IIM-Calcutta Students Demand Fee-Waiver

Durgesh Rai Durgesh Rai
Content Curator
IIM-Calcutta Students Demand Fee-Waiver

IIM Calcutta students have asked for fee waiver citing the unforeseen challenges which they might face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The students also expressed their fears for the uncertainty of jobs in regard to the current situation. 

Earlier, the students’ council president of IIM Calcutta, Hunar Gandhi said that situation of the economy looked grim and the graduating batches might be adversely affected in terms of future prospects.

In a letter, the council president said that many students avail hefty student loans while others end up spending their savings from previous jobs for this course. 

“While we are managing personal finances in these difficult times, we cannot afford to be paying the same fees for a different and lesser experience than we signed up for,” the council president further said.

Following the concerns raised by students, the director of IIM-Calcutta has said that they will do their best to solve their problems as they are aware that students are facing unforeseen challenges and that their plans have been altered.

Your safety is our primary consideration, and we will do our very best to bring students to the IIMC campus at the earliest time with all possible precautions in place. We miss you and want you here,” said the director.

Furthermore, the director assured that the authorities are committed to the timely completion of the MBA programme and are taking possible steps to facilitate the same.

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