Recommended Books for NMAT 2020 by Toppers: Know Section-wise Books & Preparation Tips

    NMAT Preparation Books are an important resource to crack this popular exam for admission to top-most business schools. GMAC organizes NMAT exam wherein a higher score opens gates to various renowned MBA schools in the country.

    • B-schools such as VIT University, NMIMS, ISB, IBS, SPJIMR, and TAPMI, to name a few offer seats to the students scoring good scores in NMAT.
    • NMAT Exam Pattern is similar to many other MBA entrance exams in India, such as that of CAT.
    • However, getting a good score in the NMAT is not easy at all, you need to study dedicated to ace the exam.
    • The syllabus of NMAT and CAT are almost the same, but NMAT has sectional time-limit which makes it difficult for the students to get satisfactory results.
    Table of Contents

    NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    Questions from three sections are asked in the NMAT, all the sections have MCQs. However, marks distribution of questions in these sections is not equal.

    SectionsTotal Questions
    Language Skills32
    Logical Reasoning40

    Recommended Books For NMAT 2020 Preparation

    GMAC offers detailed study material to NMAT aspirants, the council makes the official guide and latest mock test series accessible to the students. In addition to referring to these sources, the test-takers can also refer to other MBA exam preparation books that are suggested by the experts.

    How to Choose NMAT Preparation Books

    Choosing the right books can be confusing for many as the market offers so many choices. So before spending anything on study resources on books for NMAT, here are some guidelines:

    • Check book reviews carefully before purchase. Every opinion matters as it might help get a better idea on if it is the right books for you or not.
    • See opinions on quora and if there is no review written on the book you wish to purchase, post a question yourself.
    • Go to any bookstore and check the books yourself. Find out if the language and structure used in the books looks helpful to you.
    • It is advised to stick with popular authors over the ones who are not much popular among students.

    Below mentioned are the recommended books by experts that will help in NMAT preparation:

    NMAT Preparation Books for Language Skills

    To prepare for the language skills section, in addition to the books, referring to different newspapers is also important. The editorial section of newspapers like the Hindu, etc. helps a lot in improving vocabulary and reading speed. Students are suggested to refer to at least 2-3 editorial articles on a daily basis. Apart from this, you can also solve Reading Comprehension (RC) passages and do last year questions provided by numerous coaching centres for MBA.

    Some of the books for Language Skills section:

    Name of the bookAuthorsISBN
    How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading ComprehensionArun Sharma It is one of the best books to practice the Verbal Ability section. It includes tips and strategies from the experts that are helpful in solving different types of RC & Verbal Ability questions. Also it has a vast collection of solved examples and last year questions from NMAT.


    Verbal Ability and Reading ComprehensionNishit Sinha978-9353947026
    Verbal Ability & Reading ComprehensionAjay Singh (This book is suggested to improve the individual’s VARC skills in a stepwise manner. It has more than 200 reading comprehension passages that helps in understanding the difficulty level of the exam. This book has complete solutions for the latest CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP and other such papers. Also, it serves as a detailed guide to prepare for all three sections of VARC including Verbal Ability, Verbal Reasoning and Reading comprehension.


    Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis978-8183071000
    High School Composition & English GrammarWren & Martin978-9352530144

     NMAT 2020 books NMAT books 2020NMAT2020 booksNMAT 2020 books NMAT books 2020  

    NMAT Preparation Books for Logical Reasoning

    The questions in this section are divided into verbal reasoning and logical ability. Some of the topics that are included in the verbal reasoning section include Course of Action, Strong & Weak arguments, Conclusions, Critical Reasoning etc. Logical Ability include questions from Family tree, Seating arrangements, Blood relations, Calendars, Puzzles, Series etc.

    This section tests an individual's analytical and logical skills. Some of the best books include:

    Name of the bookAuthors
    Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CATNishit Sinha
    How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CATArun Sharma
    A Modern Approach to Logical ReasoningR.S. Aggarwal

     XAT 2020 books   

    NMAT Preparation Books Quantitative Skills

    Through the Quantitative Skills section, the test-makers check an individual's problem-solving ability. The section includes the maximum number of questions as compared to the other sections. So, it would help if you devote extra time while preparing this section. Some of the best books for Quantitative Skills section include:

    Quantitative Aptitude for CATArun Sharma This book is one of the hot-selling books in the market that helps in clearing all the concepts. The book includes many solved examples on all topics essential for MBA entrances like CAT, XAT, NMAT etc.)


    Quantitative AptitudeR.S. Aggarwal This book for Quantitative Aptitude is preferred by the test-takers past so many years. It includes all the significant topics of quant along with their detailed solutions. It has more than 5000 questions of different styles. Also, it includes all the questions based on the latest trend of CAT, IIFT, XAT, etc.)978-9352534029
    How to prepare for Data Interpretation for CATArun Sharma It includes short tricks and tips that are important to solve indirect questions. Additionally, students get access to more than 50 test papers with their detailed solutions. It includes almost all important questions keeping in mind their difficulty level.


     NMAT 2020 books   NMAT books 

    Best NMAT Study Material

    Best NMAT Study Material: Mock Test Series

    The test-takers need to do more NMAT mock test series and previous years’ question papers as it will make them more confident to avoid their preparations. By taking more mock tests, students can understand the real questions that come in the exam, they also can judge their preparation level from the starting. By taking more mock tests, the candidates can understand all the topics and focus on their strengths and improve their weaker sections.

    NMAT by GMAC Sample Papers

    NMAT by GMAC Sample Papers

    The GMAC Sample papers assist students in getting an accurate idea regarding the actual exam and how they should prepare to get a good score in the marks. The candidates preparing for NMAT by GMAC must focus on practising using the latest and updated NMAT by GMAC Question papers. Students are suggested to refer to these sample papers beforehand, so that they don’t have that surprised looks on their face at the time of giving the actual exam.

    Benefits of solving NMAT Sample papers by GMAC

    • By solving more sample papers, test-takers can have a detailed understanding of the exam pattern and can understand the difficulty level of the test.
    • Sample papers help students better understand the latest exam pattern, before they give the actual exam.

    NMAT 2020 Important Topics

    NMAT 2020 Important Topics

    Language SkillsQuantitative SkillsLogical Reasoning
    Reading Comprehension Analogies Antonyms Choose for correct Preposition Synonyms Jumbled Paragraphs Mark the Error Fill in the blanks Cloze TestNumber System HCF and LCM Ratio and Proportion Data Interpretations Fractions Profit and Losses Simplifications Decimals PercentageSitting arrangement Blood relations Decision making Direction sense test Classifications Coding-decoding Inequalities Syllogism Arithmetical operations Machine input

    Preparation Tips for NMAT Language Skills

    • The syllabus for the NMAT exam on Language Skills is well-structured. There are 32 questions in the Language Skills section, and the test-takers have to complete this section in 22 minutes.
    • On average, you have 40 seconds for each question, but since you require more time to do Reading Comprehension questions, so manage your time accordingly. You must target to complete each question within 30 seconds so that you can get 10-12 minutes to solve 7-9 Reading Comprehension questions.
    • While preparing for this section, the candidates must specify their knowledge concerning different topics of the English language.
    • The candidates can read a lot of good books, newspapers, watch English plays, etc. as all of these will help in increasing your vocabulary.
    • Papers like The Hindu and the Editorial section of other newspapers help a lot in getting familiar with new words and vocabulary.

    Preparation tips for NMAT Quantitative Skills

    • Candidates can prepare for this section by focusing more on their speed and accuracy. You must be well-versed with tables, Bar Chart, Line Graphs, etc. while doing revisions.
    • Since this section holds the maximum weightage, candidates need to prepare this section by adhering to a proper time management plan.
    • Candidates can practice taking more mock tests.

    Preparation tips for NMAT Logical Reasoning

    • The logical reasoning section has 36 questions and the test-takers will be given 40 minutes, so you have less than a minute time to solve each question.
    • While preparing for the logical reasoning section, divide the total time practicing for two sections, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning.
    • While solving the exercises, do not assume or use any information, which is not presented in the question. Through the LR section, your general knowledge will not be evaluated at all, so use only that information, which is mentioned in the statement to come to the right answer.
    • Candidates can practice all the topics with full concentration in case they refer to the previous year’s question papers.
    • Manage the available time smartly, focus on all the questions and sections as all are important.
    • For question-related to the directions, the test-takers can make a map showing all the directions that will help them to get the answers promptly.

    Things to consider while selecting books for NMAT by GMAC

    • While choosing the books for NMAT by GMAC, look at the year of publication and edition. Since many topics and chapters are updated, it is essential to choose updated and latest books that offer accurate information.
    • Take books of renowned and well-known authors or publication only, as they will present the correct theories and explanations to you.
    • Students can also refer to the books issued to them by their coaching centres. The books issued by the coaching centers also help a lot in increasing your knowledge and skills.
    • Look for the books that focus mainly on exam preparation, and include many sample papers, last year’s question papers, etc. useful for the aspirants of NMAT by GMAC 2020.
    • To get a more detailed and accurate explanation, the test-takers can compare different topics and contents of two or more books and then cross-check it with their mentors or experts of NMAT by GMAC before buying them.

    How to score 95 Percentile in NMAT

    How to score 95 Percentile in NMAT 2020?

    In the NMAT exam, since there is no negative marking, the test-takers prefer taking more tests. Besides, you can take the NMAT exam two more times to improve your score. If you have given your 100%, then scoring high in NMAT by GMAC is not a difficult task. Even if half of the total questions attempted by you are correct, you can easily get a good percentile, so make your preparation strategy accordingly. While going, NMAT Preparations, you don’t have to study day and night. Rather you need to study smartly and develop a more intelligent approach to solve all the questions correctly in the minimum time.

    NMAT organized by GMAC is a national level exam taken to select eligible students for MBA programs offered by NMIMS University and other renowned B-Schools. Last year, more thousands of students gave NMAT exam conducted by the GMAC exam to get admission to their dream college; among many B-schools, NMIMS Mumbai is among the top B-schools in India that consider NMAT scores while offering admissions.

    Since the competition in all MBA entrance exams is getting stiff these days, where all race against each other to get good scores. To stay ahead in the competition, you need to prepare smartly to get the best results. You can refer to the books mentioned above that will help you clear NMAT and score good marks.

    So best of luck with your preparations and study smartly!!

    NMAT 2020 Eligibility

    Candidates planning to give NMAT 2020 need to meet the eligibility criteria announced by GMAC, the eligible candidates can proceed further by filling the NMAT application form 2020.

    Mentioned below is the NMAT eligibility criteria:

    • Age bar: There is no age limit bar to give the exam.
    • Educational Qualifications: Only candidates with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university are allowed to appear.
    • Minimum Marks: Candidates need to score a minimum of 50% marks in the bachelor’s degree.
    • Work Experience: Candidates with a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience will be preferred.
    • Provisional Admission: Candidates giving their final year exam and waiting for their results are allowed to apply for the NMAT.
    • Number of attempts: Candidates are permitted to give the NMAT three times.

    Key Highlights Of NMAT

    Key Highlights Of NMAT

    • NMAT is conducted online, it is conducted in various sessions in a 75 day test window.
    • The duration of the exam is 180 minutes (two hours).
    • For each section, a fixed time limit is set and test-takers need to complete the test within the mentioned time limit only.
    • If you have attempted 120 questions in 2 hours, then it will be considered a good attempt.
    • Three marks will be given for every right answer, while there will be no negative marking.

    Preparing For NMAT: Points to Know

    Points To Remember While Preparing For NMAT

    Your NMAT Preparation must focus on beneath points:

    • Time management
    • Preparation Books
    • Updated Study Material
    • Useful tips from NMAT toppers & experts
    • NMAT Preparation using online resources
    • Preparing NMAT Preparation Strategy

    The Quantitative Skills section holds the maximum weightage in the NMAT question paper as compared to language skills and logical reasoning section. So you need to spend extra time on your preparation to prepare for the Quant section. 

    NMAT Preparation Books FAQs

    Ques. What are the best NMAT Preparation Books Quantitative Skills?

    Ans. Best NMAT preparation books for quantitative are Quantitative Aptitude for CAT, Quantitative Aptitude, How to prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT.

    Ques. What are the best NMAT Preparation Books for Logical Reasoning?

    Ans. Best NMAT Preparation Books for Logical Reasoning are Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT, How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT, and A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning.

    Ques. What are the best NMAT Preparation Books for Language Skills section?

    Ans. Best NMAT preparation books for Language Skills sections are How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Word Power Made Easy, and High School Composition & English Grammar.

    Ques. I already have books for CAT preparation. Do I need separate resources for NMAT?

    Ans. For the sections which are similar, CAT books should suffice for NMAT preparation.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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