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    Educational testing service (ETS) conducts TOEFL every year to assess the English language proficiency of students willing to pursue higher studies in English speaking countries. In the academic year 2013-2014, 11.6% of the international students in America were from India and TOEFL score is nonetheless important for enrollment in universities as well as for immigration and work requirements.

    TOEFL Score Comparison Among Males And Females

    Among the males and females, the reasons for appearing in TOEFL IBT are

    • Higher education (UG and PG courses)
    • Getting certification
    • Job
    • Immigration

    The mean score of the reading section among the males is 20.8 and among the females, it is 20.5. The mean of listening, speaking, and writing among the males is 20.2, 20, and 20.6 and for the females, it is 20.4, 20.8, and 20.9. It clearly shows that females are a bit ahead of the males when it comes to crack TOEFL. 

    TOEFL Score

    This graph highlights that except reading, female test takers of TOEFL had exceeded the males in all other sections with a difference of 0.2 to 0.9 that made the overall difference of 1.1 in total. 

    In India, the total score of TOEFL is 94, but if we check the section-wise score, Indian students scored less in reading compared to the rest of the sections. 

    TOEFL Score for Indian Students

    It indicates the reading skills of the Indian students have the accent issues or lack of vocabulary which makes the total score 94. The worldwide average score of TOEFL is 84 and the average of Indian students is ultimately higher than that. 

    How The TOEFL Score Is Calculated?

    TOEFL test has 4 sections and TOEFL maximum score is 120. The raw score of each section is calculated with the help of a score calculator to get the scaled score. 

    What Is Raw TOEFL Score?

    Raw TOEFL score is the score in each section out of 30. Suppose a candidate has scored 24 in the reading section, 23 in listening, 24 in speaking, and 25 in writing. These are the raw score of the candidates.

    How Scaled Scores Are Calculated From Raw Scores

    The following table shows the adjusted score from the raw score for each section of TOEFL. 

    Writing7 raw points22
    Speaking13 raw points24

    Please note that there are different methods of calculating scaled scores from the raw score for each section - the calculation process of reading and listening is quite the same, but the calculation process of speaking and writing differs much from this. 

    Score Calculation Process In The Case Of Retaking TOEFL

     A number of candidates retake the TOEFL exam and they seem confused about the scaled score calculation. For the retakers, the maximum raw score for each section will be considered for calculating the scaled score. 

    For example, a candidate got 25 (reading), 24 (listening), 28 (speaking), and 23 (writing) in the first attempt. In the second attempt, it is 24 (reading), 26 (listening), 27 (speaking), and 26 (writing).

    The raw score of each section (which will be used to calculate the scaled score) is the maximum score of that section among both attempts. Here the reading highest of the two attempts is 25 and it will be used to calculate the scaled score. Similarly, listening highest is 26, speaking 28, and writing highest is 26. These will be the raw score of the candidate to get the scaled score. 

    What Is A Good TOEFL Score?

     A good TOEFL score roughly indicates the qualifying score which tends to vary in different universities. There is no valid answer to the question; however, meeting the minimum TOEFL score requirement seems to be a good score in most of the cases. The minimum score is sometimes 70 and sometimes it is even higher. Also, the TOEFL score requirement varies based on the program in a university.

    So, it means the good TOEFL score for a specific program in a specific university may not be sufficient in the same or other programs in other universities. Test-takers have to prepare according to their preference of desired colleges to meet the requirements and meeting the necessary score will be a good score!

    A number of universities have the strict rule of having a strict score in each section (like 25 in speaking), in that case meeting the total score will hardly work. The best way to find out the specific TOEFL score requirement is to go to the university home page and open the programs. They can select their program to know the exact requirements before TOEFL registration. The average TOEFL score for undergraduate courses is 78 and for graduate courses, it is 87. 

    TOEFL Score Range In Terms Of Percentile

    In terms of percentile, TOEFL total score above 90% really helps the candidates in getting admission in their desired courses in the top universities of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so many countries. TOEFL score range of 80-90% also accepted in various programs of business and management in these countries. For literature programs, the qualifying TOEFL score is a bit higher in all the countries. 

    TOEFL Score And Their Meaning

    Score RangeMeaning
    110-120The candidate has an excellent grip over the English language.
    100-110The candidate has very good command over English with a negligible number of mistakes.
    90-100The candidate has good knowledge of English and is eligible for most of the top universities in the world.
    80-90It is a moderately good score for graduate programs but there is a high chance of achieving expertizing the language.
    Below 80Candidate needs to improve his or her skills of English if he or she desired to study in the top universities. A few small public universities may accept his score.

    Latest Changes In TOEFL In Terms Of Scoring

    In August 2019, a few changes in the reading, speaking, and listening sections are introduced. These are:

    • “MyBEST Scores” will calculate the best score among the attempts of the last two years.
    • The specific levels (good, fair, weak) are removed to provide a less specific overall score. 
    • TOEFL score report will be obtained within 6 days, so no long wait for TOEFL result.
    • A review will come within 3 days.

    TOEFL score validity is two years, so, start practicing aiming the best TOEFL grades to get admission to the world’s best universities. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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