MAT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines for Online and Offline Mode

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    MAT 2020 May session for PBT and CBT mode have been discontinued by AIMA due to COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown across India. This action has been taken to maintain the safety of the applicants. Though candidates are allowed to convert their registration to IBT mode latest by June 18, 2020 by revisiting the application portal. AIMA has advised candidates not willing to appear for IBT mode to register for forthcoming session of MAT, schedule for which is expected soon. 

    • As MAT is conducted in both online and offline modes, candidates are allowed to choose from any of the two or can opt for both in the upcoming sessions when COVID-19 case cout eases. 
    • Candidates opting for both modes will have an added advantage of selecting additional 2 B-schools for sending their marks, in addition to the current option of selecting 5 B-schools, i.e., they can select 7 B-schools in total.
    • Management Aptitude Test is a standardized exam that is conducted to screen students for MBA and allied programmes in over 600 B schools. Conducted by AIMA, it has been approved as a national level test by Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD in the year 2003. The exam is conducted four times in a year in the month of February, May, September and December for admissions.

    MAT May 2020 Exam Dates

    MAT May 2020 Exam Dates (Cancelled)

    EventsOnline ModeOffline Mode
    RegistrationMarch 6, 2020March 6, 2020
    Last Day to Submit MAT 2020 Application FormJune 10, 2020June 24, 2020
    Issue of MAT 2020 Admit CardJune 26, 2020June 26, 2020
    MAT 2020 Exam DateJuly 4, 2020July 2, 2020

    MAT General Exam Day Guidelines

    MAT Exam Day Guidelines as per COVID-19

    Going by the recent developments on COVID-19 and its rapid spread AIMA has postponed MAT Exam Dates. Though the exam will be surely conducted when there are relaxations in lockdown. Candidates who wish to appear for MAT need to keep in mind not only specific guidelines for the kind of mode they are attempting but measures for Coronavirus as well.

    • As per government guidelines candidates need to be seated at a distance of one meter from each other.
    • Candidates need to wear face mask without which entry can be restricted. 
    • Appropriate social distancing measures will be taken while checking ID proof and verification before entry, thus candidates need to be patient. 
    • It is advisable to carry hand sanitiser to constantly disinfect.
    • Making large groups or arriving at the test center with multiple people should be avoided.

    MAT General Exam Day Guidelines

    Candidates are required to be present at the examination center at least 90 minutes before the scheduled time of the exam. At the maximum candidates will be permitted entry half an hour before the commencement of the test.

     Candidates are to carry the following documents while reporting to the test center:-

    • Admit card.
    • Valid ID proof.
    • Writing Material.

    MAT Admit Card and the Valid ID proof will be verified before sitting for the exams. One part of the Admit Card will be given to you as proof of the candidate appearing the exam so the documents should be kept properly. Please make sure that it is signed by you and the test invigilator.

    • The total time for the exam is 2 hours 30 minutes. There will be 200 questions. All the questions will be multiple types and all will be compulsory. There will be Negative Marking for each wrong answer so candidates should not make any random guesswork. 
    SectionsTotal Number of QuestionsTime to be spent in each section
    Intelligence and Critical Reasoning4030
    Language Comprehension4030
    Data Analysis and Sufficiency4035
    Indian and Global Environment4015
    • Candidates should not waste their time on extremely difficult or unfamiliar questions. MAT stresses on the accuracy more than speed therefore it is important to use the allotted time wisely. Before starting the exam, candidates should read the exam instructions carefully and thoroughly. The instructions will be given in English.
    • Candidates can leave the examination hall only after completion of their paper. In case they want to go to the restroom they will have to take permission from the invigilator. You will not be permitted to make up the time you lose.

    Failure to abide by with any rules, will lead to cancellation of your candidature. Any dispute will be further settled through an arbitrator, who shall be appointed by the Director General, AIMA.

    If the number of candidates registered for Computer Based Test at any city is limited and exceeds the number then the candidates will have to appear for the Paper Based Test.

    MAT Exam Day Guidelines for PBT

    MAT Exam Day Guidelines for Paper Based Test 

    After sitting for the exam the candidate will be given a sealed Question Booklet and an OMR Answer Sheet. Till not permitted the Question Booklet should not be unsealed. Necessary information should be provided on the cover of the Question Booklet and the Answer Sheet before commencement of the test. Once the announcement is made, the candidates can start with the exam.

    • The candidates should sign in the attendance sheet during the examination. Answers are to be marked separately on the OMR sheets. Choose the correct option by darkening the oval completely corresponding to the relevant question number.
    •  You should only darken one oval because if you darken more than one than the scanner will not be able to choose the right answers. Only blue and black dot pen should be used to answer the questions. 
    • Once the answer is marked it cannot be changed. If the candidate has to change any answer he has to use an eraser and then mark it again with the pencil. This takes a lot of time and gives rise to the possibility of mutilation of the answer sheet.
    •  Do not fold the answer sheet and if there is any rough work to me made it should be done in the Question Booklet only. No separate sheet will be given for rough work.
    Note: MAT Answer Sheet is scanned by machine. The scores are then computed with the help of it. Accuracy in the examination is dependent on the candidate in the way he marks in the answer sheet. Therefore, candidates should be careful and mark the answers with strict adherence to the following points:
    • There will be no marking for the answers marked in the question booklets.
    • Only blue and black dot pen should be used to answer the questions. Once the answer is marked it cannot be changed
    • Be sure that you accurately mark all the answers against the question in the question booklet series.
    • This mode is usually considered easier with no risk of technical failures. Just that, candidates have to mark their answers using a pencil on an OMR sheet.

    After the completion of the test, candidates should hand over their Question Booklet and Answer Sheet to the invigilator.

    MAT Exam Day Guidelines for CBT

    MAT Exam Day Guidelines for Computer Based Test

    Computer Based Test is taken in online mode where the candidates sits in front of a computer. The questions are mentioned on the computer monitor and each candidate is given a separate monitor. The candidate submits the answers using the mouse by clicking the right answer in the given question. Each desktop is connected to a server, which prepares the question set and delivers it to the candidate on the computer.

    Computer Based Test assumes that the candidate has basic familiarity with use of computer such as, use of keyboard and mouse operation. And if not, it is the responsibility of the candidate to acquire these skills before appearing in the test. In the rare case if there is any technical failure during the test, the candidate may be required to attempt the test again. 

    • The candidates must ensure that the computer allotted to them is switched on and checked properly. Any problem related to the computer should be informed to the invigilator immediately. Details like your Name, Roll No, Form no. etc are to be filled on the space provided on the screen for test appearance.
    • There is no set time limit for each parts of the test. The candidate can go back any time and change the answers to any questions. All questions will be of the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type. Each MCQ will consist of four options and the right answer should be chosen by the candidate. There is negative marking so there should not be any kind of guesswork by the candidates.
    •  The answer should be clicked by the candidates; the option will be given just next to the answer. Candidates can slide back and change the answer if necessary. Candidates can slide up and down freely through the questions. There is no fixed allotted time for each section. Meanwhile, they should also keep in mind that they do not waste their time pondering difficult and unfamiliar questions.
    Note: At the end of the test you should follow the instruction of the invigilator in order to properly record/save your test work. If required rough sheets will be provided.

    All centers take the required security. Candidates’ identity and activities will be recorded using web cameras. Anyone not abiding by the rules of the test center will not be allowed to continue with the test and will be automatically disqualified.

    Lastly, wish you all the good wishes for the exams. Follow all the last moment tips and study well.



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