Parents join Tweetathon, want ICSE Exams Cancelled

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
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Parents join Tweetathon, want ICSE Exams Cancelled

Parents and students from Bengaluru on Friday i.e. June 12, 2020 joined the tweetathon demanding cancellation of pending ICSE/ISC exams. Started by six mothers in Gurugram, the online campaign went viral.

The women kicked off the campaign with the aim of making their voices heard. Soon, they received overwhelming support from parents across the country.

Nine WhatsApp groups were formed with 257 members each, who were informed of hashtags and sample messages. Till Friday evening, the campaign received around 35,000 tweets.

"On March 19, CICSE stopped all ICSE board examinations with six papers still left for grade 10 students (number may vary according to subjects chosen). Then, there were 236 cases of Covid-19 across India. Now when there are nearly 3 lakh confirmed cases, the board has announced it will complete the pending papers in the first two weeks of July 2020. How's that fair," asked the mothers.

Bengaluru parents and students also flooded Twitter with messages. "I tweeted and retweeted so many times that Twitter finally blocked me. When we're not going to schools for Classes, it's odd to expect us to go back for exams," said Arnav Motwani, a Class 12 student of Vidyashilp Academy.

"I don't know how feasible it is to conduct an exam now. Even if there's social distancing inside the hall, there will be a congregation outside..." said Kavitha Muthappa, whose son is a student at St Joseph's Boys High School.

While many parents want the exams canceled, those who want to change schools after Class 10 are worried. "Taking pre-board results is not fair as each school has its policy of setting papers... Instead, the board should calculate results with papers that have been written," said Smita Jha, parent of a student from BCBS.