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    Preparation for any exam requires a candidate to think and plan a strategy that is relevant to the exam and has a high success rate. GATE is no different as it is the most competitive exam testing the brains of engineers on specific domains. While there is no doubt that Engineers are already aware of the level of preparation required, there is always a confusion regarding the study method. 

    There are various specialized GATE Coaching institutes running in the country which label themselves as the best institute delivering a great result each and every year. However, there are many students who feel that the best method of learning is self-preparation.  GATE 2021  presents an equal opportunity to those who want to prepare with the guidance of the coaching center and those who also like preparing themselves.

    • After an increase in the availability of free digital content, many students have dropped the idea of joining a coaching class and relying on preparing themselves. 
    • GATE 2021 will be conducted by IIT in the month of February 2021.  Check GATE 2021 Exam Dates

    While there is a lot of time on hands with the students, they often face problems at the same level which includes best online and offline resources to prepare for GATE 2021 and more importantly how to formulate a preparation strategy to crack GATE 2021 with high scores. Thus, for those students who have decided to prepare by self-study and are confused while chalking their plan, this article will bring respite in each and every aspect of preparation for GATE 2021. While there is no medicine for maintaining a proper schedule and consistency in studies, there are multiple tips to achieve them.

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    Start as early as possible

    This has to be the topmost point since the earlier the candidate starts, the more practice time will be in hand. It is important to understand that nothing is too early to start studying. Starting early would also mean that the candidate will have a lot of time to go over the GATE 2021 syllabus as well as study each and every topic in detail. 

    • This will help the candidate in keeping a rather comfortable timeline for the preparation of GATE 2021 and this in turn will be the right approach when the candidate has decided against the coaching.
    • Another benefit of being an early bird is that the candidate will get to revise as much as possible and since the more revision is done, the easier and better retention of the data happens. 
    • Creating a routine, setting targets, and work hard towards achieving daily targets is the way to do. 
    • However, for proper planning, another important add on is that these targets must be defined as daily, weekly and monthly. Thus making a proper and working plan for the preparation of GATE 2021 is extremely important as that plan will make the candidate comfortable and further would boost the productiveness during the study hours.

    Knowing GATE Exam Pattern

    Knowing GATE and its Pattern

    • GATE 2021 examination will consist of 65 questions which make a total of 100 marks. 
    • These questions are a mix of multiple-choice questions as well as numerical type questions. 
    • The total duration of GATE 2021 will be 3 hours. 
    • The questions are divided into two sections. 
    • The first section has 10 questions, that of Reasoning, Aptitude, and English. 
    • The second section consists of 55 questions that are based on Engineering Mathematics and domain-specific questions.

    Check GATE 2021 Exam Pattern

    GATE Previous Year Papers Analysis

    GATE Previous Year Papers Analysis

    Experts suggest that the candidates can go as far back as GATE 2015 question paper. However, for the reason of more recent and relevant types of questions that have been asked in the GATE examination, GATE 2019 and GATE 2020 examinations will give a fair idea of what to expect in the GATE 2021. 

    • This activity is considered to be the most important exercise as the previous year  GATE question papers  will play a massive role in the preparation of GATE 2021 exam without coaching.
    • The most important part of this exercise includes the analysis of how the different topics have been weighted in different exams since each subject and its topic has different weightage. 
    • Once the candidate is aware of the exam pattern as well as the important and weighted topics, they can steer their ship accordingly and form a plan.
    • The candidates can download the GATE previous year question papers from our forum.
    • Once the candidate has access to all the set of questions asked previously, it will help the candidate to identify the trend as well as it helps to prepare better as the candidate can analyze the trends and the type of question.

    Check GATE Paper Analysis

    Assembling the resources

    Assembling the resources

    While the candidate will have a clear vision by now regarding the types of questions and the trend of questions asked in the previous year’s GATE examination, selecting proper material to study becomes a challenge. 

    • There is no doubt that there is abundant material to study both paperback books in the offline market and e-book in the online world. 
    • Selecting the proper guidance material becomes essential. The candidate can start preparation from any material. 
    • However, a very pointed material can lead to success in GATE 2021.
    • Now, this can be looked in a way that the material must be able to explain all the topics in a simple yet effective and detailed way that can help in a wider understanding. 
    • This way, the candidate will have more chances of scoring higher in the examination. There are various other resources available both online and offline.
    • The candidate can take the help of online videos like NPTEL and offline resources like notes of previous year GATE toppers.

    Preparing a to-do list

    Now that the candidate is aware of the exam and has gathered the resources, the important part is to create a proper to-do list which is about creating a time table or schedule including the number of hours for each and every subject and topic. 

    • Next, the essential point is to allot more time to those chapters which are more difficult in comparison. 
    • This allows the candidate to follow a certain schedule and staying on track. Further dividing the topics, the studying process will also become less monotonous and would be easier to study. 
    • It is also important to practice more and more for  GATE  making sure that the planned preparation moves forward comfortably. 
    • Revising as much as possible is another important aspect of the to-do list to retain every concept for a longer time.

    Using Flashcards

    Using Flashcards

    This comes as a surprise that the concept of flashcards is not followed by many aspirants, but it is the preferred technique of many of the previous year GATE toppers. 

    • The concept of the flashcard is to jot any of the difficult concepts in flashcards so that candidates can check it anytime and anywhere for revision. 
    • This could include many concepts and formulas which will be hard to grasp at one attempt. 
    • This problem is with everyone and that it can help the candidate to recall those entire concepts that took hard time understanding.

    Learning is a continuous process

    The candidate might be happily studying for a good time but a little break in this chain can create an issue for the future as it could derail the flow that was being created by studying every day. Many of the candidates might have already faced a scenario where there a great start but it falters in between. 

    • It is well understood that the candidate would feel tired while trying to maintain the same vigor for the preparation through the months, it is more important to have the consistency and to have the same amount of effort from starting and till the end.
    • When a candidate has formulated a way to reach to success in GATE 2021, that plan must be followed religiously. 
    • However, with that, once the candidate is in the process of learning finds that there is a hindrance or a modification needs to be made with respect to the study plan of any subject, it should happen only in real terms so that there are no future disappointments.
    • This process also includes the revision of each and every topic and notes that are useful for final day revision.

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    Revisiting what has been studied

    This part is synonyms for everyone as the candidate might have learned a lot throughout the tenure of self-preparation and that may include making some notes. 

    • After the completion of the complete syllabus, the candidate is required to revise and revisit all the topics for at least twice. 
    • Not just this, many previous year toppers have revealed that they used to keep a day or two in the week exclusively just for the revision purpose, allowing them to remember everything clearly till the examination.

    Solving GATE Question Paper

    Practice using the previous year GATE Question Paper

    Candidates preparing for GATE 2021 have a large amount of time in their hands and there is a high probability that the candidate will still have three months of time before the examination is conducted. These mock tests are going to be the teacher for those who had chosen to prepare themselves because there was no one testing until the completion of the syllabus.

    • Once the candidate has taken enough mock tests which could be from the practice tests or the previous year’s GATE examination papers, the next step is to pay attention to the strength, weaknesses, time taken to solve the question, etc. 
    • Post the analysis of the mock tests, the candidate can improve the weak areas, improve the time management skills, which would help the candidate to score better marks in the real examination.

    Download GATE Practice Papers

    Health, first and foremost!

    • No one will put much emphasis on this, but as per experts, those candidates who remain healthy both physically and mentally, are the ones who challenge one who has studied much more than them. 
    • This means that along with studies a peaceful and healthy life is also very important to crack GATE.
    • Thus the candidate must make sure to have a good amount of breaks in between the study sessions in order to receive a good amount of time to refresh the mind. 
    • This could be done by indulging in various extracurricular activities including reading a book, listening to music, or others during the breaks.

    Candidate should also build a habit of getting enough sleep and eat healthy food. The sleep should be of a minimum of 6 hours and no more than 10 hours with the most Optimum sleep of 8 hours.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Frequently Asked Question

    Ques. I have planned to prepare myself for GATE 2021 examination; can I crack it in the very first attempt?

    Ans. Yes, there is no doubt that GATE might look a bit intimidating to the starters but with the right plan and consistency, it can be cracked with high success in the very first attempt itself. Many previous year toppers of GATE have secured top ranks by self-preparation. There are many final year students who along with their studies and college, through self-preparation have secured top ranks as well. Thus, there is no need to panic for GATE 2021 as well. For those preparing themselves the point of preparing with the utmost dedication and concentration become much more important to achieve success in GATE.

    Ques. I am an average student and want to sit for the GATE examination, what are my chances of success?

    Ans. It is not advised to estimate your capabilities based on previous instances. Over the years, it has been seen that many GATE toppers were from an average learning background. Thus, it is wrong to underestimate the capabilities, and you can go ahead with the exam preparation.

    Ques. Is it Easy to Crack GATE 2021?

    Ans. Cracking the GATE 2021 is based on each person’s own set of abilities and intelligence. To add to this, there how much was learned or studied earlier does not matter with regard to GATE preparation but it depends on the quality of time that was spent on the exam preparation.

    Ques. Will I miss out on something if I do not attend the coaching for GATE 2021?

    Ans. Cracking the GATE examination without coaching is very much possible, as there is no compulsion to join a coaching institute. However, to highlight a few key differences between self-preparation and preparation though coaching, self-preparation includes the need to maintain the utmost dedication since time management also plays an important role here. There is a factor that study material is being referred to and that the candidate must be able to understand the concepts, learn new topics, revise the topics already prepared, and practice mock tests. This can happen only through a systematic preparation strategy.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College




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