MS in International Business in UK: Course Guide for International Students

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    MS in International Business in UK is a one-year (full-time, on-campus) professional degree costing around 15,000 GBP to 30,000 GBP  at top universities in UK. For Indian students, this cost approximates to around 14-29 lakhs INR. The program is also available in online mode for international students who wish to study while staying at home country. There are over 100 colleges offering MS in international business in UKamong which are some renowned names like the University of Manchester, Warwick Business School, Durham University, University of Leeds, and more.

    The cost of pursuing MIB in UK is high, but to compensate high costs up to 100% scholarships are available for international students in UK. The program focuses on political knowledge and practical elements of learning how businesses internationally cope with different challenges and how they compete in today’s global environment. Graduates with an MS in international business from UK can expect to earn a basic average annual salary ranging between 25,000-50,000 GBP (~24 Lakhs to 49 Lakhs INR). 

    Top Universities for MS in International Business in UK

    According to QS News World University Ranking 2020 for business and management programs, the following are the top universities offering a 1 year MS in International Business in UK. Given below are the details of fees approximates in Indian Rupees. 

    QS Ranking 2020 University Total Program Fees (in GBP)
    23 University of Warwick 29,250
    30 University of Manchester 24,000
    51 – 100 Aston University 20,350
    51 – 100 City University of London 25,500
    51 – 100 Lancaster University 23,000
    51 – 100 Oxford Brookes University 15,400
    51 – 100 University of Leeds 28,000
    101 – 150 Durham University 23,500
    101 – 150 Loughborough University 23,000
    101 – 150 University of Nottingham  24,975

    Universities like the University of Birmingham also offer an online mode of education to study masters in international business from UK. 

    Why Study MS in International Business in UK?

    According to HESA, the maximum number of students were enrolled in PG-taught programs offered by Business schools in UK in 2018-19. This number has been continuously increasing from the past five years. 


    The preferable choice for most of the international students interested in a business degree is an MBA from UK. However, if you are specifically interested in understanding the global perspective on business, then MS in International Business would be a better choice. Additionally, you can also choose to pursue masters in international business in UK for the following reasons:

    • As per QS News Ranking for business and management universities across the world, 7 institutions of the UK offering MS in International Business rank within top 100. 
    • You can earn a salary between 27,000 GBP to 55,000 GBP per annum with a degree in international business in the UK.
    • Bristol, Birmingham, and Swindon are the highest paying cities in the UK for international business graduates. 
    • As per 71% of international business graduates were employed within 6 months of completion of their degrees. 27% of these were involved in the business, financial, and HR job roles. 

    MS in International Business in UK: Course Highlights

    MS in International Business generally comprises three main subjects studied from the perspective of the international market: Management, Marketing and Finance. Foreign Markets, their risks, policies and cross-border taxation laws are all part of the curriculum. Some of the common courses that you can study in the UK: International Business Environments, International and Cross-Cultural Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Economics, Essentials of International Marketing, International Accounting, and Managing Organizations. 

    Course Duration One-year
    Tuition Fees 14-29 Lakhs a year
    Eligibility Bachelors with 50-60%
    ELP score- IELTS/TOEFL
    GMAT Score may be required
    Recruiters Banks, Consultancy firms, tech companies, etc
    Entry-level Salary Package 24 Lakhs- 49 lakhs INR
    Global Locations offering career opportunities Canada, China, France, India, Singapore, USA

    Admissions to MS in International Business in UK

    You can apply to UK universities offering the program through their websites. Often, you will be required to study an application fee and additional supporting documents along with your application form. A detailed picture of eligibility and requirements for most of the top universities offering MS international business in UK is given below: 

    Eligibility for MS in International Business in UK

    Most of the universities accept students having an undergraduate degree from all sorts of disciplines but along with a bachelor’s degree you will need to fulfill the following minimum entry-requirements to score admissions with top universities in UK:

    University Academic Requirements Additional Requirements
    University of Warwick 60% in bachelors 700 or above GMAT/equivalent GRE (recommended); CV; 500 words statement of purpose
    University of Manchester 60% in bachelors References
    Aston University 50% in bachelors OR relevant work experience Two references
    City University of London 60% in bachelors 600 – 800 GMAT (recommended); CV; 500 to 600 words personal statement; 2 references
    Lancaster University 60% in bachelors 2 years of work experience
    Oxford Brookes University 50% in bachelors OR diploma with work experience 2 references
    University of Leeds 60% in bachelors 2 references; Personal Statement; CV; Letter of Sponsorship
    Durham University 60% in bachelors 2 references
    Loughborough University 55% in bachelors -
    University of Nottingham 60% in bachelors Personal Statement

    English Language Requirements for International Students in UK

    International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language by submitting IELTS or TOEFL test scores. Minimum score requirements for admission in top universities of the UK are as follows:

    • IELTS: 6.0 to 6.5
    • TOEFL (iBT): 72 to 90

    UK Student Visa

    An international student above 16 years of age has to apply for a Tier 4 General Visa to study in the UK. This allows benefits like 20 hours of work per week or full-time work during holidays or the student is permitted to work part-time on campus. Documents needed for application: 

    • Details of the Passport
    • Tuberculosis test results
    • Criminal Record Certificate
    • Proof of financial ability. The proof must denote competency to pay the entire cost of living, study, and accommodation.
    • Consent of the sponsor towards the Visa application
    • Current Passport size photograph

    Cost of Studying MS in International Business in UK

    UK, as a destination for foreigners, is cheaper than 47% of the countries in Western Europe and more expensive than 80% of the countries in the world. The cost of studying abroad for an international student planning his/her masters can be divided into three categories: Pre-arrival Cost and Post-arrival Cost. 

    Pre-arrival Cost

    This includes visa application fees, registration fees of exams to study in UK, university application fees, etc. An estimate of such expenses is tabulated below: 

    Category Cost (in GBP)
    Visa Registration Fees 348
    TOEFL 169
    IELTS 228
    Application Fee 50 – 100

    Post-arrival Cost

    This includes tuition fees of MS in International Business and the cost of living which is travel and accommodation in the UK. As discussed above the tuition fees for pursuing international business masters programs from UK lies within 15,000-30,000 GBP a year. The cheapest university’s among the top-ranking ones is Oxford Brookes University and the most expensive among them is Warwick Business School. Along with the tuition fees, you will need funds to survive in UK. 

    Tuition Fees for MS in International Business in UK for Indian Students

    University Cost in INR
    University of Warwick ~27.44 Lakhs
    University of Manchester ~22.5 Lakhs
    Aston University ~19.09 Lakhs
    City University of London ~23.9 Lakhs
    Lancaster University ~21.5 Lakhs
    Oxford Brookes University ~14.4 Lakhs
    University of Leeds ~26.2 Lakhs
    Durham University ~22.04 Lakhs
    Loughborough University ~21.5 Lakhs
    University of Nottingham  ~23.43 Lakhs

    Cost of Living in UK

    The average cost of living in the UK for an international student can be broken down as follows:

    Category Monthly Cost (in GBP)
    Accommodation (900 sq ft) in a normal area 1477 
    Accommodation (480 sq ft) in a normal 1022 
    Internet 8mbps (1 month) 25 
    Transportation (Monthly pass) 142 
    Meal (for 2) 59 
    Essentials (tampons,antibiotics) 3-10 

    Scholarships for MS in International Business in UK

    Some of the popular postgraduate scholarships are Chevening Scholarships for Master's, Commonwealth Scholarships for Masters and PhD. The Commonwealth Scholarships are offered to 62 commonwealth nations that include India. Saltire Scholarships are also accessible by Indian students. You can either choose to apply for such government scholarships for international students planning studies in UK or apply for university-specific scholarships.

    Some of the scholarships for international students in UK offered by universities are:

    Scholarship University Amount
    WBS Scholarship University of Warwick 50% of tuition fees
    Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships for UK/EU/International Students University of Manchester 100% of tuition fees
    Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship Aston University 8,000
    Leeds University Business School Alumni Excellence Scholarship University of Leeds 10% of tuition fees
    Alumni Scholarship Durham University 25% of tuition fees
    Alumni Bursary Loughborough University 10% of tuition fees
    Oxford Brookes Sanctuary Scholarship Oxford Brookes University 100% of tuition fees; living cost
    Future Fund Women’s Leadership MSc Scholarship City University of London 10,000

    Jobs after MS in International Business in UK

    Graduates with a Masters in International Business degree work in diverse sectors such as finance, public relations, and manufacturing. Mostly graduates can expect a career in consultancy, international finance, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures. 

    The following are the jobs offered in the UK to international business graduates: 

    Job Title Annual Salary (in GBP)
    Financial Trader 77,000
    Business Development Executive 32,000
    Digital Marketing Manager 94,000
    Business Analyst 91,000
    Business Development Manager 51,000
    Marketing Specialist 61,000

    Some of the top-paying cities for international business graduates and the salaries offered are depicted below:


    The Bonus rates for Business Development is high in the UK. On average, there is an estimated salary increment of 9% every 15 months as counted in 2019. International businesses can accommodate a high number of professionals. Entry-level professionals usually can work as a purchasing agent, actuarial assistant, or as a sales representative. The entire program gets completed within a year which makes this degree a lucrative option with high returns for international students planning their higher education from UK. 


    Ques. Where can I study MS in International Business in UK?

    Ans. University of Warwick, University of Manchester, Aston University, University of Leeds, and the City University of London are some of the top universities offering MS in International Business in the UK. There are overall more than 100 universities in UK which offer you an international business master's. 

    Ques. What is the duration of MS in International Business in UK?

    Ans. The duration of full-time MS in International Business in UK is 1 year. The part-time or an online degree takes 2 to 3 years to complete. 

    Ques. How much does MS in International Business in UK cost?

    Ans. The average cost of studying MS in International Business from top universities of the UK is 15,400 GBP to 29,400 GBP

    Ques. What jobs can you get with a Masters in International Business in UK?

    Ans. You can work as a finance controller, country manager, business analyst, business development manager, etc after completion of Masters in International Business in UK. 

    Ques. How much can I make with Masters in International Business in UK?

    Ans. An entry-level graduate can make around 25,000-50,000 GBP a year. However, depending on your firm, job role, and previous experience you can also begin your career at a whooping high salary of 70,000-90,000 GBP a year. 

    Ques. How can I apply for MS in international business in UK?

    Ans. You will need a bachelor’s degree with around 50-60% aggregate score, TOEFL or IELTS score, and GRE/GMAT score for certain universities to make applications with universities offering MS in international business in UK. Applications can be directly made with university website where documents and application fee can be submitted online along with the application form.