploading the following documents:

  • Completed student visa application form( subclass500)
  • Copy of valid passport (your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your desired time of stay)
  • Certificate of Confirmation of Enrolment or Letter of Offer
  • Evidence of Sufficient Funds to finance your stay (minimum of Rs 88,9389)
  • Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) receipt
  • English Language Proficiency Test scores. (IELTS-5.5, TOEFL-46, CAE-162, PTE-42)
  • 4 recent passport size photograph
  • Parental Consent Letter for students under the age of 18
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) Proof.

Students will need to appear for a visa interview with the Australian Consulate or Embassy in the respective home countries to get a student visa to Australia.

Costs for studying Bachelors in Information Technology in Australia

Costs to study abroad in Australia include pre-arrival costs, tuition fees, and the cost of living in Australia. The average costs for studying BA in Information Technology are mentioned below:

Pre-arrival Costs to Australia

The pre-arrival costs that students are required to pay include the fees for standardized exams to study in Australia, visa application fees, admission application fees, air travel fees to Australia, etc. 

Type of ExpenseAmount (in INR)
Application Fees2235-4470
Australian Visa Fees27,571
Health Insurance20119-26826
IELTS Fee12608-13413
TOEFL Fee10954-16990
PTE Fee12519-13413
Air Travel40239-76006

Tuition Fees for Bachelors in Information Technology

The tuition fees for international students at top universities of Australia providing Bachelor in Information Technology is tabulated below:

Tuition fees for BA in IT in Australia

Cost of Living in Australia

For accommodation, your expense would depend on the type of student accommodation chosen and the living standards. The various options of accommodation you would like to avail and their approximate cost is tabulated below:

Type of accommodationMonthly Cost (INR)
Hostels and guesthouses16,177
Shared rental17,076

Other living costs include groceries and food, transportation, entertainment, gas and electricity, etc.

Type of ExpensesWeekly Cost (INR)
Groceries and food2246
Gas and Electricity449
Phone and Internet674
Public Transport1348

Scholarships to study BA in Information Technology in Australia

The Australian Government has invested over AUD 300 million in scholarships for international students. There are some general scholarships and some university-specific scholarships given to Information technology students. A few of the course-specific scholarships are:

Monash International ScholarshipMonash University4,28,728 INR ( AUD10,000)
Information Technology International Merit ScholarshipMonash University2,57,237 INR(AUD 6,000)
Undergraduate Academic Excellence ScholarshipUniversity of Technology Sydney4,28,728 INR (AUD 10,000)
International Undergraduate Full Tuition ScholarshipUniversity of Technology, SydneyFull Tuition Fees
International Merit ScholarshipUniversity of South Australia25% reduction in the tuition fees for first year
QUT International College Pathway ScholarshipQueensland University of Technology25% of the tuition fees for first semester of the course
RMIT International Excellence ScholarshipRMIT University20% tuition fee reduction

Job Prospects after BA in Information Technology

Students graduating with Bachelor in Information Technology can opt from a wide range of IT jobs in Australia like Internet Developer, Web Publisher, Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Database Analyst, Database Architect, Internet Developer, Project Manager, and IT Manager, etc.

  • On average, a person working in the field of IT in Australia earns around 37,57,537 INR (AUD 88,600) annually. The salary ranges from 5,47,090 INR (12,900 AUD) to 5979828 INR (141000 AUD).
  • 75% of the people in Information Technology in Australia earn above19,04,214 INR (44,900 AUD)
  • There is approximately a 9% hike in salary every 15months.

Studies after BA in Information Technology

After completing your Bachelor in Information Technology, you can also pursue a Masters in Information Technology in Australia or other countries abroad. The course duration is 1.5-2 years and the average cost of study can range between 11,57,801 INR to 17,81,233 INR per year. Also, after doing a masters the students are eligible for a two-year work permit in Australia which increases the student's inclination towards doing a master's. 
Bachelors in Information Technology is a popular program among students who want to pursue a career in the fields of computers. Post a degree in IT from Australia, students can work in companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Infosys to name a few giants of the IT industry worldwide.

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