XAT 2020 Exam Analysis: Detailed Sectional Analysis and Expected Cutoff

    XAT 2020 Exam was held online on January 5, 2020, from 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. The test had, almost, the same structure as the last year with only 1 additional question in the DI and QA Section. While the instructions on the Main Page mentioned +1 and -0.25 for all questions, the individual questions in Part I showed negative marking to be present only for a few questions in each of the DM, VARC, and QA-DI sections.

    The Question Paper comprised of two sections where time-limitation came into play.

    SectionNumber of QuestionsMarks per QuestionTotal MarksGood Attempt
    Part I - No Sectional Timing    
    Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation2812817-18
    Decision Making2112114-15
    Verbal & Logical Ability2612616-18
     Part II - No Negative Marking    
    General Awareness2512515

    Expected Cutoffs

    Expected Cutoffs

    Overall, the exam of XAT 2020 was pretty much the same as the last year in terms of difficulty level. The sections of VARC and DM were on par with the last year with some of the questions in DM being somewhat difficult. The cutoffs are likely to be a bit lower compared to last year.

    The overall cutoff (for the Males in the general category) for the second round of admission for the XLRI BM program is expected to be around 33-35 and 31-33 for the XLRI-HRM program.

    The sectional, as well as, overall cutoffs for female candidates in the general category, last year, were marginally lower for both the XLRI-BM program and the XLRI-HRM program. This year, too, the cutoffs for female candidates are expected to be a bit lower.

    Detailed Sectional Analysis

    Detailed Sectional Analysis

    Verbal and Logical Ability Section - 26 questions

    The XAT 2020 Verbal and Logical Ability section was marginally easier compared to last year. Nearly all the questions were inferential. The options were close enough and the directions emphasized the candidates to choose the ‘best’ one among them.

    1. There were 14 Reading Comprehension questions and 12 Verbal Ability/ Reasoning questions.
    2. The Verbal ability/ Verbal Reasoning questions were a fair mix of vocabulary, grammar, and reasoning based questions (Critical Reasoning and Jumbled Paragraphs).
    3. The 14 RC questions were distributed among four passages and one poem.
    4. The remaining four passages were of 250-300 words each; they had a mixture of medium to difficult questions.

    Attempting around 16-18 problems in this segment within almost 55 minutes and with a 75-80% precision would be viewed as a decent effort. Accepting that there are negative marking of - 0.25 for every inaccurate answer, the cut-off for this segment (for the general category of male aspirants) is expected to be 8-9 for XLRI - BM and 9-10 for the XLRI-HRM programs.

    Decision Making - 21 questions

    This section consisted of 21 questions, and just like 2019, none of the questions were based on quants.

    1. This segment comprised of 3 questions each across 7 sets. Majority of the passages present, were short and simple to peruse.
    2. Generally, the difficulty levels were of medium trouble. Hence, the selection of sets/ questions to analyze would have depended predominantly on one’s own inclinations and qualities.

    In around 55 minutes, attempting 14-15 questions with around 75-80% precision would be considered great. Accepting that there are negative signs of - 0.25 for all incorrect answers, the cut-off for this segment (for the general classification of male aspirants) is expected to be 7.5-8.5 for the XLRI - BM program and 6.5-7.5 for XLRI-HRM program.

    Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation - 28 questions

    This section was of moderate difficulty level, slightly more difficult than that XAT 2019. The questions were predominantly on Arithmetic Problems (7 questions), followed by Geometry (6 questions).

    1. Out of the 28 questions in the section, 22 were on Quantitative Ability and 6 were on Data Interpretation.
    2. Among 22 QA questions, 20 were independent ones and 2 of them were as a set on Venn Diagrams.
    3. The questions in this segment comprised of a couple of sitters just as a couple were extremely protracted questions.
    4. A few questions on Geometry including circles and quadrilaterals, somewhat, were bit on the troublesome side.

    Attempting almost 17-18 questions (with around 80 percent exactness) in around 55 minutes would be viewed as a decent endeavor. Accepting that there are negative characteristics of - 0.25 for every single inaccurate reaction, the cut-off for this segment (for the general male applicants) is expected to be at 11-12 for the XLRI - BM program and 7-7.5 for XLRI - HRM program.

    General Knowledge - 25 questions

    The 25 GK questions comprised of 20 static GK questions and 5 current affairs questions. As there was no negative marking in this section, all questions could have been easily attempted. A score of 7-8 would be considered a good one in this segment.

    1. 18 questions depended on national occasions, 5 questions depended on universal occasions and 2 questions were general.
    2. The subjects were assorted - Geography, Business, Economy, Science, History, names of political characters, and so on.

    There was not any time permitted in between Part I of DI, VA & QA and Part II of GK & GA.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi Kritika, There is no defined marking scheme for the essay writing section.



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