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Reasons to get a BBA Degree from Canada- Eligibility, Specialisations, Career Prospects

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 4-year full time undergraduate course. To study in Canada, Students must have qualified their secondary level education or equivalent to pursue this course.

There are a variety of universities/ institutions offering BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Some of them are listed below:

Average tuition fee charged by the universities ranges from CAD 25000 to CAD 45000.

BBA course is designed to impart the basic foundation knowledge regarding the various aspects of business administration. The course inculcates study related to:

  • General Management
  • Business Values
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Fundamentals of HRM
  • Introduction to Information Systems

There are a variety of career prospects that can be pursued by a BBA graduate such as:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Development Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Sales Manager

The average salary earned by these professionals’ ranges from CAD 39207 to CAD 49109.

Bachelor of Business Administration: Course Highlights

Course LevelUndergraduate
Duration4 years
Program TypeOnline, Full-time and Part-time
LanguagesBilingual (English and French), Trilingual (English, French and Spanish) and French
Pre-requisiteHigh School Diploma or Equivalent
Entry Requirement

IELTS- 6.5


CAEL- 70

PTE- 65

Tuition Fee on averageCAD 25000- CAD 45000
Starting Salary on averageCAD 39207- CAD 49,109
Career OpportunitiesMarketing coordinator, financial analyst, human resource manager, accountant, operations manager, financial controller, etc.
Top Recruiting CompaniesCIBC, L’Oreal, RBC Financial Group, Proctor and Gamble, Kraft Food Inc., etc.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): What is it About?

BBA course is a foundation course to in-build all aspects of general management including:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Communication Skills

The degree allows candidates to learn the basic entrepreneurship skills and train students for efficient management skills. There are various pre-requisites for a student who wish to pursue BBA course. These are:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Decision-making skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills

BBA course structure involves both theoretical and practical study sessions. The students are introduced to industry working through projects, presentations and industrial visits and expert lectures. The undergraduate degree course enlightens students with organizational changes in business world through new developments and innovations. BBA course aims at teaching the integrated approach including:

  • Corporate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online business
  • Small business

Through the course, students will gain in-depth understanding of fundamentals of leadership and management.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): Eligibility

The basic eligibility for BBA course in Canadian universities is higher senior secondary or equivalent with required scores. A student must acquire:

  • Advanced Functions at 70%
  • Calculus or vectors- 60%
  • Data management- 60%
  • Higher Level or Standard Level English at 4
  • Higher Level or Standard Level Mathematics at 4
  • IB Minimum Score- 33

Note: Admission sessions and requirements are subject to vary as per the University rules

Difference Between BBA and BBA Honors

There is a slight difference in the study and value of BBA, BBA Honors and BBA Double Honors. Below mentioned is the brief elucidation of the same:

BBABBA HonorsBBA Double Honors
BBA is a broad subject which aims at Providing the knowledge regarding all aspects of business administration which later deals with opting for a specific specialization. BBA course can be pursued by a candidate in general form.When we talk about BBA Hons., we generally aim at learning the business aspects in a specific field. Unlike BBA, BBA Hons. cannot be pursued in a general form, it is always attached to a specific specialization. There is more demand of BBA Hons. graduates due to their expertise in a specific field and more practical exposure that they gain during their course study.BBA Double honors is a course study wherein a different field is co-joined with BBA Hons. degree to impart a unique learning experience. Here, a student is equipped with knowledge of both fields and techniques to use various aspects of both fields together. For Example, BBA Hons+ B.Sc. Computer Science Hons. offered by Wilfrid Laurier University, BA+BBA offered by University of Waterloo, BBA+LLB offered by Trent University.

Programme Type

While we discuss Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Canada, we need to keep in mind that BBA is conducted in different formats. It can be pursued as BBA Part-time, BBA Full-time, BBA Co-op.

BBA Full-time: BBA full-time course study is where a course is concluded in the mentioned time frame and the classes are conducted at the regular time intervals.

BBA Part-time: BBA part-time is mainly when a student wishes to pursue another course or a day/ night job for extra income alongside his studies. Part-time course takes longer than the full-time to be concluded.

BBA Co-op: BBA Co-operative is a unique education option that enables candidates to combine their academic studies with paid, career-related work experience. They have the opportunity to pursue this course alongside their well- paid job.

BBA Co-op helps them to:

  • Enhance their skills and knowledge regarding the course being studies
  • Develop practical skills in business and area of specialization being studied
  • Enhance their critical thinking, decision making and communication skills
  • Establish business related contacts during graduation for future growth

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): Specializations

BBA as a course is a huge umbrella which has various specializations under it. The students are free to opt for any specific course of study to master that domain and look for related future career prospects.

Some of these specializations are listed below with brief elucidation:

  • Marketing: Marketing is a key for navigating the ever evolving world of brands. It is a major promotional tool and is in ever growing demand. Marketing course offers variety of career prospects. BBA in Marketing helps students understand consumer behaviour, market, advertising, product promotion techniques and other related fields.
  • Finance: It is one of the most sought after and oldest specializations in BBA. The course prepares students in study viz. costing, budgeting, capital management, etc. Post the completion of this course students can try for job profiles such as financial manager, finance executive, etc.
  • International Relations: BBA in International Relations is a study of business administration in specific domain of international relations. The course equips students with fundamentals of international business and how it works. Alongside, the students are introduced to fundamentals of business administration.
  • Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a skill to create a new venture or start a self-owned business. BBA in Entrepreneurship course builds the basic foundation of how to start own business, analyse and evaluating worldwide and local business, develop moral and social duties as an entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Business and Sustainability:  BBA in Business and Sustainability course aims at teaching students that equality, human rights, environment conservation, etc. is a driving force of business innovation and strategy. The course includes subjects such as social entrepreneurship, Consumer behaviour, Sustainable Accounting, Business Ethics, Sustainable Marketing, etc.
  • Human Resource Management: Human resource management is a domain wherein students are acquainted with recruiting and managing human resources. BBA in HRM course includes subjects such staffing, recruiting, etc.
  • Operations: BBA in Operations course aims at providing knowledge about production management or shop floor management. Students are taught how to maintain process flows, develop relations with vendors and customers and inter- departmental relations.

Benefits to BBA Graduates in Canada

BBA Graduates in Canada can apply for Post- Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). The work permit will be valid for up to 3 years.

International students will be eligible to apply for PGWP only if they have completed the degree as a full-time student. Online pursuers are not eligible.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): Top Institutes

Name of the InstituteLocationAverage Fee
Laurentian UniversityGreater SubduryCAD 27,445.2
University of Prince Edward IslandCharlottetownCAD 7500
NBCCNew BrunswickCAD 6500
Royal Roads UniversityBritish ColumbiaCAD 20,000
St. Francis Xavier UniversityNova ScotiaCAD 6,391
Trent UniversityOntarioCAD 32,000
Thompson River UniversityKamloopsCAD 7,500
Bishops UniversitySherbrookeCAD 1938.02
University of AlbertaAlbertaCAD 5,828
University of CalgaryCalgaryCAD 16696.73
University of TorontoTorontoCAD 49,800
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityBrantfordCAD 27480.70
Simon Fraser UniversityVancouverCAD 24,250
Yorkville UniversityVancouverCAD 29,469.60
HEC MontrealMontrealCAD 26,400
Mount Royal UniversityCalgaryCAD 5,900

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): Syllabus and Course Description

BBA Curriculum aims at providing business knowledge, communication skills, and ethical and legal expertise and polishes students’ critical thinking skills. The course structure is designed in such a manner that it imparts all foundational knowledge required to understand the industry and how it works. There are various electives that can be opted towards the end of the course. Broad structure along with electives are mentioned below:

Year IYear IIYear III and IV
MicroeconomicsManagement Accounting ConceptsStrategic Management
MacroeconomicsEthics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability in BusinessIntegrative Business Simulation
Managing Contemporary EnterpriseIndividuals and Groups in Organizations-
Business AnalyticsOrganizations and their Environments-
Financial AccountingIntroduction to finance-
Marketing ManagementApplied Macroeconomics-
-Operations Management-
-Business Analytics-

Choice of Electives are Mentioned below

Entrepreneurial and Family Business StudiesFinance
International BusinessMarketing
Operations Management and Information SystemsOrganization Studies
Responsible BusinessStrategic Management
Human Resource ManagementBusiness Analytics
Professional AccountingBusiness Intelligence

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): Career Prospects

There are variety of career prospects in fields such as

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounts
  • Business development
  • Foreign exchange
  • Banking
  • Consultancies
  • Hotel management
  • IT (Information Technology)

The students can also pursue MBA general or in its various specializations to:

  • Polish the learnings of business administration
  • Learn general management involved in business processes

Pursuing higher studies enhance career prospects and open spectrum of career opportunities for students.

It enables students for better salary and growth prospects. On average a graduate in Business Administration can earn CAD 56K annually in Canada itself.

Various job profiles along with their description and average salary offered are mentioned in the table below:

Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary Offered
AccountantAn accountant’s work is to prepare the list of assets, liability, and capital account entries of an organization. They have to compile and analyze the account information and document the financial transactions.CAD 48, 479
Marketing ManagerThe job description of a marketing manager is to develop, implement and execute marketing plans for an entire organization. They aim at formulating strategies to attract potential customers and retain existing customers.CAD 58, 405
Marketing CoordinatorMarketing Coordinator works towards marketing a product by developing and implementing advertising and marketing campaigns.CAD 42, 456
Financial AnalystJob responsibility of a financial analyst is to collect operational data and determine the cost of operations. They work towards improving financial status by identifying, evaluating and analyzing trends. Post this, they advise the management of the same.CAD 56, 409
HR ManagerHR Manager works towards maintaining balance in the organization, handling HR team and ensure employee satisfaction. They work towards staffing and recruiting of the human resourceCAD 64, 606
Financial ControllerThe financial controller works at ensuring that all transactions are appropriately made and documented. They aim at controlling the company’s finances and utilize it to their best use. They supervise accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.CAD 77, 454
Senior AccountantSenior Accountant works towards supervising the work of an accountant. They maintain and balance subsidiary accounts by verifying and reconciling transactions. They also prepare and records organizations’ expense, assets, liabilities and revenues.CAD 59, 298
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