MAT Syllabus 2020: Check Section-Wise Syllabus and Pattern

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    All India Management Association (AIMA) decides syllabus for MAT 2020 which is divided into 5 different sections, namely Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment. AIMA has introduced Remote Proctored Internet Based Test from June session onwards. Candidates willing to appear for internet based test need not to worry as MAT Exam Pattern is the same with no changes. 

    • Syllabus for MAT IBT mode will remain the same as other offline and online modes, major change will be in the way of taking the exam. As it will be taken from the confines of candidates home.
    • Every section includes 40 questions presented in a MCQ format.  Some of the best books to prepare for MAT 2020 include Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT by Nishit Sinha, Data Analysis and Sufficiency by Arun Sharma, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Gautam Puri.

    Table of Contents

    MAT Syllabus: Mathematical Skills

    MAT Syllabus: Data Analysis

    MAT Syllabus: Language Comprehension

    MAT Syllabus: Critical Reasoning

    Indian & Global Environment Syllabus

    Preparation Books for MAT

    Highlights of MAT Syllabus of the management examination is indicated in the following infographic:

    MAT Syllabus 2019

    MAT 2020 Syllabus : Mathematical Skills

    This section comprises of vast range of mathematics topics like Algebra, Mensuration, Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry, Number System, Probability, etc. However, major questions are covered from Arithmetic alone.

    Section Highlights

    Particular Details
    No. of Questions40
    Sectional weightage in MAT Syllabus20%
    Sectional Weightage in Percentile Calculation25%
    Type of QuestionsMCQs based

    Must Read News

    Important Topics

    Topics covered under different segments of Mathematics are: 

    LCM and HCF Percentage Profit and Loss 
    Speed, Time and Work Number System Unitary Method 
    Simple Interest and Compound Interest Mixtures and Allegations Permutation and Combinations 
    Sequence and Series Height and Distance Commercial Maths 
    Elementary Mathematics In-equations and linear equations Averages
    Triangles Circles 

    Other Topics

    Linear and Quadratic Equation Complex Numbers Binomial Theorem 
    Surds and Indices Inequalities Set Theory 
    Coordinate Geometry Trignometry Linear Programming 
    Venn Diagrams 

    MAT 2020 Syllabus : Data Analysis & Data Sufficiency

    Questions in this section are based on texts, tables, graphs, charts and venn diagrams. This section is to test how candidates interpret given data and answer questions based on it.

    Section Highlights

    Particular Details
    No. of Questions40
    Sectional weightage in MAT Syllabus20%
    Weightage in Percentile Calculation25%
    Type of QuestionsMCQs based

    Data Interpretation comprises of 50% of the total section, rest are questions from Data Comparison and sufficiency. 

    Important Topics

    Data Tables Data Charts Bar Diagrams and Charts 
    Pie Charts Graphs Data Comparison 
    Data Comparison Venn Diagram Data Sufficiency 
    Caselet Based Data 

    Read MAT Preparation Tips for Data Analysis and Sufficiency

    MAT 2020 Syllabus: Language Comprehension

    This section is further subdivided into two major parts - Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability with Grammar. The detailed syllabus for both the parts are:

    Part 1 : Syllabus for Reading Comprehension

    Number of Questions20
    Sectional weightage in MAT Syllabus50%
    Type of passages4 short passages of moderate difficulty level
    Type of QuestionsMCQs based
    Format of QuestionsQuestions based on information given in the passages, Antonyms /Synonyms of words, True/False statements in context to the passage

    Since the passages can be opinion based, they make the candidate put themselves in the author’s shoes.There can be passages like-

    • Business and Economics Passages - This may include topics like Impact of Demonetization in India, Global economic changes, Economic development at the cost of environment, Government expenditures, etc.
    • Passages from English Literature books - This may include the articles by great authors, philosophers, thinkers like passages from Aristotle, Martin Luther King, Charles Dickens, Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi, etc.
    • Passages on Science & Culture - This may include topics like Fading culture with the advancement of technology, Modern world, etc.
    • Passages on Abstract topics and fiction
    • Passages on Historical events - This will include topics like French Revolution, Social changes in Indian history, War of the Roses, etc.
    • Passages from Mythology- These passages will correlate the Mythological events with current social structure.

    Part 2 : Syllabus for Verbal Ability

    Number of Questions20
    Sectional weightage in MAT Syllabus50%
    Type of QuestionsMCQs based

    Important Topics

    • Jumbled Paragraphs 
    • Error Correction of Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb and other parts of speech in sentences.
    • Correcting the sequence of the sentences in paragraph e.g. correct use of conditional sentence, time clauses, reported speech, active & passive writing.
    • Fill in the blanks
    • One word substitution
    • Idioms/Phrases
    • Antonyms and Synonyms

    MAT 2020 Syllabus - Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

    This section comprises of most tricky questions. Syllabus for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning has been revamped. ]

    Section Highlights

    No. of Questions40
    Sectional weightage in MAT Syllabus20%
    Type of QuestionsMCQs based

    Important Topics

    Fact-Inference-Judgement Passage ConclusionClocks 
    Calendars Statement-Arguement Analogy 
    Blood Relations / Family TreeLogical Sequence Assumption 
    Premise Conclusion Seating Arrangement 
    Linear and Matrix Arrangement Team Formation Input-Output 
    Series Syllogism 


    Rows Set theory, Venn Diagrams, and Network Diagrams Puzzles 
    Logical Reasoning based on Rankings Critical Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning 
    Direction senseDecision Making
    MAT Sample Paper Banner

    MAT 2020 Syllabus : Indian and Global Environment

    This section refers to GK syllabus, current affairs, Business & Economy, Who’s who, taxation & duties, Film Awards, Sports, Indian Constitution, etc.

    Section Highlights

    No. of Questions40
    Sectional weightage in MAT syllabus 202020%
    Type of QuestionsMCQs based

    Important Topics

    • Conventional GK- available in books
    • Current GK-based on reading of newspapers and periodicals
    • Business & Economics GK- e.g. changes in Fiscal and Monetary policies, Repo Rate, CRR
    • Business, National and International events
    • Who’s who
    • Constitution of India
    • Currency and Capitals of different countries
    • International Organizations
    • Emblem
    • Identification of personalities, companies, brands, etc
    • Politics and Social Issues

    Preparation Books to Cover MAT Syllabus

    Language Comprehension
    Verbal Ability & Comprehension fpor Management EntranceBharat Patodi and Aditya Choudhary 
    How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATArun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay
    Data Analysis and Mathematics
    Accredited Guide to Data Interpretation and Data SufficiencyAnanta Ashisha
    Data Analysis and InterpretationThink Tank of Kiran Prakashan
    Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
    Analytical and Logical ReasoningPeeyush Bharadwaj
    Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CATNishit Sinha
    Indian and Global Environment
    Mega YearbookDisha Experts
    Face to Face MAT (Past Years)BS Sijwali

    How to Cover Syllabus for MAT 2020

    One of the best suggested ways tocover complte MAT Syllabus is to get acquinted with MAT exam pattern and practice mock test along with sample papers. Even if candidates are slogging day and night and preparing and are not awareof the syllabus-prepartion will not be structured. 

    • Divide the syllabus according to you and further sub divide it to ease the preparation process.
    • MAT syllabus is designed keeping in mind other competitive exams of the same level. Hence candidates appering for multiple exams should design their preparation for overlapping topics. 
    • It is noticed by experts that AIMA hardly repeats question in MAT, thus practicing with new sample sets can be helpful.
    • On the official website, AIMA has released a set of 28 sample questions with correct responses. It is a beneficial guide to typeof questions to be expected. 

    MAT Syllabus FAQs

    Ques. I want to do some online preparation for the MAT syllabus. Can you give me the name of some of the websites that I can work with?

    Ans. Sure, you can work with PaGalGuy, money control, test find, cracku, career launcher and Handa Ka Funda. Also, there are other websites that provide good study material and practice sets for MAT exam.

    Ques.  I have completed my graduation from a Hindi medium college. I am not good at English. Can I give the exam in regional language or Hindi?

    Ans. No, the exam is conducted in English medium only.

    Ques. I belong to PWD category. Do I have different MAT exam syllabus as I have a physical health issue?

    Ans. No, the syllabus is same for all the candidates irrespective of the category details.

    Ques. I am not sure about the questions in Vocabulary. How can I improve my vocabulary for MAT Exam?

    Ans. Start reading newspaper and Novels on a daily basis this will help you in increasing your vocabulary.

    Ques. How can I improve my performance in MAT in limited time?

    Ans. The best way to analyze your performance is to do 1 or 2 mock tests each day for a week. Before this, just do a brush up of all the topics and then see your weak areas and strong areas. After identifying these areas do the preparation.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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    Ananya Pandey

    If the GK section is not included in the final score calculation, can I skip that section in the exam?

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    Hi Ananya, 

    No, certainly not. It is favourable to attend all the questions asked in the paper.. 

    06 Oct, 2020 21:50
    Fauzia Shahid

    Which section of the MAT exam has the maximum weightage?

    21 Sep, 2020 11:36

    Hello Fauzia, greetings from Collegedunia.Click here for the MAT’s Paper Analysis.

    02 Oct, 2020 00:15

    Which topics I should cover, in order to prepare for the General awareness questions?

    01 Sep, 2020 14:58

    Hi Vipasha, questions asked in the general awareness section are usually from current affairs and general knowledge. Therefore, read the newspapers daily and seek assistance from the latest current affairs study materials.

    07 Sep, 2020 10:28
    tanvi patil

    i have done my ug from school of fashion technology pune in textile desiging n i want to do my pg in mba in textile so do i need to give MAT or any other entrance exam

    22 Aug, 2018 23:05
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    Hi Tanvi, to get details regarding this please check the link:- MAT eligibility.

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