Top Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Eligibility, Fees, Scholarships and Scope

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    Among the recent favorite subjects that help to shape a promising career, Computer science and computer engineering come at the top of the list. Approximately 400+ computer science courses in Canada cater to the needs of international students, thus making it a favorable study abroad destination.

    Some of the best universities for computer science in Canada are University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and the University of Alberta. As per the International Education Strategy (2019-2024), international students will be felicitated with even more funding for the research programs to encourage the students.

    As per the Employment and Social Development Society of Canada, every year 30-35% of the international candidates studying computer science get placement in MNCs. Software engineering is the most in-demand job for computer science graduates in Canada. In 2019, approximately 17,010 people were employed in this field.

    Best Computer Science Colleges in Canada

    There are multiple computer science colleges in Canada and it sometimes becomes a bit difficult to find out the best one among them. Based on the QS global ranking, we have listed the best colleges in Canada for computer science:

    University  Global Ranking 2020 Courses Offered 
    University of Toronto 10 4 bachelors; 1 master; 1 Ph. D.
    University of Waterloo 24 1 double degree bachelors; 4 bachelors; 7 masters; 4 Ph.D 
    University of British Columbia 25 5 bachelors; 4 masters; 2 Ph.D
    McGill University  70 3 masters; 2 PhD
    University of Montreal 93 1 short term graduate program; 1 specialized graduate degree; 2 masters; 1 PhD;
    University of Alberta 95 9 undergraduate programs; 2 graduate and research programs

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Specializations and Degree Offered

    Universities of Canada offers a wide range of specializations both for computer science and computer engineering.

    Computer science colleges in Canada offer the following degrees:

    • 4 years (sometimes 3 years) undergraduate courses
    • 2 years of graduate courses
    • 4-5 years of doctoral programs with complete research

    The table below includes a few of them:

    Specializations  Specializations 
    Artificial Intelligence Information Technology
    Computer Graphics Software Engineering
    Cognitive Science Software development
    Human-Computer Interaction Information management
    Bioinformatics Mobile and Web Computing
    Computer and Network Security Real-World Computing
    Computer Communications and Networks Hardware and Computer Architecture
    Theoretical Computer Science Microprocessor Design
    Cyber Security Machine learning
    Big data analysis Medical image computing
    Human-centered computing Computational geometry
    Reconfigurable computing Computer graphics and visualization

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Undergraduate Programs

    In Canada, approximately 675,000 people are working in the field of IT. Students with a diploma mostly work here as programmers. The diploma programs like Computer Programmer Diploma program, Computer Engineering Technology, and others have helped the candidates to kick-start their career with just 1-2 years of courses.

    However, a student needs to get a Bachelors in Computer Science in Canada in case he or she is looking for a better prospect such as working as a junior software engineer or assistant developer. Here are a few courses that can help in this regard:

    Name of the Program  Name of the College Duration  Annual Course Fee (in CAD)
    B. Sc. Honors in Applied Computer Science  The University of Winnipeg 3-4 years $17,010
    Computer Science B. Sc.  Lakehead University 3-4 years  $24,709
    Information Technology (Computer and Communication Networks) (Hons.) Centennial College 4 years $21,040
    Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng. Co-op Optional) Software Engineering McMaster University 4 years $40,470
    B. Sc in Computer Engineering University of Alberta 4-5 years  $39,500

    Apart from this, Canadian universities offer multiple short-term undergraduate courses (1-2 years) and major courses in computer science engineering. These courses are the extended version of the diploma courses and are job-oriented confirming placement within 1-2 months of completing the course.

    Web designing, Unix/Linux Systems Administration, Oracle Database Associate, and Java Se/ee Programming Certificate are some of the popular short-term courses in Canada.

    Student with a diploma earns approximately 73,200 CAD a year and a bachelor degree holder earns 132,000 CAD a year, which is near about 81% more. This is why it is always recommended to get a degree from the best universities for computer science in Canada.

    Note: Intake Season for Bachelors: Most of the universities accept the applications for undergraduate computer science courses in Canada in the months of July and September.

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Eligibility for Bachelors 

    To enroll in the bachelor's program of best universities for computer science in Canada, a student must have:

    • Completed senior school with 65% or above with mathematics as a compulsory subject
    • 70% or above score in English and Mathematics in the board finals
    • Qualifying score in English language proficiency test (TOEFL: 580, MELAB: 82, IELTS: 6.5, PTE: 60+, iTEP: 4.1+, CAE: 180+
    • Qualifying score in the college/university specific language and subject test (online)

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Required Documents for Bachelors 

    At the time of admission, following documents are required:

    • Academic documents
    • School leaving certificate
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Resume (if applicable)
    • Migrating certificate (if applicable)

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    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Postgraduate Programs

    Postgraduate courses are for those students who want to rise from the assistant grade workers to independent engineers. Along with that, M.Eng. and MS in Computer Science in Canada can get you placement as Information Systems Analysts and Consultants, Computer Network Technicians, Software developers and lots more.

    The table below has listed the popular postgraduate programs offered in best universities for computer science in Canada:

    Name of the Program  Name of the College Duration  Annual Course Fee 
    Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI) Schulich School of Business 2 years $26,020
    Computer Science (MCompSc) Concordia University Montreal  2 years $22,023
    M. Sc. in computer science Memorial University  2 years  $9,666
    Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence (MCTI) University of Guelph 1 year  $42,000
    Master of Engineering Science (MESc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering Western University 2 years $12,730

    Intake Season: For the fall admission to MS in Computer Science in Canada, a student needs to fill the application and all the formalities from May to June.

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Eligibility for Masters 

    For the postgraduate computer science courses, a candidate should have:

    • Completed 4 years bachelor degree course in the relevant stream with the specification applying for.
    • Above 75% in the last 4 semesters or the entire bachelor degree course.
    • The university-specific entrance exam for master degree programs.
    • 1 year of work experience in the field chosen for the master degree program
    • Qualifying marks in the English language proficiency test (like the undergraduate courses)

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Required Documents for Masters 

    A student needs to submit the following documents to apply for MS in Computer Science in Canada:

    • Academic transcripts (of school level as well as bachelor degree)
    • Diploma or certificate of the previous part-time courses
    • Statement of Purpose for MS in Canada
    • 2 or more references (depends on the university)
    • Certificate of work experience (if applicable)
    • Resume (if applicable)

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Doctoral Programs

    The doctorate programs of computer science colleges in Canada open multiple gateways to the candidates. That’s why these courses seem to have a growing interest among international students nowadays. A student can opt for Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation, Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, Quantum Computing, Scientific Computing and lots of other fields for PhD from best universities offering computer science courses in Canada.

    Program College Duration  Annual Course Fee (in CAD) 
    Ph.D. in computer science McGill university  3-4 years $15,637
    Computer Science Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Thesis-based  University of Calgary 4 years $29, 027
    Computer Science – Ph. D. University of Waterloo  4 years $6,972
    Electrical & Computer Engineering (PhD) University of Concordia School of engineering and computer science 3-4 years $53,996
    Ph. D. in Operations & Information Systems University of Alberta - Alberta School of Business 4 years $7,279
    Note: Intake Season for PhD in Computer Science in Canada: The doctorate courses accept the applications of the international candidates thrice a year mostly: in June, October, and December. However, it may differ in a few universities. But, June is the fixed time for the fall admissions.

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Eligibility for PhD 

    A student applying for the doctorate programs must have:

    • Completed Master's degree in Computer Science with a 78% or another relevant subject (computer science is priority)
    • Qualifying score in Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General test (for those who have not completed a 4-year undergraduate degree in the relevant subject)
    • Qualifying or higher score in English proficiency tests (TOEFL 100, IELTS 7.5 and others)
    • GMAT or GRE scores and GPA from relevant courses
    • Approved working papers
    • Master thesis.

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Required Documents for PhD 

    A student needs to submit the below given documents:

    • All the academic documents from school level to masters including the documents of diploma programs (if applicable)
    • 3 recommendations and a minimum 2 of them should be academic
    • Statement of purpose for Canada
    • Updated resume
    • Documents of work experience

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Scholarships Offered

    Roughly, the fees for undergraduate courses in computer science ranges from 17,010 CAD to 39,500 CAD. For graduate programs, it is 20,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD a year and for a doctorate, it is 30,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD. However, it can be reduced to 25% or more with the help of scholarships available to international students in Canada.

    Check the table below to know about the some of such scholarships:

    Name of the Scholarship Providing Authority Provided to Scholarship Covers
    Education Future International Scholarship 2020 The government of Canada  International students with academic excellence applying for any bachelor or master degree course Partial funding in tuition fees
    Douglas International Students Performance-Based tuition grant Douglas College International students of any undergraduate course Up to CAD $7,000
    Simon Fraser University - H.Y. Louie And Lohn Entrance Awards In Canada Simon Fraser University International students applying for bachelor courses  Partial fees for 2 terms
    University Of British Columbia - Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowships In Canada University Of British Columbia International student of any country with academic excellence Full tuition fee
    Canada-CARICOM Virtual University Scholarship Program The government of Canada  Students from CARICOM countries Costs of tuition
    Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) - for mid-career professionals Department of global affairs, Canada Professionals from ASEAN countries Up to CAD $10,000
    IDRC Doctoral Research Awards International Development Research Centre International students pursuing research 20 awards of a maximum of CAD $20,000 each

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    Along with these scholarships, there are other university-specific scholarships exclusively for international students. These cover entire or partial tuition fees, health expenses and travel expenses of the students. It means that a qualified candidate will be provided full support to continue his/her studies.

    Computer Science Colleges in Canada: Jobs and Salaries

    A student after completing a degree course in computer science can earn from 40,000 CAD to 101,000 CAD based on the specialization and experience. This attractive payscale is definitely a reason behind the growing number of international students in computer science.

    The table below includes high paying jobs in Canada based on different designations:

    Designation  Average Salary Per Annum (in CAD)
    Software Engineer 51,000 – 106,000
    Software Developer 47,000 – 88,000
    Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer 67,000 – 116,000 
    Web Developer 38,000 – 74,000
    .NET Software Developer / Programmer 45,000 – 86,000 
    Senior Web Developer 55,000 – 97,000 
    Front End Developer / Engineer 42,000 – 85,000 
    Java Developer 49,000 - 88,000
    Programmer Analyst 44,000 – 81,000
    Computer / Network Support Technician 31,000 – 68,000
    Network Administrator  43,000 – 78,000
    Support Technician, Information Technology (IT) 35,000 – 62,000
    Systems Administrator 43,000 – 80,000
    Information Technology (IT) Manager 57,000 – 116,000
    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Designer 36,000 – 75,000
    Graphic Designer 34,000 – 58,000
    Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator 30,407 - 49,916
    Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer 45,000 – 94,000

    Know about Work Study Program in Canada: SIN, On Campus and Off Campus Jobs and Internship Opportunity

    Studying computer science with any specialization opens multiple ways to a candidate and in Canada, it becomes easier for international candidates to get settled. It is because of their easy accessibility to education. Right after completing their degrees, students generally look for a bright career and here, Canada offers multiple job opportunities. For example, a student completing their degree courses in computer science can be placed as:

    • Computer / Network Support Technician
    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Designer
    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Drafter
    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Technician
    • Computer Engineer (Software Engineer)
    • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist
    • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator
    • Computer Operator
    • Computer Technician
    • Developer and Programmer
    • Network administrator
    • Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst
    • Quality Assurance Engineer
    • System Administrator and others

    International candidates can get paid according to their level of qualification. Along with getting the expected salary, the candidates can enjoy an excellent quality of life because of Canada’s excellent foreign policies.

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