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Couldn't Crack JEE Main 2020? Here is JEE Main 2021 Study Plan for you
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Were you not able to crack JEE Main in 2020? If yes, then you don’t need to worry, as we are discussing a detailed JEE Main Study plan that can help you get a good score in 2021. Don’t get disturbed by your JEE Main 2020 performance, rather use it as an opportunity to get a good score this time. 

JEE Main 2021 Syllabus Likely to be Reduced, Check Here

There is no doubt about the fact that JEE Main is one of the toughest and highly competitive entrance exams taken by lakhs of students each year. Condidering JEE Main Notification for Janaury 2021 session is expected soon, let’s talk about the strategies that you can implement to make your JEE Main 2021 more fruitful.

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Before starting with the JEE Main preparation tips, we want the students preparing for JEE Main 2021 to look at the following study plan that, if followed, can help get better results.

  • Phase 1-This time must be spent studying and understanding JEE Main Syllabus in detail. The initial months are important for every student as they will lay down the foundation for your preparation. As you could not crack the exam in 2020, you must go over all the fundamentals again. These fundamentals are the building blocks of a great preparation.
  • Phase 2- This time must be spent on revising the studies covered in Phase 1. Students must use this time to solve their doubts so that they can cover their weak areas that caused them trouble last time. You must spend close to one month doing a detailed revision before the actual exam.
  • Phase 3-This is the most important phase. In this phase, you will get to know about your performance and level of preparation. In the last phase, you must take more mock tests and solve last year’s question papers so that you can judge yourself. Make sure that you finish a lot of timed mock tests in this phase, as it will help develop time management skills and will help you to complete the exam within the available time.

Start With a Fresh Approach for JEE Main 2021

You have to let go of last year’s disappointments and start fresh. It is essential that you start with a fresh mind and stay optimistic this time.

  • Since you are already aware of the latest exam pattern and syllabus, look for different ways to study.
  • For instance, you can try learning the concepts from different online sources as it will help you understand them in a better and improved way.
  • These JEE Main Preparation Tips will help a lot while starting fresh. You can also take the help of online courses to understand the concepts which you found difficult earlier.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Again

Don’t forget to check out the mistakes you made in 2020 while preparing for JEE Main 2021. From choosing the books, to managing the time, to your learning techniques, look for everything in detail so that you can understand the loopholes. While making the second attempt, it’s always good to look back and check out the mistakes made by you in the past that acted as a hurdle to your success.

We have presented a list of few mistakes you might have made while doing JEE Main 2020 preparations, which needs to be changed while preparing for JEE Main 2021

  • Mismanagement- There are high chances that you were not able to manage the available time in a productive way. If, despite spending a lot of hours on studies, you were not able to crack JEE Main 2020, then reform your time table. Emphasize more on your weaker sections so that this time you can get a good score. Don’t waste even a single minute of your preparation time.
  • Unsolved Doubts- Many students feel shy when it’s about getting their doubts cleared. While preparing for the JEE Main 2021 make sure that all of your doubts get cleared within time. You can take the help of your teachers, mentors, friends, or even look for online resources. All of these help a lot while preparing for JEE Main.
  • Ignoring Revision- No matter how prepared you are, it is essential to do revisions. Revisions are crucial and help a lot while checking your performances, so don’t neglect them. Include mock tests, last year sample papers, etc. as part of your JEE Main study plan as all of them help you know your strongest and weakest areas.
  • Incorrect learning style – Each student preparing for the JEE Main 2021 has their own learning style, someone prefers taking online classes while others prefer studying from JEE Main Recommended Books. No matter, whichever learning style you have adopted, you must have complete knowledge of your learning style and ensure that choosing the particular style will help you with your preparations. If the learning style you adopted last year did not work, try experimenting with new ones at the beginning of this year’s preparations.

Refer to JEE Main 2021 Online Resources

  • Even though this time most of the institutes are closed as they are not allowed to open amidst COVID-19, you don’t need to feel demotivated.
  • You can take the help of online resources while preparing for the exam.
  • From online classes to regular doubt classes, each and everything is offered online.
  • Moreover, you can check out free YouTube sites that provide free JEE Main preparation tips to the candidates preparing for this exam.
  • Using digital ways of learning will not only help save a lot of traveling time but will help you to be more creative in utilizing the available precious few hours.

If you believe that you will be able to crack JEE Main 2021 without getting the right JEE Main resources, then you are mistaken. Selecting the right resources is vital and helps a lot in getting a good score. You must not ruin your one year of preparations by referring to the wrong books. Referring to the NCERT Textbooks is important as many questions in JEE are directly asked from the NCERT books. So, neglecting these books can cost you a lot.

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Don’t Leave Any Room for Improvement This Time

  • Since you have already prepared for the exam once, you don’t need to go through every subject all over again.
  • Identify your points of strength and weakness from last time. Start your preparation with your weakest subject and spend the most amount of time there. Work your way down to the subject you aced last time and spend the least amount of time there.
  • This makes sure you cover all subjects evenly and do not have to leave any question out in the exam paper.
  • Leave no room for improvement when it comes to preparation and coverage of the syllabus.

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Solve More JEE Main 2021 Practice Papers

There are certain benefits of solving questions in the form of JEE Main Sample Papers instead of just solving them individually. These following benefits can be the difference between another disappointing year and a truly successful exam:

  • Practice papers are timed in nature. You will have to solve a certain number of questions in a given period of time. Doing this again and again will drastically improve your problem solving speed.
  • The structure provided in practice papers help students to understand which questions to attempt first. You will find out the optimal path for yourself and learn to answer questions according to your own structure instead of just the order they appear in on the paper.
  • Sample papers are a great confidence boost. When you finally appear for the actual exam, the feeling of being put on the spot will be familiar to you. You will no longer make mistakes due to the anxiety of the exam taking process. 

Look for Quality JEE Main Study Material

  • Refer to the best study material. You can pick the ones recommended by JEE Main toppers while preparing for the exam.
  • Well-curated study material, video lectures, test series, all come together to assist in creating an enhanced JEE Main study plan.
  • Throughout the preparations, it is vital to mark the difficult questions. So that while revising them, you can lay more emphasis on the same and can get a better score this time.

Stay Confident

This is one of the most important JEE Main preparation tips, and disregarding it will affect your performance this time as well.

  • Don’t lose positivity and confidence, especially when you have already had a bitter experience. Doing so will make the situation worse and will put more pressure on you.
  • Instead of thinking about the last result, look at the bigger picture. You have been provided with another chance to do well in JEE Main.
  • At the end of the day, this is just an exam. Staying motivated will help you a lot in clearing JEE Main 2021 with flying colors in your second attempt.
  • Analyze all the mistakes that you have made in the past, and ensure that they don’t get repeated this time. You will be surprised by how easily you can spot the mistakes from last time because of your additional year of preparation and added confidence.

Candidates preparing for the JEE Main Exam are allowed to take the exam for 3 consecutive years, but don’t take it for granted. Every attempt counts and is important. In case you were not able to crack JEE Main 2020 then don’t feel sad or disappointed. Rather use the available opportunity in your favor. Your determination and the right approach as discussed above will give fruitful results for you in JEE Main 2021.

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JEE Main Tips for Repeaters FAQs

Ques. How many times can someone attempt JEE Main?

Ans. JEE Main can be attempted by candidates 3 times in consecutive years.

Ques. Are there any good options for JEE Main Video Lectures?

Ans. The NTA has provided online video lectures by IIT Faculty and experts for the preparation of JEE Main . The steps to access the video lectures are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of NTA i.e.
  3. You will be redirected to the page containing the name of different subjects. 
  4. Choose the video lecture by clicking on the subject. 

Ques. Can I crack JEE Main without coaching?

Ans. The need for a coaching center to go about the preparation is totally subjective and depends on the student’s caliber and preference. Coaching centers can provide you with a direction through their guidance and can bring regularity in the study pattern. Your performance will also be constantly analyzed, helping you improve. On the other hand, self-study has its own advantages. You can save traveling time, energy and money. In the case of self-study, be very focused during school lectures and take help from your school teachers for doubt clarification.

Ques. How can I prepare for JEE Main 2021 without coaching?

Ans. The stress regarding the preparation process is understandable considering JEE Main 2021 is just a few months away. Coachings can be a guiding unit for the candidates, however, the preparation bit always depends on the aspirant’s dedication. Candidate’s must make a timetable and stick to it. Beginning with clearing the basics is always a good take. Make your conceptual understanding strong and practice as much as you can. Take frequent JEE Main Mock Tests and work on your strengths and weaknesses. With planning and hardwork, the exam won’t seem as troublesome.

Ques. Is JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabus the same?

Ans. Unlike JEE main, JEE Advanced includes a few extra topics apart from class 12th syllabus. JEE Main Exam Pattern does not include some of the topics of JEE Advanced, For e.g. Thermal Physics is included in JEE Advanced but is not asked in JEE main. Similarly, Electrochemistry is included in JEE Advanced but not in JEE main.

Ques. How many mock tests should I take before appearing for JEE Main 2021?

Ans. All the candidates are advised to take at least 10 to 15 mock tests before appearing for the real examination. By solving the mock test you can get a better understanding of how to manage time better in solving multiple-choice questions. Also, you will get an idea about the level of difficulty, type of questions, weightage of sections, etc. This will help you in preparing well for the exam. 

Ques. What is the right time to take a mock test?

Ans. The right time to take the mock test is when candidates have totally completed the syllabus as prescribed by the authorities. If you take a mock test when only half of the syllabus is covered then you cannot assess your actual level of performance. Hence candidates are advised to take the mock test after completing the syllabus.

Ques. What are some good sources for JEE Main 2021 mock tests?

Ans. The Abhyas app and Gujarat board question bank are some good sources for JEE Main 2021 mock tests.

Ques. How do I complete the JEE Main syllabus in 6 months?

Ans. It is not easy to complete the syllabus of an exam like JEE Main in 6 months. However since you had already done some preparation for your previous year’s attempt, it is possible:

  • Practice from Standard JEE Main Books like HC VERMA Etc. Don’t run after the quantity but towards the quality.
  • Focus more on Previous Year Questions of IIT JEE.
  • Chemistry: NCERT is the most important book. Other than that, for reference, use OP Tandon, MS Chouhan, Pradeeps, Morrison and Boyd, Himanshu Pandey, P Bahadur, SN Sanyal etc
  • Maths: Start with NCERT, RD Sharma. Then go ahead with A Das Gupta, MCQ in Maths, and then previous year questions from Arihant 39 years.
  • Physics: Start with HC Verma. Then go ahead with IIT JEE Questions directly. However if you have time left after doing previous years questions then you can solve Irodov, Resnick, Krotov and so on and so forth. Also other books from Arihant and GRB are good as references.
  • Practice previous year JEE Main questions many times. Practice them thoroughly.
  • Solve other people’s doubts. These will help you score better. Many questions ask only basic concepts but a good understanding of them will subsequently come with practice.