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MS in International Business in UK: A Complete Course Guide

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
Study Abroad Expert

MS in International Business in UK is offered by some of the top-ranking universities like University of Warwick, University of Birmingham and University of Glasgow. The program requires a duration of 1 to 2 years to complete. 

As per salary explorer, the two most popular job titles are International Banking Manager and Marketing Manager. Anglia Ruskin University, which offers a 1-year course in the subject, finds its students paying 13,500 GBP as tuition fees. So the program is affordable and time-efficient. 

Some colleges also offer a waiver for the IELTS exam to Indian students. That apart specific scholarships are catering to international students like International Merit Scholarship and Adam Smith Scholarship (International).

Why Study MS in International Business in UK

  • UK has a high acceptance rate for international students among which an average of 119 students take up international business each year.
  • Scholarships are readily available to international students. Some like the Adam Smith Scholarship (International) are college-specific whereas Commonwealth Scholarships are available to students from 62 countries.
  • Some colleges offer exemptions for English language requirements for Indian Students. Both LSBU and Portsmouth University offer IELTS exemptions to Indian students who have scored high marks in English in the 12th
  • As per a report by salary explorer for the year 2019, there is a 9% salary increment every 15 months in the UK. Also, the bonus rates for the business development sector are high.
  • A huge percentage of graduates get employed every year. Hult, an International Business School, claims that around 89% of its graduates get employed within 3 months of finishing college.
  • Anglia Ruskin graduates work in Business Development, Marketing, International Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Project Management, HR, Banking, International Finance, and Management Consultancy.

Top Universities offering MS in International Business in UK

Most colleges listed below offer an MSc degree in International Business. The programs are mostly for a duration of a maximum of 2 years if offering an additional placement year. LSBU also offers an internship with a specified degree. 

Most universities in the UK have a similar curriculum that includes Financial Management, International Business, Marketing, and Human Resource Management. MBA programs in International Business are also offered by some colleges. 

As per QS Rankings, three universities are ranked among the top 100.

UniversityQS News Rankings 2020ProgramsAnnual Tuition Fees (in GBP)
The University of Warwick#62Master in International Business (1 year)29,250
University of Birmingham#81MBA in International Business (12 months/21 months/24 months)24,120
University of Glasgow(Adam Smith Business School)#87Master in International Business21,920
University of Kent#368Masters in International Business and Management(1 year)19,800
Anglia Ruskin University#451-500Masters in International Business with Placement Year(2 years)13,500
University of Stirling#478Masters in International Business(1 year)16,950
Bangor University#521-530MBA in International Business(2 years)15,000
Coventry University#531-540Masters in International Business(1 year)15,800
University of Portsmouth#601-650Masters in International Business and Management( 1 year 2 months)15,100
Keele University#601-650Masters in International Business(1 year)16,250
London South Bank University#701-750Masters in International Business Management with Internship(1 year)13,780
University of East London#751-800MBA in International Business(1 year)13,680
University of Hertfordshire#751-800Masters in International Business with Placement Year(2 year)12,650

MS in International Business in UK: Course Curriculum

MS in International Business generally comprises three main subjects: Management, Marketing and Finance and their study from a global perspective. Foreign Markets, their risks, policies and cross-border taxation laws are all part of the curriculum. 

The MSc degree in International Business at Nottingham University is based upon six modules and costs around 13,589 EUR. MSc degree at Loughborough University teaches about the four main pillars of global business namely, International Business and Environments; International and Cross-Cultural Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

The program includes seminars, lectures, tutorials, workshops, independent study with tuition fees of 14,406 EUR.

Admission Process for MS in International Business in UK

In the UK, most masters degree programs get completed within a year and the international business program is no exception. 

When to Apply: Most universities listed below have a September 2020 deadline for the program. 

Eligibility for MS in International Business in UK

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field
  • 55% or higher at the undergraduate level
  • GRE/GMAT score
  • Proof of English proficiency by submitting IELTS score above 7.0
  • Personal Statement
  • Recommendation letters
  • Work experience 

Visa Process for International Students

An international student above 16 years of age has to apply for a Tier 4 General Visa to study in the USA. This allows benefits like 20 hours of work per week or full-time work during holidays or the student is permitted to work part-time on campus.

Documents needed for application: 

  • Details of the Passport
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Proof of financial ability. The proof must denote competency to pay the entire cost of living, study, and accommodation.
  • Consent of the sponsor towards the Visa application
  • Current Passport size photograph

Cost of Studying MS in International Business in UK

According to Expatistan, the UK as a destination for foreigners is cheaper than 47% of the countries in Western Europe and more expensive than 80% of the countries in the world. The cost of applying for a foreign national is around 50-100 EUR 

Pre-arrival Cost

An average is provided below: 

CategoryCost (in GBP)
Visa Registration Fees378
Average Application Fee50-100

Post-arrival Cost

This includes cost of living in the UK and tuition fees of MS in International Business. 

Tuition fees of MS in International Business in UK
CategoryMonthly Cost (in GBP)
Accommodation(900 sq ft) in a normal area1477 EUR
Accommodation(480 sq ft) in a normal1022 EUR
Internet 8mbps (1 month)25 EUR
Transportation(Monthly pass)142 EUR
Meal (for 2)59 EUR
Essentials(tampons,antibiotics)3-10 EUR

Scholarships for MS in International Business in UK

Some of the popular postgraduate scholarships are Chevening Scholarships for Master's, Commonwealth Scholarships for Master's and Ph.D. The Commonwealth Scholarships are offered to 62 commonwealth nations that include India. Saltire Scholarships are also accessible by Indian students. There are over 50 scholarships under Saltire offering an award of 9,723 EUR.

Some of the scholarships for international students in UK are:

ScholarshipUniversityRequirements and Amount
International Merit ScholarshipLondon South Bank UniversityMust fulfill the admission requirement and has an unconditional offer letter. A maximum tuition waiver of 4,295 EUR.
Adam Smith Scholarship(International)University of GlasgowMust be a citizen of specific countries, enrolled in a one-year taught Master's degree. The amount awarded is 8,058 EUR.
International Excellence ScholarshipAnglia Ruskin UniversityMust be an international student, enrolled in taught degrees. The scholarship amount awarded is 4,295 EUR.
Chancellor’s Global Academic Merit ScholarshipPortsmouth UniversityMust be a self-funded individual, must have received a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study(CAS) and be an overseas student. The scholarship award is 5,380 EUR.
PGT India ScholarshipUniversity of StirlingMust be an Indian citizen, have a conditional or unconditional offer letter and be enrolled in a taught Master's degree. The award amount is 4,295 EUR.
The Developing Countries Scholarship(PGT)Keele UniversityMust be from a given list of developing countries, be enrolled in a taught Master's degree and must be defined as a foreign national. The award is nearly 1,074 EUR.

Scope after MS in International Business in UK

Graduates with a degree in International Business work in diverse sectors such as finance, public relations, and manufacturing. There will be around 632,400 new jobs in business popping up by 2024. 

An International Business graduate can assume roles like Logistics Manager, Management Analyst, Marketing Manager, International Banking Manager, and Human Resources Manager. 

Job TitlesAnnual Salary (in GBP)
International Banking Manager2,36,433
Marketing Manager2,27,835
Human Resource Consultant1,36,561
Marketing Analyst1,35,517
Marketing Consultant1,73,161
Logistics Analyst1,18,333

Among the given job titles the most popular ones are the International Banking Manager and Marketing Manager. Also, a banking professional draws a salary of 1,45,047 EUR. 

The Bonus rates for Business Development is high in the UK. On average, there is an estimated salary increment of 9% every 15 months as counted in 2019.

A graduate with an MBA or Ph.D. can notch up to the positions of a professor, economist or foreign service officer.

International businesses can accommodate a high number of professionals. Entry-level professionals usually graduates can work as a purchasing agent, actuarial assistant or as a sales representative. Even the most expensive degree in the field like an MBA from the University of Birmingham would not cost more than 30,000 EUR/year. The entire program gets completed within a year at the most within two years of an MBA degree.


Ques. Which university in the UK is preferred for International Business?

Ans. Colleges offer MSc as well as MBA degrees. LSBU and the University of Glasgow(Adam Smith School of Business) offer MSc programs in the subject.

Ques. What is MS in International Business?

Ans. An MSc in International Business is a combination of subjects like financial management, international business, marketing, and human resource management. All the subjects are taught from a global perspective.

Ques. Mention the average cost of studying MS in International Business from the UK.

Ans. The basic cost of studying the MSc course is between 14,000-22,000 EUR. For Hult International Business School the program offered is for 11 months and costs around 46,400 EUR.

Ques. What are the jobs available for a graduate of the degree?

Ans. There is a lot of scope for graduates. They can work in most sectors like banking, human resource management, marketing, logistics or even supply chain management.

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