LSAT India 2020 Counselling, Dates, Documents Required

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    LSAC will be conducting LSAT Counselling 2020 around Fourth week of May, 2020. Candidates who will clear the specified cut off for LSAT 2020 will be called for the counselling roounds.

    LSAT 2020 application has begun from December 6, 2020. Apply here

    LSAT is a global level law entrance examination conducted by Law School Admission Council (LSAC). It is held across 50 countries. It is a gateway through which aspirants are short-listed for admissions in various UG and PG law courses offered in multiple law schools.  

    LSAC does not conduct centralized counselling. Every school will have its own counselling procedure. Aspirants will be allotted seats based on 2 main factors:

    1. UGPA Score
    2. LSAT Score
    Commencement of LSAT 2020 CounsellingJune 2020
    LSAT 2020 Counselling EndsJuly 2020
    Mode of LSAT 2020 CounsellingOnline
    Number of participating schools222 (in USA, Canada and Australia)
    Number of applicants per year60,000

    The counselling process and allotment of seats for LSAT 2020 are decided by various law schools that participate in the law school admission test (LSAT).

    Checkthe list of Law Schools that accpet LSAT Score.

    • These law schools receive LSAT scores and they shortlist the applicants on the basis of the percentile scores.
    • For LSAT counselling sessions, the applicants must bring original documents and certificates.
    • If the applicants fail to bring the required documents and certificates then their admission gets cancelled.
    • The applicants are not allowed to bring downloaded mark sheets and certificates.
    • Note that LSAT counselling session is done for applicants who have cleared the LSAT exam.

    LSAT Counselling Highlights

    LSAT 2020 Counselling Highlights

    Candidates must research law schools and shortlist those schools which offer the best suitable program according to them. They will be required to attend a Law School Forum where they can meet several recruiters. Aspirants must register with the Candidate Referral Service (CRS) so as to be recruited. They can then apply online to various schools through their account.

    They will be required to deposit a counselling fee separately for each law school. It should be noted that the validity of LSAT score will be for the academic year 2018- 2020. 

    Selection Process

    • Candidate must clear the eligibility criteria for LSAT in order to be considered for selection through the written exam score.
    • Most of the law schools also require the candidates to have a good academic record for their undergraduate programs.
    • Individual colleges may have different selection criteria. Please check the eligibility and selection criteria before applying for colleges.
    • LSAT Score of a candidate is the predominant factor in the selection criteria. In order to secure admission in a law school candidate must score within the scale fixed by the respective law school.

    Counselling Process

    • Scores of students appearing for LSAT will be sent by Person VUE on behalf of LSAC.
    • Admission to the law schools participating in LSAT India will be done on the basis of their own respective admission procedure.
    • Candidates may also get a list of colleges where they can participate for the counselling process after LSAT Result is announced.
    • Each and every law school will have its own counselling procedure for LSAT admissions.

    LSAT Counselling Process

    LSAT 2020 Counselling Process

    LSAT 2020 Counseling process will begin from late Fall. Most law schools require candidates to take LSAT latest by December. However, aspirants are usually advised to take LSAT in June or latest by September/ October. This will help them to apply to law schools early and chances of recruitment are better as the availability of seats is more. Aspirants must contact individual law schools to know their eligibility criteria and other particular requirements for admission.

    Step-wise LSAT Counselling Process

    LSAT 2020 Counselling process will be conducted online. Aspirants can apply to various law colleges they wish to pursue through their account. The step-wise admission process for LSAT 2020 is discussed below:

    Step 1: The first step is to research law schools. Candidates must explore different colleges and programs offered by them. They can also consult their Prelaw Advisors for the same.

    Step 2: They must attend a Law School Forum where they may meet more than 100 law school recruiters. These forums also feature workshops about the legal profession, the merits of a law degree, LSAT prep and other such information.

    Step 3: Aspirants must then pay for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS)  before they start applying for institutes within the stipulated period of time.

    Step 4: CAS is required by all ABA-approved law schools and will also help streamline the application process by only requiring candidates to submit their transcripts and letters of recommendation once to LSAC. LSAC will compile these materials in a single law school report for each applicant.

    Step 5: LSAC requires at least two weeks from the time of receipt to process US or Canadian transcripts. More time will be required to process international transcripts.

    Step 6: Candidates can then view their Academic Summary Report in their account after all their undergraduate transcripts have been summarized correctly and accurately. They should also verify the information mentioned in the report.

    Step 7: Students must then register with the Candidate Referral Service (CRS) so that law schools can recruit them.

    Step 8: The final step is to apply to various institutes. Individuals must apply online to as many law schools as they wish to, using their account.

    Step 9: Students will receive acceptances from schools they have applied to and they must either accept or decline the offers as soon as possible.

    Step 10: They will be required to pay deposits for reserving seats. A typical seat deposit might be $ 200 which will be credited to tuition. If a candidate declines the offer, a portion of the fee will be refunded.

    LSAT-Documents Required

    Documents Required for LSAT Admission

    Law schools must receive certain documents before they can make a decision regarding the admission of applicants. The necessary documents are mentioned below:

    • Candidate’s Application for a particular program
    • Credential Assembly Service (CAS) law school report or LSAT law school report (if the school does not require CAS).
    • Letters of recommendation (if required)
    • Personal statement
    • Application fee (if required)
    • Any additional requirements unique to that particular school

    LSAT-Law School Report

    LSAT 2020 Law School Report

    LSAT 2020 Law School Report is an academic summary report, which serves as an easy cover sheet for candidate’s credentials. This summary will comprise all their undergraduate work, including any work completed at a graduate, law or professional school prior to the granting of their 4-year UG degree.

    It is an important and mandatory document for LSAT 2020 Counselling. Law school reports will cost $35 each. Applicants will need to purchase a law school report for each law school to which they are applying. Even if they re-apply to a school in a subsequent admission year, they will need to purchase a new report. It contains the following details-

    • LSAT Score and writing samples
    • All undergraduate, graduate, and law/ professional school transcripts
    • Admission Index (if required)
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Prior matriculation and other such relevant information

    Other Factors considered by Admission Committee

    LSAT 2020 participating colleges will look at the overall achievements of candidates. They will consider a number of factors before they offer a seat to an individual. The various other factors taken into account for LSAT 2020 Counselling are-

    • The undergraduate course of study
    • Graduate work
    • College attended
    • Improvement in grades and grade distribution
    • College curricular and extracurricular activities
    • Ethnic/ racial background
    • Individual character and personality
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Writing skills
    • Personal statement or essay
    • Motivation to study and reasons for deciding to study law
    • Past accomplishments and leadership
    • State of residency
    • Work experience or other postgraduate experiences
    • Community activities
    • Obstacles that have been overcome
    • Conditional admission programs

    LSAT Waiting List

    LSAT 2020 Waiting List

    LSAT 2020 participating colleges will publish waiting list for candidates whose qualifications are strong but do not quite match the competition of those currently being admitted at a particular law school. The law school will notify applicants of their final admission decision as early as April or as late as July.

    • The waiting lists of most schools will have the names of students in order of ranks.
    • These students will be offered admission as and when admission arises in order of ranks allotted to them.
    • If a law school does not rank the aspirants, they can enquire at the admission office about the number of individuals on the waiting list.

    LSAT Participating Institutes

    LSAT 2020 Participating Institutes

    LSAT 2020 scores will be accepted by a total of 82 Law Schools. Some of the renowned Law schools of the nation and their seat matrix is provided in the table below. As mentioned above, each of these law schools will have their own LSAT Counselling schedule and shortlist of candidates.

    Law SchoolProgramsIntakeAdmissions criteriaAnnual FeesApplication begins
    Harvard Law SchoolJ.D, LLM and SJD; 430 law courses1750 in JD, 180 in LLM and 60 in S.J.D (current batch)LSAT for JD, LLM: JD, LLB equivalent. Plus TOEFL, IELTS scoreJD: $ 54000 LLM: $ 80000September
    Yale Law SchoolJD, LLM, JSD, MSL and PhD650 (JD &PG)LSAT for JD and LLM: JD or equivalent$ 54, 000First week of October
    New York UniversityJD, dual JD degree, LLM, JSD; 329 courses1800 (JD & PG)LSAT for JD and LLM: JD or equivalent$ 30,000October-November
    Stanford Law SchoolJ.D, LLM and J.S.D; 27 joint degree courses180LSAT for JD and LLM: JD or equivalent$ 54, 000September
    Melbourne Law SchoolJD, LLM, Research; 35 law courses-LSAT for JD and LLM: JD or equivalentJD: $ 114,816 LLM: $ 36000October and April
    University of ChicagoJD, LLM and JSD.JD-600LSAT for JD and LLM: JD or equivalent$ 54, 000August
    University of California, BerkeleyJD, LLM and J.S.D, M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Jurisprudence and Social PolicyJD-280 LLM-200LSAT score of 167 or above. LLM: JD or equivalentJD: $ 80,000 LLM: $ 50,000September-October

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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