Retake GMAT Even After MBA Application

    A major number of GMAT applicants after filling the MBA applications consider the idea of retaking the exam. Here we will find out if it is possible to retake GMAT after the MBA application is already submitted. But before looking into that let’s know why candidates take such a decision of GMAT retaking after completing their MBA applications. 

    Decision to Retake GMAT

    The candidates after filling the MBA application may feel that they need more preparation for GMAT. Also, the candidates may want to make their profiles stronger with a higher score in GMAT

    After checking their enhanced GMAT score report,  candidates might find out the areas of improvement in specific sections. If they have worked on their weaknesses, they like to try again in the hope of achieving a higher score. 

    Also, a candidate may decide to retake the exam in case they had any illness at the time of the previous take. 

    Is it Possible to Retake GMAT After the MBA Applications are Submitted? 

    The answer to the above question is “it depends”. Many business schools keep their applications open even after its deadline. The decision of keeping the applications open after the deadline solely depends on the authority of the Business school. 

    In case, a candidate decides to retake GMAT after their MBA applications and achieve a higher GMAT score in the retake. A higher GMAT score will be very helpful for the candidates for the admission purpose as the score will take the candidate one step ahead of others. 

    Even if the candidate gets a lower score in their GMAT retake, the highest score across the attempts made will be considered for the MBA application as per GMAC.  

    If the applications are closed in the B-schools where the candidates have applied, retaking GMAT will hardly make any sense. Even if the candidate obtains a higher score in the retake, the score submitted during the application will be considered for the admission purpose. 

    Factors to Consider Before GMAT Retake

    Consider these factors before retaking GMAT:

    Enough Time to the Deadline of Application

    A candidate has to check if the admission deadlines of the preferred B-School. If the deadline is passed, retaking GMAT will be a bit risky because the b-school authorities may not keep their applications open. So, check the application status and deadline before you register for a GMAT retake. 

    Check the Duration 

    It is possible to retake GMAT 5 times a year. The minimum duration between two takes of GMAT has to be 16 days. You need to be enough calculative while retaking GMAT. Just checking the deadline for the application will not be enough. You have to consider the date of your last taken GMAT. 

    For example, the date of your last taken GMAT is the 2nd of June and the application deadline is 15th of June, there will not be any use of retaking GMAT. It is because, after the previous take, you are allowed to retake on 2nd June+ 16 calendar days = 18th June which is 3 days after the application deadline. 

    In case any candidate retakes GMAT before 16 days, their new scores (even though it is higher than the last GMAT score) will not be reported. This may cause the candidates a loss to their admission fees too. 

    Consider Your Preparation 

    Get a comprehensive idea about your preparation tips. Take online GMAT mock tests, learn with GMAT practice papers, and understand your efficiency, accuracy level, and time consumed. If you think, you are now well-prepared, retake GMAT. If you are unsure of your preparation, reconsider the decision of GMAT retake. Even after MBA application, if you find out your weaker sections to be worse then retaking GMAT is a bad idea. 

    Consider the Fee

    For each retake of GMAT, you will be charged separately. So, retake GMAT only if paying $250 is OK for you. In case, the fee seems too much for you, you may not opt for a retake. Alternatively, you can take GMAT when there is much time (at least 30-40 days) to the application deadline. Make a wise decision at the time of GMAT retake and use your score for MBA admission. 



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