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    Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) is a state-level competitive exam conducted by the State CET Cell, Mumbai annually to provide admissions into Medical and Engineering courses. MHT CET 2020 is one of the top entrance exams in India, in line with JEE Main and NEET, that sees huge competition among students for taking admission in medical & engineering courses. To crack MHT CET 2020, students should make right choices when it comes to selection of study material. MHT CET 2020 Admit Card to be released soon. Check status here

    MHT CET is conducted online, and thus for better preparation, a set of good books are required for each and every subject included in the exam. Candidates preparing for upcoming MHT CET 2020 should check the list of important books provided in this article and prepare the subject concepts in an understanding manner.

    MHT CET 2020 – Marking Scheme

    Before you move forward to know which books you should refer for MHT CET 2020, let us explain the way MHT CET marks are defined. It will be useful for you in understanding the exam pattern and focus on the right section first.

    Name of the SectionQuestion distributionMarks Distribution
    Biology (Biology)5050
    Biology (Zoology)5050

    Click here to read MHT CET Detailed Exam Pattern

    How to Choose the Right Book for MHT CET 2020?

    How to Choose the Right Book for MHT CET 2020?

    Many students come across this question when they are preparing for any examination as to which book they should select because there are plenty of books available in the market. To help students in this scenario, we advise them to do a short SWOT Analysis when they go searching for a good reference book.

    1. Strengths: Check whether that book is able to do justice to MHT CET Exam Pattern and Marks Distribution as that will help in setting a frame. Also, check whether it provides you with multiple MCQs, Theory, Formulae, Pictorial Representation, and Evaluation Tests after every chapter, etc. 
    2. Weakness: While preparing for the exam students come across many books and find them unsatisfactory as some books might not be able to deal with the syllabus properly, or some might have wrong calculations, or questions, or may even miss some formulas. Identify the weaknesses that a book may have and choose the one that has the least, or that which is closest to what you expect from a book.
    3. Opportunities: Even books can offer varied opportunities, only the reader has to dig them out. Try and look for the kind of opportunities that a particular book is offering like the MCQs that have altogether a different difficulty level, or illustrative diagrams, or extra knowledge in terms of Quick Facts, or Model Question Papers to facilitate self-assessment.
    4. Threats: The one and only threat that a book might offer you are the chances of failure to deliver the results promised. Find out if the same publisher of the book also has some online test series so that attempting them can help you erase all your threats and buy the book

    MHT CET 2020 – Recommended Books

    MHT CET 2020 – Recommended Books

    Important Books For MHT CET 2020 Physics

    The MHT CET 2020 syllabus will have sections of Class XI and Class XII Physics. Each part will be divided into 10%+90% of the weightage. The Section will include the topics like Measurements, Scalars and Vectors, Force, Friction in solids and liquids, Refraction of light, Ray optics, Magnetic effect of Electric current, Magnetism etc.

    MHT CET Physics (Marvel) for Class XIIBapat
    XII: Sci- Triumph Physics by multiple authorsTarget Publication
    Physics (Volume I and II)H.C. Verma

    MHT CET 2020 – Important Books for Chemistry

    Same like Physics, this section also consists of the weightage of 10%+90% of the syllabus. Topics like Basic Concepts of Chemistry, States of Matter: Gases and liquids, Redox reaction, Surface chemistry, nature of the chemical bond, Hydrogen, S- Block elements (Alkali and alkaline metals of the earth), Principles and techniques in organic chemistry etc. The books mentioned in the table below are suggested by the experts and the toppers of the exams.

    Chemistry for MHT CET (MCQ)Mayur Mehta and Chitra Joshi
    Complete Reference Manual MH-CET ChemistryTarget Publication
    MHT CET ChemistryArihant Publishers

    Important Books For MHT CET 2020 Mathematics

    The Mathematics section will include the chapters like Trigonometry, functions of Compound, Angles, Factorization formulae, Straight Line, Sequences and Series etc. The books mentioned below will also cover topics like Relations and functions, Probability etc. We have shortlisted some of the best books for the Mathematics section.

    Mathematics for MHT CETHemant G. Ainapure (Marvel Publications)
    Complete Reference Manual MH-CET MathematicsSushil Verma (Arihant Publication)
    Pradnya’s Objective MathematicsC. S. Patil

    MHT CET 2020 – Important Books for Biology

    The biology section is divided into two parts, Botany and Zoology. Each section will have 50- 50% weightage in the exam paper. First section of Biology which is Botany will include topics like Diversity in organisms, Biochemistry of cell, Plant water radiations, and mineral nutrition, Plant growth and development etc. Another section called Zoology will include the topics like Organization of the cell, animal tissues, Human nutrition, Human respiration etc. Below shortlisted are some of the best books which can be helpful in preparation of MHT CET 2020.

    Complete Reference Manual MH-CET Biology Arihant Publishers
    Complete Reference Manual MHT-CET BiologyR K Manglik

    Important Topics for MHT CET 2020

    Complete Syllabus for MHT CET 2020 – Important Topics

    MHT CET is one of the toughest exams in India whose difficulty level is similar to that of JEE Main and NEET. The exam provides a great opportunity of securing admissions into top colleges. With exam dates been announced after witnessing many postponements due to COVID-19 outbreak, it is now time for the students to prepare for the test accordingly and revise the basic concepts. Students are advised to refer to limited but recommended books for last minute preparations. Also, it will be beneficial if students read toppers tips, attempt mock tests, and solve previous year question papers. Books that include the sample papers and questions based on the exam trends will be a good choice. Below we have mentioned few important topics in MHT CET 2020 exam under each section that students needs to majorly focus upon.

    SubjectImportant Topics
    • Integration
    • Vectors
    • Trigonometry
    • Three Dimensional Geometry
    • Functions
    • Differentiation
    • Calculus
    • Probability, Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability
    • Semiconductors
    • Kinetic Theory of Gases and radiation
    • Electrostatics
    • Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei
    • Rotational Motion
    • Electromagnetic Induction
    • Oscillations
    • Magnetic Effects of Current
    • Wave Motion
    • Solid State
    • Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
    • Alcohol Phenol Ether
    • Coordination Compounds
    • Chemical Kinetics
    • p-Block elements
    • d-Block and f-Block elements
    • Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
    • Solutions and Colligative Properties

    Check MHT CET 2020 Full Syllabus here

    List of NCERT Books for MHT CET 2020

    List of NCERT Books for MHT CET 2020 Preparation

    NCERT TextbooksPhysicsChemistryMathematicsBiology
    1.Physics Textbook Part I- For class 11Chemistry Textbook Part I- For class 11NCERT Solution for Class 11 MathematicsBiology Textbook For class 11
    2.Physics Textbook Part I- For class 12Chemistry Textbook Part II- For class 11NCERT Solution for Class 12 MathematicsBiology Textbook For class 12
    3.Physics Textbook Part II- For class 12Chemistry Textbook Part I- For class 12Mathematics Textbook Part II- For class 12-
    4.-Chemistry Textbook Part II- For class 12--

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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