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MAT 2020 CBT Last Minute Preparation Tips for December IBT and CBT

Management Aptitude Exam is a highly competitive exam for admissions into Management courses in some very excellent colleges. It is often considered to be one of the best alternatives to the CAT Exam. 

CAT has a very advanced difficulty level and low success rates compared to MAT Exams, so MAT preparation is something every candidate should do diligently. Given that the exams are just around the corner, here are 10 Last Minute Tips for MAT Preparation Online - 

  1. Key Strategy

The Key Strategy for MAT should be to attempt maximum questions correctly in as little time as possible. You should keep this in mind while preparing for the exam, and prepare for MAT accordingly. Now that the exam is so closeby, you should be completely aware of the MAT Exam Pattern and other things related to the exam. 

  1. Speed

As you might imagine, Speed is key to cracking MAT 2020. You will have about 150 minutes to attempt over 200 objective type questions. This means that each candidate will have less than 1 minute to answer all the questions. So, it is very crucial to keep in mind that you have to solve the questions as quickly as possible in order to Nail MAT this year. 

  1. Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy are the two main aspects of a successful MAT attempt. Accuracy will come only through practise, however. Be completely thorough with everything that is included in the MAT Syllabus, and make sure that you have covered each type of question at least once before attempting the paper. 

  1. Method of Deduction

This is a common method used for solving Objective type question papers quickly. This is a highly efficient method of solving, but it has its drawbacks and should be used very carefully. It is only possible to attempt successfully if you have enough practise and knowledge of the questions, so that you can make an educated deduction of the correct answer because otherwise you might lose some marks. However, if you incorporate this method into your preparation this method can significantly cut down on the time it takes to solve questions. 

  1. Language Comprehension - Read First!

This is another trick that every aspiring MAT student should be using. Read the questions first, the passage later. This way, you will already have an idea of what to look for while reading the passage and you might not even need to read the complete passage. Answer all the factual, simple questions first and answer the abstract questions towards the end of the passage. Remember, saving time is a priority.

  1. Condense Notes

By this time, you must have accumulated a large amount of notes. It is not practical to sit and make new notes at this point in time, so if you have to practise start making very condensed and summarised notes while preparing so that you can get it done faster and more efficiently. If the particular news article is 400 words long, condense it to little more than 30 words including all the important information only. You have to save time and prepare efficiently. 

  1. Solve Mock Tests

This is the time for solving MAT mock tests and practise papers. This is one of the most important steps in preparation, as you should have an idea of how you perform. Practise in exam-like conditions, and time yourself while attempting the mock tests. If there is a certain type of question that takes more time than is required or if you make many mistakes in it you should focus on that area more and make sure that you are thorough with the method and solution. If it is not something you are able to understand, simply do not waste more time on it and improve other areas. . 

  1. Practise

As it is quite obvious that you should be practicing a lot for the MAT Exam, especially for the sections like MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency, and MAT Mathematical Skills. Subjects like maths can only be learned through repetitive practise. This will also help improve speed, accuracy and most importantly your confidence. 

  1. Revise

This is also an important aspect of MAT Last Minute Preparation. You have to make sure that you go through at least one years’ old General Knowledge notes and important updates. Questions can be asked from any topic, so it is important to be aware of important things that may have happened throughout the year. 

  1. Avoid Last Minute Panic

Make sure you are aware of your MAT Exam Center and have made travel arrangements in advance. Pack essentials for the exam in advance. To make sure you are aware of the important updates you can also read the MAT 2020 PBT Do's and Don'ts For December Session