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Top Architecture Colleges in Canada

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Architecture as a subject deals with conceptualizing, planning and developing designs for the construction and renovation of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

However, pursuing Architecture from Canada can be a worthwhile opportunity for the applicants as the country has more than 10 globally ranked universities offering the course, according to QS TOP UNIVERSITIES 2020.

Planning to study in Canada, given below are the top attractions to make your decision of pursuing architecture from Canada even more firm:

  • The percentage of Urban and Landscape Architecture graduates are more than the other few types.
  • The percentage of employed undergraduates and graduates in Architecture from Canada is more than 80%
  • The annual salary of an undergraduate and a graduate ranges from 40,000 CAD to 90,000 CAD approximately.
  • With 7800 new job openings in Canada over 2017-2026 and only 7400 expected new job seekers, architecture as a sector is considered balanced from labor supply and demand perspective.
  • The growth in the sector in Canada can be compared with the rise in salaries offered over the years:
Change in Salary trend over last 4 years

The graph suggests a slow yet continuous growth in the average annual salary for the future years as well in the Architectural job sector of Canada.

Top Architecture Colleges in Canada

Compiled below are the Top Universities in Canada ranked globally, as well as based on the subject rank, according to QS TOP UNIVERSITIES 2020 to pursue Architecture from Canada:

University/CollegeArchitecture ProgramsSubject Rank
University of British ColumbiaBachelor of Design (B.Des) Architecture; Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism;
Masters of Architecture (M.Arch)
University of TorontoBachelor of Arts (B.A) City Studies; B.A Architectural studies;
M.Arch; Doctor of Philosophy (P.H.D) Architecture; Landscape and Design
McGill UniversityBachelor of Science (B. Sc) Architecture; Several Master degrees;
Doctor of Philosophy (P.H.D); Architecture
University of MontrealB. Sc Architecture; Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A); B. Sc Urban Planning;
Several Master degrees are provided Doctor of Philosophy (P.H.D) Architecture
University of WaterlooB.Arch; Bachelor of Applied Science (B.ASc); Architectural Engineering; M.Arch#101-150

Architecture in Top Colleges in Canada: Curriculum and Degree Types

Architecture in Canada, unlike Engineering, Medical, Business or any other mainstream fields of study has not many specializations to choose from, but to pursue it as a complete subject in the form of an undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree. However, one does get limited specializations to choose from, such as:

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Architecture
  • Industrial and Commercial Architecture
  • Resident Architecture

Architecture in Canada is available in the following degree types:

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A) Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Architectural studies and many more.
  • Graduate: Masters of Architecture (M.Arch), Master Landscape Architecture, Master Urban Planning and many more.
  • Doctoral: Doctoral of Philosophy/ P.H.D

Undergraduate Architecture Programs in Canada

There are a number of universities in Canada offering an undergraduate course in Architecture, but below compiled are the globally ranked universities, according to QS TOP UNIVERSITIES 2020, that one should definitely have a look on:

ProgramsUniversityAnnual Fee (CAD)Duration
B.Des Architecture;
Landscape Architecture and Urbanism
University of British Columbia29,0254 Years
B.A City Studies;
B.A Architectural studies
University of Toronto42,7654 Years
B. Sc Architecture McGill University31,794 13,5834 Years
B. Sc Architecture; B.L.A; B. Sc Urban PlanningUniversity of Montreal14,385-14,5933 Years
B.ASc Architectural Engineering
University of Waterloo38,700- 40,9504 Years

Admissions to Top Architectural Colleges in Canada offering Bachelors

The students looking forward to applying for their Undergraduate Architecture degree from Canada must ensure to have the documents mentioned below and to meet few basic eligibilities as listed down:

  • Willing students are required to provide their 12th grade-qualifying certificate of registered educational bodies.
  • All the International students will have to give proof of English Language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL MELAB )
  • Students may need to go through tests and interviews conducted by the appearing universities.

Documents Required

  • Statement of Purpose (Depends on the university applying)
  • Letter of Recommendation (Depends on the university applying)
  • Academic Documents ( Mandatory)
  • Scores of tests required to study in Canada

Cost of Pursuing Bachelors in Architecture in Canada

The average annual cost to study an undergraduate Architecture program from Canada could be $14,000 to $41,000 CAD yearly approximately, depending on the course and university one chooses.

Students willing to apply for scholarships must keep an eye on the websites of their selected universities.

Top Architecture Colleges in Canada offering Graduate Programs

Canada decently meets the requirements of the students looking ahead to pursue a graduate degree in Architecture. Completion of a master's degree will add an additional 29% hike to your overall average salaries.

Therefore, the students who have an undergraduate degree in Architecture and are in search of opportunity to pursue their masters in Architecture from Canada. Below mentioned are the universities offering graduate courses in Architecture, along with the programs offered, duration and the annual fee structure:

ProgramsUniversityAnnual Fee (CAD)Duration
M.ArchUniversity of British Columbia31,4433 Years
M.Arch; Master Landscape Architecture;
Master Urban Design; M.Sc Planning
University of Toronto24,592- 34,5792 Years
M.Arch Design studio; M.Arch (Professional) Design Studio-Directed Research;
M.Arch (Post Professional) Urban Design and Housing.
McGill University13,5832 Years
M.ASc Planning; M.ASc Furnishing, Urban Design option; M.Arch;
Master of Landscape Architecture (M.L.A)
University of Montreal9,657-19,5972 Years
Masters of Architecture (M.Arch)University of Waterloo14,1152 Years

Admission in Graduate Architecture Programs in Canada

All the students interested in applying for their graduate degree in Architecture from Canada must make sure to have the documents and to fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • Students must provide their undergraduate qualifying certificate in a related field of study
  • Students must have secured at least a b-grade or around 75% in the last given exam
  • All the International students will have to give proof of English Language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL MELAB )
  • Students may have to satisfy the rules and regulations set by respective universities and departments.

Documents Required

  • Statement of Purpose (Depends on the university applying)
  • Letter of Recommendation (Depends on the university applying)
  • Resume/CV (Depends on the university applying)
  • Academic Documents (Mandatory)

Cost of Studying Graduate Architecture Programs in Canada

The average annual cost to study a graduate Architecture program from Canada could be $10,000 to $35,000 approximately, depending on the course and university one selects.

Doctoral Architecture Programs in Canada

A P.H.D degree in Architecture from Canada can add an additional star on your existing qualification and can make you eligible enough to enjoy the benefits of a high paid job in the Architectural sector of Canada. A Ph.D degree can make an employee earn 23% more than the employees having only a master's degree for doing the same job.

Therefore, one who is planning to get their P.H.D done in Architecture from Canada must check out the below-listed universities, along with the duration and annual fee structure.

ProgramsUniversityAnnual FeeDuration
P.H.D Architecture, Landscape and DesignUniversity of Toronto$ 4,6575 Years
P.H.D ArchitectureMcGill University$ 11,7283 Years
P.H.D ArchitectureUniversity of Montreal$ 8,6744 Years

Doctorate in Architecture in Canada: Admissions

A P.H.D degree in Architecture from Canada needs students to meet a few special criteria in order to be eligible enough for the program. Assembled below are the few essential documents required and the eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the students:

  • Students need to have done their master's in Architecture or in a related field.
  • Students should carry at least ‘3’ in the grading system or ’B’ in the letter grading system of their last given exams.
  • All the International students will have to give proof of English Language proficiency (PTE/IELTS, TOEFL MELAB )

Documents Required

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic Documents
  • Research Proposal

Cost of Pursuing a Doctorate in Architecture in Canada

The average annual cost to study a P.H.D in Architecture from Canada could be $5,000 to $12,000 approximately, depending on the course and university one chooses.

Scholarships offered by Top Architecture Colleges in Canada

To arrange finances can seem a little difficult for international students when it comes to pursuing higher education from an international country. The cost of studying in Canada will also include your expense of living in Canada, which can add drastically to the sum required to sustain in the country. International students can always avail of various scholarships offered for studying in Canada. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

Students who are keen to apply for scholarships to study Architecture from Canada can check the below-mentioned scholarships, along with the amounts offered:

Scholarship NameOffered ToNumber of ScholarshipsAmount Awarded
UBC International Major Entrance ScholarshipsAvailable for UBC’s undergraduate programsN/AVariable
Ontario Graduate ScholarshipAvailable for master and doctoral programs22$10,847
Collegedunia $150 Scholarship ProgramAvailable for all the Diploma, Bachelors and Master programs3000$150
University of Toronto Scholars ProgramsAvailable for undergraduate programs700$5,407
Go Clean ScholarshipsAvailable for all the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs1$3500
Debesh Kamal ScholarshipAvailable for all the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programsN/A$ 1385
Waterloo International Students Entrance ScholarshipAvailable for Waterloo’s undergraduate programs20$ 7, 496

Points To Ensure When Applying For Scholarships

  • International Students should have a good academic record.
  • International students must have a Canadian visa.
  • Students must get their research project approved by their accepting university. (Ph.D. students)
  • Scholarships will be granted based either on merit or by conducting a test. (Depends on the body)
  • Students must follow all the guidelines stated by the specific scholarships chosen.

Scope for Architectural Degrees in Canada

Canada can be considered a good destination in terms of career prospects, because according to the salary trends for the past 4 years, there has been a rise of additional 4% in the average annual salary of an Architect in Canada.

Skills Required: Analyzing Information, Planning, Projecting, Advising and Consulting, Professional Communicating, Promoting, Selling, Writing, and Designing

Knowledge Required: Building and Construction, Design, Public Safety, and Security, and Client Service.

Employment Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from any recognized university.
  • A master’s degree in Architecture may be preferred.
  • One needs to complete the Architecture registration examination.
  • One needs to register with the provincial association of Architects.

(The requirements may vary from firm to firm)

One, who is keen to make a career in the Canadian Architectural market, can have a glance into the comparison made on salary based on Canadian states:

Average Annual Salary V/S City

Compiled below are some high-paid jobs that one can explore:

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Architect154,000 CAD
Architectural draftsperson121,000 CAD
Architectural Manager193,000 CAD
Architectural Technician158,000 CAD
Architectural designer143,000 CAD
Architecture Consultant160,000 CAD

According to Salary Explorer, professionals with an experience of two to five years can earn more than 32% approximately than the freshers and juniors. Architectural professionals in Canada are also seen to have an increment in their salary every 14 months by approximately 10%.

All the above-mentioned growth in the sector of architecture in Canada suggests that pursuing any level of degree in architecture in Canada will add value to the work-life of an international student planning to find Jobs in Canada.

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