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    Mining Engineering is a domain which deals with science and technology applied in the extraction of minerals from the Earth. In this article, we are providing you some important tips to prepare for GATE MN exam.

    But first let’s talk about GATE, the national level entrance examination is conducted for admissions to PG programs like M.Tech, ME, etc. The scores are accepted by more than 900+ institutes across India. This year, GATE 2020 is scheduled from February 1, 2, 8 and 9 in computer-based mode.

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      IIT Madras introduced Statistics as a new subject in 2019. There are three sections in the test viz.

    • General Aptitude
    • Engineering Mathematics
    • Mining Engineering (MN)

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    As you now have a brief idea about the exam as well as the paper. Read on to know more about the smart ways to prepare better for GATE MN!

    Exam Pattern of MN

    • The exam will consist of 65 questions of 100 marks spread over the three sections i.e. General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and MN.  
    • The exam will consist of MCQs and NAT (Numerical Aptitude Questions)
    • There is no provision of negative marking in NAT questions.
    • MCQs carrying 1 marks each, 1/3 marks would be deducted as a penalty of marking the wrong answer.
    • For questions carrying 2 marks, 2/3 marks would be deducted for marking an incorrect answer.

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    GATE MN Preparation Tips

    Given below are some basic tips that you already know but will help you to not miss any check points:

    Tip 1: Know the syllabus very well

    The first step in your journey shall be to collect the correct syllabus. This will make sure that you prepare for only those topics which are asked in the exam. Extra studying could be useful but not quite as much. Focus only on those topics which are in the syllabus and devote as much time as possible in the preparation.

    Tip 2: Get the best reference books

    Start studying the basic books of Mining Engineering which cover all the basic topics of the subjects. Do not buy several reference books. Buy one which covers the entire syllabus properly. You need to understand the basic concepts first and then build up on your knowledge.

    Some Recommended Books are:

    GATE Mining Engineering Recommended Books
    Book NameAuthor/ Publisher
    Introductory Mining EngineeringHoward L. Hartman, Jan M. Nutmansky
    SME Mining Engineering (Vol 1 and 2)Peter Darling
    Introductory Mining Engineering (2nd Edition)Hartmann

    Tip 3: Prepare a practical study plan

    You need to be very serious about the preparation and separately set time slots to study for the same. Keep at least 4 to 5 hours of daily preparation. Divide the time slot into 3 parts for the 3 subjects- General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and Mining Engineering. Also keep separate time for chilling out and relaxing. Do not let studies become a burden and prepare smoothly.

    Tip 4: Refer to the previous years’ question papers

    This is very important point to consider. Do not take the exam lightly. Get yourself known to the syllabus properly and also the question pattern. Regularly follow the previous years’ papers. Mark the zones of study which are targeted more. Also, practice regularly from the previous years’ papers to get an overview of where you are, how much is yet needed to be improvised upon, etc.

    Tip 5: Choose the most important topics first

    Do not prepare aimlessly without a syllabus. Do be well aware of the syllabus and also the question pattern. This will help you figure out which areas of study are specifically targeted every year. Make sure that you cover all the topics given in the syllabus and nothing is omitted.

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    Tip 6: Set daily targets

    Set realistic and achievable daily targets. The target in the long run could be scary and cumbersome to look at. So, break it down into pieces. Cover bit by bit, set daily goals you need to achieve but do reach them. Do not leave all the studying to be done in the last moment. Keep proper time for the preparation so that it does not feel like a burden later on.

    Tip 7: Revise as many times as possible

    Practice makes perfect and so is the case here. Do revise the topics and the concepts as many times you could. Remember every topic should be crystal clear to you and you should not be confused or have second thoughts about any topic or subject. So, revision is very necessary.

    Tip 8: Join any GATE MN Online Community or Forum

    Do not underestimate the online sources. It is an era of internet and you can get some really useful lectures and sources online to help you in your preparation. Also, join an online forum or community to discuss on the same. You might meet experts in the subject who could provide advice and help you in a better way in your preparation.

    Tip 9: Practice a lot

    You need to practice almost daily to get an overview and structure of the examination. Do not stay alienated to the question paper’s pattern. Get used to and accustomed to it. Make sure to improve upon your speed and accuracy as well.

    Tip 10: Stay motivated

    Make sure you do not lose hope or faith in yourself. Stay positive and motivate yourself. Don’t lag down as the days pass. Stay active and prepare rigorously. Keep the dedication level quite high.



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