Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada: Universities, Fees, Admissions, & Scope

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    Masters in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is the new hype-course. The reason for the same is the advancement in technology and increased focus on supply chain & globalization has resulted in the need for supply chain management (SCM) experts.

    Canada is the new destination for MSCM as it is anticipated to have around 356,700 openings in the SCM sector in the upcoming five years. Masters in supply chain management in Canada can help international students in securing managerial or other tactical roles in various fields. Entry-level postgraduate in MSCM can earn up to 83,000 USD/year.

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    There is a constant production of goods and services from raw material within industries. The flow of goods & services and all the processes involved in the transformation of the raw material to finished product is supply chain management.

    A master’s in supply chain management in Canada is available as an MS, MBA or MM (masters in management) specializations as well. The program is a one year course (MS and MM, MBA- two years) costing international students around 23,000-47,000 USD.

    Why Study Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada?

    • 5 Canadian universities and 4 business schools offer Masters in Supply Chain Management.
    • Students from Schulich B-School can pursue their certified supply chain management professional designation at a discounted and faster rate.
    • Anticipated vacancies in Canada for the SCM sector are 66,000 positions per year for the next five years.
    • The rate of increase for supply chain employs is expected to be 8.4% for tactical jobs and 14.9% for managerial posts.

    Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada- Top Universities

    Some of the top-ranking universities in Canada offer Masters in Supply Chain Management. These are listed below along with the type of program available:

    World Ranking (THE) University Program Offered Intake Sessions
    #401-500 York Schulin School of Business MSCM (Master of Supply Chain Management) May
    #85 HEC Montreal MSc Global Supply Chain Management September January
    #601-800 University of Windsor Masters of Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management September January
    #351 University of Manitoba MSc Supply Chain Management September
    #601-800 Concordia University MSCM September
    MBA with Supply Chain Management Focus
    #18 Rotman School of Management MBA May onwards
    #136 Alberta School of Business MBA May
    #72 DeGroote School of Business MBA May
    #251 Universite Laval MBA September, January, April

    Admission with the York Schulich B-school allows students to gain a fast-track to Supply Chain Management Association Ontario. The association represents around 7,500 members and helps students to get professional designations at a faster rate.

    The admissions in business schools offering MBA in Canada with supply chain management specialization are difficult and stringent. Admissions in the masters of science or MSCM programs are relatively less rigid.

    There are postgraduate diploma and certificates available at the following Canadian universities

    in supply chain management:

    Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada: Admission Process

    Masters in supply chain management in Canada is available as MS, MSCM, and MBA degrees. The admission requirements for these vary slightly. The details of the application portal, admission requirements, and eligibility are detailed below:


    Online through official websites. International applicants must ensure that the applications are submitted before deadlines for ensuring ample time for Canadian student visa processing.

    Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada: Eligibility Criteria

    For admissions in supply chain management masters programs, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or a grade B. The specific eligibility criteria for various universities offering masters of science, management, and business administration in supply chain management is listed below:

    Type of Degree/Requirement MSCM/MS MBA Master of Management
    GPA 3.0 3.0-3.22 3.0
    LOR 2-3 2 2
    CV/Resume Mostly not required Required Required
    GMAT/GRE May or may not be required Score required: 600-630 (GMAT) Required 550-600 Not required
    IELTS 6.5-7.0 6.5-7.0 7.0
    TOEFL 86-100 79-100 100
    Work Experience Mostly not required Recommended Not required
    Interview Not required Required Required

    Interviews and GMAT scores are a mandatory aspect of admissions in business schools offering an MBA with SCM focus. However, for admissions in MS SCM or MSCM interviews do not play an important role. Applicants who have not appeared for GMAT tests should apply for MSCM or MS SCM, instead of MBA.

    Documents Required

    The given image describes the documents required along with the application package:

    Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada

    Admission Decisions

    The admissions in this data-driven field are competitive and holistic. However, if there are interviews required for admissions, applicants’ performance plays a decisive role. If the standardized test scores are required for the admissions process, applicants must ensure fulfilling the minimum requirements. The decisions can be announced in a time span of 4-8 weeks post applications are received.

    Cost of Studying Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada

    The cost of studying for international students can be broadly categorized into expenses pre-arrival or application, tuition fees, and living expenses.

    Pre-arrival Costs

    International applicants planning to study abroad experience the following costs while making applications and completing other formalities.

    Type of Expense Cost (USD)
    Program Application Fees 75-113*
    Visa Application Fees 235**
    Health Insurance 10,000
    IELTS Fees 185-190
    TOEFL Fees 160-250
    GRE Fees 205-230
    GMAT Fees 250
    Airfare 450-1400

    *Depends on the university

    **150 USD for a Canadian Study Permit and 85 USD is Biometric fees.

    Tuition fees for Masters Supply Chain Management

    The tuition fees for Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada are listed below:

    University Tuition (USD)/year (approx)
    York Schulich School of Business 19,100
    Concordia University 28,400
    Manitoba University 8,500
    HEC University 20,000
    University of Windsor 7,523
    Rotman School of Management 23,700
    Alberta School of Business 21,000
    DeGroote School of Business 32,700
    Universite Laval 20,000

    Cost of Living in Canada

    Cost of accommodation, books & material, transport, food & beverages, etc make up the cost of living for an international student. The cost of living in Canada may vary slightly depending upon the university and city international student is living in. Basic living expenses are as follows:

    Type of Expense Cost in USD/year
    Books and Material Up to 15,000
    Food and Beverage 3000-5000
    Accommodations 4,500-10,500

    Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada with Scholarships

    International students at various universities are offered different types of graduate scholarships for pursuing masters in Canada. Some of the popular scholarships available to international students pursuing masters in supply chain management are listed below:

    University Scholarship Award (USD)
    York Schulich School of Business Cai Milhorati Graduate Business School Council Award 1,880/year
    Concordia University Graduate Entrance Award Scholarship Varies
    Manitoba University International Graduate Student Scholarship Varies depending on the consecutive year’s tuition fee
    HEC University Entrance Scholarships 1,500-3,000/year
    University of Windsor Graduate Entrance Scholarships 5,600/year
    Rotman School of Management Ontario Graduate Scholarship 3781/semester
    Alberta School of Business Graduate Entrance Scholarships 11,300
    DeGroote School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships 750-7,500
    Universite Laval Not Available -

    Jobs Prospects

    International applicants wanting to make a career in Canada are required to have a work permit. Postgraduates in supply chain management are employed in positions responsible for the end-to-end design and coordination of an organization’s supply chain. Some of the popular roles offered to candidates with masters in supply chain management in Canada are listed below:

    Job Title Annual Median Salary (USD) Job Title Annual Median Salary (USD)
    Logistic Coordinator 42,000 Logistics Manager 77,025
    Logistician 43,875 Storage & Distribution Manager 77,295
    Logistic Analyst 46,500 Production Planning Manager 77,295
    Purchasing Agent 52,500 Purchasing Manager 80,000
    Operations Manager 73,125 Supply Chain Manager 82,875

    The attempt to centrally control or link the production, shipment and distribution of products is SCM. Postgraduates in SCM can help industries in cutting down the excess costs and minimizing the effect of inevitable crises. A product from such industries is usually supplied on time to the beneficiary.

    Pursuing a one-year master's in supply chain management in Canada can cost international students 23,000-47,000 USD. An MBA with SCM focus can cost international students around 30,000-50,000 USD. The average annual salary after completion of the postgraduate degree lies within the range of 45,000-100,000. With the rise in the data available in the market, there has been a spike in the need for this data-driven role. This has resulted in the rise of trained professionals, making masters in supply chain management the new hype-course.