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Introducing Harvard MBA Class of 2022
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Content Curator | Updated On - Jan 18, 2021

Harvard Business School is a predominant name in the MBA sphere and every other candidate goes through drudgery to get into this B-school whose acceptance rate is as low as 12% and also a place where a 770 GMAT score is religiously discredited. Not only that, Harvard is even more renowned for its noteworthy alumni sphere with a count of 64 billionaire - Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook), Jaime Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase), Steve Schwarzman (CEO of Blackstone Group) to name a few.

How does Harvard Business School outshine all?

HBS is an attraction by candidates of diversified backgrounds, and it does witness students reaching from every end of the world. Harvard MBA cannot be just termed a ‘degree’ but an evolution that covers every sphere of business and management. Once you make an entry, nobody can stop from securing a job at an elite corporate, thereby popularizing its name as – West Point of Capitalism.

Harvard equips its students with expertise so that they can enter the c-suite sphere earlier than others. This is not just about getting certifications and increasing LinkedIn connections. Once you succeed to strive through the Harvard Business School admission committee, you might find yourself among that massive percentage of Harvard pass-outs who secured places in MBB.

Harvard community never fails to surprise, and the 2022 greet was not an exception. Despite the Harvard Business School acceptance rate 2020 of 12%, this year it was all about a virtual wine tasting over Slack, mentorship conversations, product management Q and As, poker games, online book clubs and so more. The candidates stated how their integrity mattered more than the other’s resourcefulness. Summing up the 2022 MBA batch was all about passion, desire, and ambition driving them to pursue the degree.

According to the HBS class profile, the 2022 batch has candidates who are striving to learn despite already achieving quite noteworthy results - all the way making them humble.

Harvard MBA Serving on the Front-Line

Harvard business school application houses distinctive candidates who’ve worked on the front lines. Peter James Kiernan is one of them who was the youngest marine raider in the military and worked in an elite mission. From there he shifted to public service serving under the Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo as a deputy director who looked after New York’s COVID- 19 task force. He has stated “Serving at the highest levels of State government, especially during a global crisis, has shown how essential public and private partnerships are.”

Camilla Mia Carag is the quintessential person who transformed from suffering from imposter syndrome to a person who gives us an idea of ‘doing good with doing well’. She’s worked at a retail chain named ‘Growsari’ where she advantaged from working with Uber and P&G and created FMCG tools that could circumvent the intermediaries or middle markets and sell directly to family-run businesses.

How the Growth of Medicine Remains Stagnant

It is from Charlotte Lawson who studied from a medical school and had no intention to pursue an MBA that we get to hear how evolution has not touched the medical sphere. She stated how frustration engulfed her when she noticed no advancement in healthcare and that is when she decided to lead the sphere and enrolled in HBS. She further added the additional yet crucial reasons to opt for HBS - clubs for student moms, parental leave policy, an on-campus residence for parents and so more.

The Downfall in Student Count at HBS

This year’s student intake count has been the lowest historically at HBS as can be studied from the Harvard Business School acceptance rate. While 2019 saw an intake of 938, the 2022 batch intake is 732. Partially the reason being HBS offering a one-time chance to defer their enrollment and 200 students opted for that.

The GMAT score has been around 730, median GRE at 326, and GPA at 3.7. There has been a rise in women candidates halting at 44% (three points up than before) and also STEM candidates.

Key Takeaways from a conversation with the MD for MBA Admissions at HBS

  1. The first batch of the MS/MBA in Biotechnology;
  2. Sectional distribution of candidates which leads to diversified learning;
  3. The most exclusive quality possessed by HBS is enrolling 930 candidates from every end of the world;
  4. A committed community engagement among candidates;
  5. Leadership focused;
  6. Analytical and aptitude focused;
  7. Case-study based teaching (famous in HBS);

Harvard’s selection process is quite complicated and the number of applicants in the round 1 of admission process is higher than round 2. Therefore, HBS round 1 vs round 2 depends on certain strict factors decided by the admission committee. It is always advised to thoroughly go through the university requirements.